Maithillee Zaveri: Building A Decorated Brand With Passion And Efficient Leadership

Maithillee Zaveri

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In the current industrial and business scenario, cultivating a personal brand has become crucial than ever. Building and marketing an effective personal brand has enabled several leaders to stay distinguished in the race. An illustrious example of personal branding is demonstrated by Maithillee Zaveri (Founder at Maithillee). Maithillee pursued her zeal for art and has successfully established herself as an artist with a recognized brand value.

Maithillee was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. In 2008, she relocated to Singapore to pursue BFA in fine arts painting from The Lasalle College of Arts and graduated in 2011. Since 2007, Maithillee has been showcasing her artworks all over India and continued the same while in Singapore. Her brand name ‘Maithillee’ came into the limelight in 2016 when she moved to Mumbai and opened her art studio in 2017. Her studio was functional for a year until it underwent redevelopment. However, that did not stop Maithillee from continuing her art and she started working from home.

A Keen Observer

Maithillee was inspired to establish her brand while interning with an art residency in Mumbai. Maithillee gained considerable knowledge through her internship which led to the establishment and existence of Maithillee.

Being an artist and an entrepreneur, she has always been a keen observer. “I started observing other artists, paintings, colors & then I used to recreate them by copying them & adding my own touch to them as well. and in the process, I learned that copying art is easy, but creating your own masterpiece is a challenge. one can get inspiration from other artists but at the end of the day, it’s about your own creation,” states Maithillee.  

Over the years, her themes and concepts have evolved and her latest works are conceptualized. Currently, the services offered by Maithillee’s brand include selling her creations as an artist through art exhibitions and her private collections along with accepting commission works on orders.

Evolving as a Prudent Leader

Over the years, Maithillee has also emerged as a prudent leader. “My leadership qualities have varied over the past,” mentions Maithillee. During her struggling days, she was unable to understand how to achieve her goals or guide others in need. She experienced several challenges in securing payments while she was receiving commissioned works on orders from the clients.

As a result, Maithillee learned that efficient leadership qualities should not only be included in corporate offices but everywhere else. According to her, it is necessary for a person—who is running any business as a CEO or managing director—to be aware of themselves and their ability to understand their strengths and weaknesses. She also believes in harboring certain essential aspects and abilities of leadership. These include being decisive, taking risks and challenges, having commitment and dedication to completing a task, being willing to experiment and learn new things, and being knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

I believe every individual has their way of leading a company/business so I don’t feel the need of any comparison with other modern aged leaders,” asserts Maithillee.

Inculcating Artistic Skills with Leadership

Being at the helm, Maithillee’s roles and responsibilities involve creating works of her choice along with marketable artworks in the art market or fraternity. She also creates artworks for clients on a commission basis for their homes, offices or commercial spaces, hotels, and many more.

Maithillee is in charge of several areas based on her situation. As a professional artist, she has to ensure the following aspects.

  • Completing her work and delivering it to her clients within the designated time;
  • Framing of the work and finishing it in accuracy and alignment with the client’s orders;
  • Collection of advance payment of a certain percentage before commencing her work.

During the exhibitions, Maithillee makes sure that

  • The works are well finished, framed, and displayed on the exhibition panels under proper lighting;
  • Check that the catalogs are created as per her requirements and are in handy.

Additionally, Maithillee also undertakes the responsibility of marketing her works on social media platforms and inviting guests and audiences for her exhibitions.

A Decorated Leader

Maithillee has successfully established herself as a renowned artist. Her zealous artworks have earned her several accolades and awards. In 2021, Maithillee won the title for India 5000 Women achievers awards and was nominated as the influencer of the year by AWW awards. She was bestowed with the Dr. Sarojini Naidu International award for women and was also nominated as the perfect artist by perfect achievers in 2020.

Additionally, Maithillee has been invited as a jury for various art events in schools and colleges for judging various competitions. She has also been invited as a guest of honor in several art exhibitions.

Practicing Persistence during Challenges

Maithillee faced challenges while showcasing her works and getting clients for commissioned works due to the pandemic. She also struggled to sell her previous works as galleries and gallerists denied artworks or artists due to the pandemic. She states that selling online or marketing her works was not much of help either.

Maithillee believes that during challenging times, the only way for leaders is to be persistent while continuously working hard to earn recognition for themselves and their works. She also adds that one needs to work patiently, practically, and logically. She also suggests not losing hope and working hard as hard work always pays.

Envisioning International Exposure

Maithillee has gradually been receiving commissioned works from clients. Moreover, she is currently receiving various exhibition opportunities as well. She envisions ‘Maithillee’ as an international brand while perceiving herself as an international artist in the near future. She aims to exhibit her work on international platforms and is currently working to boost her sales post the pandemic.



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