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Macquarie Telecom Empowers Australian Disability Service Provider with Enhanced Living Technology

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Key Highlights:

  • With the support of NBN cooperation, Civic has speeded its adoption of Assistive Technology.
  • Macquarie permits Civic to give preference to its SD-WAN network services.
  • The 4G and NBN connectivity is also necessary to prevent excessive costs.

Developing Future-oriented Services

A new collaboration with Australian Non-profit Civic Disability Services abides launched by Macquarie Telecom. The alliance will establish a digital foundation that allows customers to live independently and free time for employees who can provide care and support more effectively.

Civic is a purpose-based organization that commits to developing forward-thinking services with individuals and partners that address the increasing demands of persons with disabilities and older people. The purpose of the organization is to achieve meaningful change in the lives and communities of individuals, guaranteeing economic and social inclusion, life-long education, access to safe houses, and healthcare. It abides backed by a technological commitment which in the last few years has enabled it to expand.

Macquarie Telecom states Civic has accelerated its adoption of Assistive Technology (AT) with the help of NBN cooperation, SD-WAN technology, and mobile services as a cornerstone at 55 sites. Civic has integrated AT via security sensors, building access technologies, and climate management. While AT has also been using to support individual customers in independent living. Civic also partners with companies such as Harvey Norman to supply AT solutions along with Macquarie.

Employing Technology for Living Aid

A sample of an AT in action has been supplied by CIO at Civic Disability services Celsus Joseph. “When a customer gets up in the middle of the night, the ambient light immediately implements to guide them,” he explains. “It’s a basic development, but it can make a difference to our customers. And Macquarie has provided us with an extremely rock-built technical base that will make everything work together.”

Civic similarly works to track data sets using living aid technology. This data can assist customers to explain the support. Therefore, the funding they need is in accordance with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by extending the environmental lighting scenario.

Macquarie allows Civic to prioritize its network services employing SD-WAN. For instance, it prioritizes communication between voices and video over Netflix and YouTube while guaranteeing that the apps are always available to customers. This is crucial because there are still certain COVID limits and customers who need or choose to connect online.

Connectivity to Avoiding Excessive Expense

“The epidemic of COVID-19 is giving our customers a rising variety of classes and social events,” Joseph remarked. “Customers access the classes through their iPads through our online platform – Civic@Home. 4G sims from Macquarie and connectivity from NBN are essential. We expect to eventually go to 5G that will provide even more capabilities.”

The connectivity of 4G and NBN continue required to avoid excessive expenses for the usage of tier-one carriers that can cost-efficiently. For example, when the entire block of the apartment is owned. Connection alone can amount to as much as $16,000 plus a service charge of $1,000 per month on top.

“Civic sets a high standard for improved performance and living circumstances for individuals with disabilities in Australia,” stated Luke Clifton, Group Manager, Macquarie Telecom. “With the correct support technology and network backbone. Therefore, providers can make their lives more independent and move away from outmoded practices. Consider an alarm to inform a whole house and many personnel. Presently, the concentrate alarm may only be made when necessary and sent directly to the relevant person. The staff experience can also be considerably improving and ensure that they are free to accomplish their best.”

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