Maithillee Zaveri: An Ingenious Artist And A Brilliant Entrepreneur Of The Art Industry


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Often artists go underappreciated in the society, as art is always categorized amongst a hobby. Due to lack of support, there are few artists who get the opportunity to explore and opt for art as a career. One such artist who believed in herself and pursued her career in art is Maithillee Zaveri (Founder at Maithillee), despite of initially having no supporters she continued following her zeal for art. From doodling on rough pages to establishing her art studio, Maithillee has emerged as an ingenious leader. She was only 10 years old when she discovered her love for art, and since then she has been experimenting with all kinds of mediums and colors. In the 10th grade, the University of Cambridge showcased one of her sculptures artwork and within the same year, she managed to sell 3 of her paintings.

I was ambidextrous and I struggled a lot in studies. My mind always wandered in doodling or just sketching whatever I would visualize & capture those memories. The doodles were always at the last 10 pages of all my notebooks,” said Maithillee. It was during her college days when the horizon towards art and history broadened and she decided to pursue it as a career. However, her family believed that there was no future in arts, but after seeing Maithillee establishing herself as an entrepreneur, successfully running her art studio and featuring throughout the publications, they started supporting her.

Art Does Have a Future

As an artist, the asset you have is your art and it is difficult to get the exposure needed to succeed. For Maithillee too it was a struggle during the initial days of her career, as there were not enough opportunities for the emerging artists. She had to physically struggle outside art galleries to meet the gallery owners and get her work noticed. All this was too overwhelming for a struggling artist who initially lacked support which led her into depression.

As art is the best therapy for mental health, Maithillee did overcome this time too. While researching, she also found out that the best platform to showcase art is social media.

Social media did grant her with the noticeable attention she needed to showcase her art, thus landing her with lots of emails from art galleries across India. She started getting clients for whom she would commission artworks for their homes/offices. These contracts gave her the courage and strength to open her art studio in Mumbai in 2017. It was difficult to set up herself in the industry but with a lot of hard work and dedication, she managed to settle her art studio on the map of art galleries and prove that art does have a future.

She further added, “I thought I could sell through my own private collections directly to clients, conduct workshops for all age groups and do commission or customized works for clients too.” This way she also found a way to cut the commission for the galleries that feature other artwork.

More about ‘Maithillee

Maithillee translates to happiness and for Maithillee herself, happiness is art. An artist is a great visualizer and observer so is Maithillee. Her mission, through Maithillee, is to become a successful artist and help those talented artists, who dream big. She has been on her journey alone without any support so she understands the struggles of an artist closely.

This personal experience led her to create a platform that would assist the other struggling artist. These artists would not have to worry about any support and would focus on completing their dreams.

Maithillee believes, when artists support each other, they grow. Each artwork has a different story attached to it so nobody can judge or analyze it. All one should do with art is to appreciate it. And this has always been her mission and goal.

Her company provides various creative services for various clients across the globe. They include the following:

  • Commission works where an image given via messages or personally to the artist to paint it exactly the way it is. This also gives them the freedom to choose their required size, medium, and material they would wish to get it made on/with (material and medium).
  • Giving them Vastu tips as to what kind of paintings would suit their home/office
  • Styling their office/walls as per their preference or giving them suggestions by closely working with interior designers
  • Selling artworks through private collections and art exhibitions
  • Conducting artworks (all age groups) and seminars for emerging artists (school and college students)

Without Talent, There Is No Business

Maithillee believes that the art industry has no gender stereotypes, talent is what counts. And without talent, there is no business, whatsoever. Becoming an entrepreneur came with a share of different struggles but Maithillee swayed all the struggles through sheer talent. She says, “Every individual has their own sets of qualities. But mine, are in the talent sector.” Where many artists stick to a particular theme, Maithillee believes in exploring all the options. This is what helps her in sharping her skills and become better daily because of talent triumphs at the end.

Her key to success was also ‘patience’. She did not rush and exhaust herself in the journey she awaited her opportunity patiently and did succeed. She adds, “It’s very important to be patient in an art career. It may take days, weeks, months or even years to get noticed but don’t lose hope because hard work always pays off!

Efforts Make the Difference

The definition of smart and hard work is different for every individual. Maithillee, however, believes that to attain great heights and lead a better and comfortable life if both smart and hard work are incorporated equally. Such a person in due time attains all the accolades and recognition. Maithillee further asserts, “If you are not smart your hard work will never pay. Just like a donkey only does hard work, whereas a horse does hard work but uses his smartness whenever and wherever needed.” Similarly, for smart work is the result of hard work, as we keep working, we do gain experience which helps us attain excellence.

Maithillee concludes by stating that the effort is important, but where to make that effort makes a difference.

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