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In today’s highly competitive business environment, even the leading organizations struggle to maintain their business longevity. To increase their chances of long-term success, companies must transform into sustainable enterprises, skilled in adapting to changing priorities, markets, and customer demands. In this transformation, the workforce plays a crucial role. Having a high performing team can positively affect the organization’s growth and help them stay competitive. As a result, they provide learning and development (L&D) programs for their employees and use several other means to keep their employees engaged.

In many cases, because of the culture of the organization, the adoption of learning from these programs is relatively less, thereby limiting the effectiveness of the L&D program. But, even if the employees attempt to adopt the learning with the right intention, repeated failures in those trials lead to “Learned helplessness.” The culture also renders some of the employee engagement methods ineffective. To address this issue, Kognitivus Training and Consulting was established in 2015. The company’s sole purpose is to help people unleash their potential by helping organizations build a culture that unleashes excellence, promotes connections & catalyzes growth; leading to a highly engaged workforce that drives value creation for their clients. It has developed a unique approach that not only assists people to learn and adopt new behaviors but also works with the organization’s leadership to form the culture in alignment with their strategy to ensure the sustainability of the culture and eventually the organization

Kognitivus Training and Consulting: Delivering Innovative Services  

Clients look for Kognitivus so that it can solve their problems and deliver real value for the business. Recognizing this, the company’s solutions are targeted toward creating a corporate culture of excellence, connections, and growth. These offerings are divided into three categories: People Strategy, People Development, and Innovation Culture development.

  1. People Strategy – Growth Consulting: Under this service, the company assists its clients with their typical organizational challenges like “How to reduce attrition?”, “How can we bring alignment in the organization at a leadership level and with organizational strategy?”, “Can we design the organizational structure such that we can tap into the intrinsic motivation of people?”, etc. It provides solutions that are totally culture-centric, context centric, and people-centric using the key ideas of behavioral changes from neuroscience and psychology.
  2. People Development: The company provides targeted L&D programs to solve a specific issue. It has developed programs like “Being in Demand”, “Being World Class”, and “Lead with Compassion” which are detailed, well researched, and thoroughly for different levels of people in the organization. The contents of these L&D programs are created meticulously as per the Indian mindset so that an immediate connection can be made with the members. Besides this, Kognitvus creates tailored programs based on organization key issues also.
  3. Innovation Culture development: Through this service, Kognitivus works with organizations or teams within the organizations to help them create a culture of innovation by taking them through the process of the innovation cycle, developing the mindset for innovation, thus unleashing creative potential.

Innovating the Space of Solutions

Kognitivus Training and Consulting uses a unique approach where it considers itself as its competition. By doing so, the company continuously reinvents itself and keeps innovating in the space of solutions for its clients. Also, it focuses on enhancing the customer experience by building trust with clients, being multidimensional, leveraging expertise to deliver impact, exploring all the possible dimensions before proposing a solution. The leading company also consciously avoids slipping into a comfort zone and is passionate to perform and excel in the work.

Unique Upcoming Offerings

Currently, Kognitivus is working on certain specific products and new frameworks. These products and frameworks will make it easy for the clients to define and execute with their people strategy and bring in more tangibility to this supposedly intangible area of work. The company’s upcoming offerings are ‘Dhruva – 5D culture model for alignment’, ‘Coffee with Kaaran’ (a reason), and ‘6 Core for Inclusion and Diversity’.

The Multi-Faceted Leader with Extensive Experience

The Founder and CEO, Siddhartha Dubey is passionate about building innovative and sustainable organizations for the future. He has a total of 16+ years of experience with 5 years at Kognitivus and 11+ years of experience in corporate and has worked in leading companies like Infosys, PepsiCo in the USA, IBM, and ZS Associates. As the CEO of a leading company, he interacts and works with CXOs, Senior Directors, and HR heads to design and execute organizational change management to ensure business goals are aligned with people’s development, business strategy lined up with people strategy and innovation capabilities at all levels. The industrious leader is also a trained classical musician (instrumental), an amateur astronomer, a budding filmmaker, an avid reader, and a spiritual seeker.

According to Siddhartha, candidates who want to succeed in this sector should have a certain skill set. This skill set includes complex problem-solving ability, emotional intelligence, high integrity and values, creativity & innovation, service orientation, working with ambiguity, and cognitive flexibility.

Developing Finest Solution with Consistence

The space of Strategy, Growth, and People Alignment is one of the most difficult areas as it is where there is no one solution for every problem. Therefore, Siddhartha believes that in order to succeed in this space, the consulting company needs to be continuously learning about the obvious and non-obvious, to self-develop its people, bring in a serving attitude, flexibility in approach, and finally, develop innovative and novel solutions. By adopting and implementing these points, the consulting company can develop the finest solutions and deliver a consistent level of experience to every customer.

In the upcoming years, the Founder believes that HR Analytics is going to be the next thing in the people strategy and transformation and will use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the core.

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