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How to Override Lost Mode on iPhone Without Passcode

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When your iPhone is stolen or lost, the helpful function known as iPhone Lost Mode keeps outsiders from accessing your personal data. Using a web browser, you can quickly enable Lost Mode on iCloud.com by using the Find My function. How do I get my iPhone out of Lost Mode? To be honest, if you know the screen passcode, it is really simple. To get started, simply open the iPhone screen normally and provide your passcode. However, what about people who, regrettably, misplaced their password? This section will provide you with a quick overview of iPhone Lost Mode and three different ways to unlock your phone without using an Apple ID or passcode.

What Is Lost Mode on iPhone

When your iPhone goes missing, you can use Lost Mode to remotely adjust it. You may lock your iPhone and prevent others from accessing your data by using Lost Mode. Your device won’t show any incoming messages, updated alerts, or notifications after Lost Mode is activated. All alerts will be turned off. Only conventional phone calls and FaceTime will function going forward. Furthermore, if you include your contact information when launching Lost Mode, folks who discover it can simply get in touch with you.

How to Unlock Lost Mode on iPhone Without Passcode

Here are three possible ways to unlock your iPhone in Lost Mode even if you can’t remember your Apple ID or screen passcode.

Solution 1: Use TunesKit Activation Unlocker

With an extremely high success rate, TunesKit Activation Unlocker, a professional program, may assist you in safely bypassing Lost Mode. Additionally, you have an endless amount of usage on the same device during the validity period. Not only can you use it to disable Lost Mode, but you can also use it to disable Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without a password, erase Apple ID without the previous owner’s password, and bypass iCloud Activation Lock. In addition, it is simple to use. Because it is extremely user-friendly and all you have to do is follow the instructions, you don’t need to be bothered by the intricate operation stages.

Step 1: Install TunesKit on your PC and connect your iOS device. A danger tip appears when you click the “Start” button. If you agree, please read it carefully and proceed.

Use TunesKit Activation Unlocker

Step 2: Begin jailbreaking your iOS device on a Windows or Mac computer. Using TunesKit to unlock iCloud Activation Lock requires jailbreaking your iOS device. Additionally, the jailbreaking procedure varies slightly for Windows and Mac users. You have two options for jailbreaking: use TunesKit’s on-screen instructions or attempt it alone.

Begin jailbreaking your iOS device

Step 3: Get the iCloud Activation Lock Removed Started. Verify your device’s details now, such as its model, iOS version, IMEI, etc. In case everything is in order, kindly select “Start to Remove”. TunesKit will begin to unlock your device’s iCloud activation lock. The Activation Lock can be removed in a matter of seconds if you wait. You can now access and configure your iPad, iPhone, or iPad touch as if it were a brand-new device.

Get the iCloud Activation Lock Removed Started

Solution 2: Use DNS to Bypass iCloud

Redirecting the iCloud activation path from the Apple server to the DNS servers is how to override Lost Mode with DNS. One can manually alter the path. However, you should be aware that this method only works with iOS 11 or older and limits the number of functions you may utilize on your iPhone.

Here are the instructions for bypassing iPhone’s Lost Mode:

Step 1: Verify that your iPhone is equipped with a SIM card.

Step 2: Turn on your iPhone again, then choose the language and nation.

Step 3: Select Wireless Settings. Next to the Wi-Fi network, tap the “i” symbol.

Step 4: Select DNS settings and get rid of the digit.

Step 5: Enter the updated number and save it based on your region.

US/North America:



South America:

Other areas:

Step 6: To go back to the Network Information screen, touch Save and then the Back button. After entering your password, click Join this network.

Step 7: A network connection attempt will be made by your iPhone. To get back to the Wi-Fi screen at this point, use the back button. You can see the words iCloudDNSBypass.net at the top of the screen. Once your iPhone is configured, you can complete the steps to get around iCloud Activation Lock. You can then continue to play games and use other features like the camera on your phone.

Solution 3: Bypass Lost Mode Online

Not to mention, there are websites that can assist you in bypassing Lost Mode. You can give basic information about your iPhone and pay for the services you desire. However, this method’s drawbacks are also readily apparent—namely, there is no guarantee regarding the security of the data on your iPhone. Using AppleiPhoneUnlock as an example, the following operation procedures can be completed easily online:

Step 1: Launch a computer browser and navigate to the AppleiPhoneUnlock website.

Step 2: Enter the necessary data, including the model number and IMEI of your iPhone.

Step 3: Be patient. In a few days, you’ll find out when your iPhone has been unlocked.


This article shows you three methods to get your iPhone out of Lost Mode. Utilizing TunesKit Activation Unlocker and online bypass websites are your options. Because of TunesKit Activation Unlocker’s excellent success rate and security guarantee, it comes highly recommended. In addition, it’s a simple yet effective method for removing iCloud Activation Lock without the need for an Apple ID or password.

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