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The Asia Pacific region consists of individuals with widely-diverse cultures, races, ethnicity, and characteristics. With the adoption of modern technologies, it has become essential for organizations to shift their HR department workflow from manual to digital. The existing HR services/solutions are enough as the industry is constantly changing. To stay relevant with the latest trends, organizations need to adopt innovative services/solutions that are future-proof from any upcoming challenges. Witnessing this gap, old and new players of this industry started developing solutions/services using their experience & skills and technology. Because of this, the role of HR professionals changed to leaders who lead their organizations in areas such as organization development, strategic utilization of employees to serve business goals, and talent management and development.

In our latest magazine issue of, “Business APAC Marvelous Leaders in HR, 2020,” we have featured prominent HR leaders who are redefining HR services and solutions and helping HR professionals settle in their new role. We have also included HR quotes for our readers to understand the leaders’ perspective.

Nishu Miglani

Nishu Miglani is the Founder and Managing Director of Search Quest Consultants. She is a veteran in the executive search and selection industry with more than two decades of experience. Through Search Quest Consultants, she is reforming HR services by delivering specialized talent acquisition services for the strategic human capital programs of several top-tier enterprises.

Nishu wanted to do something since her childhood that would bring about a positive change in society. Following the footsteps of her role models, Indira Gandhi, and Kiran Bedi, she educated herself and became self-reliant. In the Indian Navy, she belonged to the first woman batch of officers in which only 22 were women out of 40000 male colleagues. She did set out an excellent example for many other aspiring officers.

HR Quote: “There’s no better way to get the employees thinking outside the box than to assign them new projects outside the scope of their daily activities. While some employees may initially react with a fear of failure, ultimately they will be engaged by the chance to try something new in your supportive.”

Girish Nair

With over two decades of HR experience, Founder and CEO, Girish Nair is one of the leading forces behind PACE Global HR Consulting Services. He has been directly involved in the creation and implementation of various HR strategies and policies for organizations, both globally and pan-India. The marvelous HR leader with the team of PACE is delivering complete and comprehensive HR services to the client. Furthermore, to ensure PACE’s growth and success, he has created a culture where every member is responsible for their assigned tasks and accountable for their deliverables.

Girish has an MBA with a specialization in HR and is also a graduate in Law. Besides this, He has a variety of HR certifications and has also earned an Executive Education Program accreditation from the Harvard Business School. He is also a guest lecturer in various Management schools and has been on the panel of various HR forums.

HR Quote: “Our code of business ethics believes in working together in close collaboration with our customers, business partners, and associate communities. We believe in a relationship based on integrity, fairness and a mutual win-win.”

Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur is the Director of Customer Success, APAC region at BizMerlinHR. She is a firm believer that all individuals regardless of background, gender, age, and ethnicity flourish within organizations. Moreover, the marvelous HR leader has been instrumental in driving customer success through translating product knowledge into actionable solutions that enable the customers and their teams to leverage the latest technology trends thereby affecting overall business growth in the APAC. BizMerlinHR is the next generation, AI-powered Human Capital Management system that enables the “datafication of HR”.

Being the Director of Customer Success in the APAC region, Manpreet has a singular mission: providing each customer with the absolute best human capital management that is possible, using the full combination of people, processes and underlying software capabilities.

HR Quote: “Our product and services affect the lives of our users – management, the HR department, and other employees – in profound ways.”

Natasha Makhijani

The Founder and CEO of Oliver Sanderson Group PLC is Natasha Makhijani. She is aiming to strengthen organizations by identifying and recruiting the very best individuals, as well as supporting their progression into accomplished leaders. The skilled HR leader is very committed to achieving the desired outcome. Oliver Sanderson Group is a highly successful Executive Search company providing executive search and selection for permanent and interim assignments offering its clients a consultative and flexible approach. Its professional and experienced consultants offer bespoke and custom-made services to solving all their recruitment and consultancy requirements.

Being the CEO, Natasha is responsible for developing plans and executing its business strategy, managing the myriad of information and paperwork generated by their accountants, NED’s, business consultants, and board. Moreover, being its public face; the dynamic leader interacts with her clients and candidates, listens to their feedback and always tries to add value to their relationships.

HR Quote: “Knowing our clients and knowing our candidates are key to our success. Keeping abreast of digital innovations, we have developed our own digital recruitment solutions through our sister company Snapp CV Group PLC. We are now able to provide a new level of delivery.”

Pooja Bajaj Chadha

Pooja Bajaj Chadha, Founder, and CEO of ExtraMile, is helping HR and business heads of corporates to create a sustainable and engaging work culture for their workforces. She has helped over 75+ clients by providing solutions that focus on keeping employees engaged and happy at the workplace since the establishment of ExtraMile. The versatile HR leader, with her team, has compiled over 250 customizable programs that are conducted on-site and on mobile. Because of their innovative and offbeat programs and engagement events, they are often dubbed as the “Mary Poppins” of Engagement.

Being a prominent leader in the HR industry, Pooja knows that her responsibility has increased to innovate, be future-ready and agile to match the pace with ever-evolving HR landscape.

Quote: “Being a one-stop-shop for HR professionals to build an engaging work culture from pre-hire to retire is what sets us apart.”

Rohit Lohia

Rohit Lohia, Managing Director (India) of Global Upside, has played a key role in the growth of Global Upside India. Rohit is an industrious leader who is always ready to combat any challenges. The thrill of solving complex seemingly impossible challenges is what got him here and continues to inspire him today. Currently, the dynamic HR leader is responsible for keeping their clients happy, productive, and safe from global regulation risks. Also, he has to take care of the employees in APAC, which is their largest service delivery center. Today, Global Upside operates in 150+ countries and provides the most comprehensive range of HR services, which include payroll, accounting, global expansion, and compliance solutions on the market.

Quote: “We are fortunate to have a very talented team and among the few services-based companies that have evolved to add a formidable software offering to our mix.”

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