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Typically, clients use wealth management services to derive a strategic financial plan, which can help them in achieving their financial objectives. In this niche services area, wealth management experts play a significant role by helping such clients create calculated and systematic financial plans. These wealth management experts share their insights on what, where, and how much to invest in obtaining maximum profits. But, every client has their own unique financial goals, which require well-thought-out and tailor-made services. Therefore, with a mission ‘to bring personalized wealth management to everyone’, Asheesh Chanda, the Founder, and CEO of Kristal.AI is disrupting this industry by delivering prominent digital wealth management platforms for clients all over the world.

A Seasoned Leader behind Kristal.AI Reputation and Growth  

Asheesh is the driving force behind Kristal.AI’s remarkable growth and reputation in the financial industry. He is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and IIT Delhi. After completing his education, he felt that finance is the next logical step and started working with Citi Bank in India. Following this, he spent 8 years at JP Morgan Chase, heading its South and South-East Asia division. Later, this seasoned leader established his hedge fund company on the island. Two years after this, Asheesh made a decision to take his knowledge of the finance world (15+ years of experience) and construct Asia’s best digital wealth platform. This is how Kristal.AI came into existence.

Acting as a Helping Hand for Investors  

Headquartered in Singapore, Kristal.AI is an AI-enabled Digital Asset Management Platform that offers investors access to curated portfolios from the world’s top Portfolio Managers at the lowest prices. The prominent AI solutions providing company is operational in Hong Kong, India, and Dubai and provides solutions across the investing spectrum. The company’s proprietary algorithm helps investors choose the best investment strategies which are overseen and vetted by experts so that they can meet their financial goals effortlessly. Moreover, the diverse team of Kristal.AI takes a unique yet holistic approach to their clients’ needs and works hard to achieve their objectives.

A Wide Range of Financial Solutions  

The B2C investment platform provider offers investors Kristal Investment Account, a zero-cost investing platform with absolutely no charges (no platform/performance/management fees) to make investments up to USD 50,000 with no outlandish fees and allow them access to curated global ETFs. This no charges platform is also one of the company’s biggest USPs. For investors who need more sophisticated solutions, the Singapore-based company provides Kristal.AI Funds Platform. The skilled team has collaborated with premium funds in the business to directly bring their optimum strategies to the Kristal.AI platform. Through Kristal.AI’s Managed Accounts Solutions, investors can integrate, manage, and access multiple private bank accounts via a single platform, with on-the-go analysis. It provides a curated service called Private Labelled Funds, which are bespoke strategies that help investors get exposure to multiple asset classes. The Kristal.AI platform is open to partnerships with fund houses on the B2B front as well as with advisors that can help Kristal.AI create optimized strategies.

Adopting Latest Technologies to Deliver Stellar Investment Opportunities

Along with the market shift, it is extremely important to stay in-tune with the latest technology trends. Therefore, Kristal.AI has built an in-house Investment Committee (IC) of industry experts who have spent years in the trading and financial domain. With a cumulative experience of 120+ years, IC keeps tab at all times on the market trends which are a necessary prerequisite for curating and creating customized Kristals (investment strategies). Through this, they are aiming to deliver stellar investment opportunities across the global financial fiefdom. Moreover, anyone in the company or aspiring external portfolio managers can suggest strategies for the platform. These strategies undergo an extensive vetting process within the IC and are then brought into existence by publishing it on the platform. The entire process is completed in relatively quick turnaround time, as short as, one business day and tailor-made to meet clients’ requirements. The same process is used if there is a sudden shift in market trends or a long-term shift in the views of future market returns. Furthermore, the proposed algorithm adjustments to the client portfolios are applied only after IC consent.

Looking Ahead for a Brighter Future 

Kristal.AI has strategized a roadmap that involves better growth and future expansion plans. The company is planning to expand via channel partners into the Middle East and South-East Asia because it is an important milestone in its short-term roadmap. The next step would be to earn USA/European licensing and expand into those markets with a prime focus on providing investors in the Western hemisphere access to Asian/ Central European/ Far Eastern markets. 

Fostering Creativity via Mission and People 

Creativity is what fuels big ideas, challenges employees’ mindset, and opens doors to new business opportunities. Kristal.AI’s CEO, Asheesh believes that the creative sources behind the company are its mission and people. If the team is stuck with a roadblock or a failure, their mission inspires them to not give up and further pushes them to find new routes to move ahead. The competent leader also thinks that the startup culture is intrinsically averse to anything that is not creative. “Being fast-paced and adaptive means you have to be quick on your feet and those who aren’t, do not survive the process. It is an organic culling; an inherent, silent ritual in the startup world,” adds Asheesh.  

Pearls of Wisdom from Asheesh Chanda

Being an entrepreneur himself, Asheesh advises aspiring leaders to make sure they have their vision set in stone; they can pivot as a startup, but they cannot pull away from their axis of belief. He further adds, “And if you can, find a TARDIS to your Dr. Who–makes it easier to travel vast spaces of imagination when there’s a company.” The seasoned leader knows that a startup journey is filled with ups-and-downs. Therefore, gen-next leaders need to have a strong belief, self-confidence, and dedication to lead their companies.

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