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Over the years, the consulting industry has grown from a mere external third-party advisory business to becoming a partner with joint delivery responsibility. Today, firms across every industry seek consultancy services as they provide several advantages such as specific expertise, outside market knowledge, instant solution, etc. With the steep rise in demand, several new players have emerged in the consultancy service landscape in recent years.

Amid this rigorous competition, distinguishing itself with its unique and tailor-made consultancy services is MediaMetrics. The India-based Consulting Firm was established in 2009 with a mission to create a solution where clients are provided with experts in their respective fields, not only guiding them with advice and strategy, but also becoming their implementation and delivery partners. “The tagline of our company is ‘Simplifying thoughts’, and we mean it every step we walk in our professional journey,” says Sathish Sampath (Founder and Managing Partner at MediaMetrics).

Bespoke Consultancy Services

From the inception of an idea to concluding the targeted sales, MediaMetrics performs the perfect branding and business growth partnership support for all industries through its global linked partners across areas of expertise and business. Since its inception, the company has handled over 300 projects ranging from a startup to delivering design and Analytics support solutions for three consecutive Olympics Projects. The prominent services provided by the company include Brand/Business Internal and External Communication Support, Global Digital PR Management, Startup Business Support, Brand Reputation Building/Management, Market/Business Intelligence Analysis, and Mergers & Acquisition Support.

The Differentiating Factors

In the consulting industry, the differentiation of services or solutions does not depend on how unique a company stands; it depends on how unique a company’s position is. Being a company that has handled Big Olympic-level projects as well as tiny startup projects at the same time, MediaMetrics meticulously emphasizes details that boost the solution and its implementation. Keeping metrics is purposeful, reminding the company that every word it utters/implements should be measurable. “That’s our differentiation, in a field where we deal with extreme subjective stuff, we constantly fight to make those objective and measurable,” states Sathish.

A Trailblazer Driving the Growth

As the founder and managing partner, Sathish’s primary responsibility is “staying alive and healthy tomorrow”, viz. keeping the company running healthy and growing in the future. Under his auspices, MediaMetrics has worked on several prolific projects and has received numerous awards and recognitions. Alongside working with Olympic projects, it is one of the very few consulting companies to handle almost every South East Asian country government Based Projects.

Additionally, MediaMetrics also handled an outsourced project for an Electronic Data Management company from the UK where the mgmt. is governed directly by Royal Kingdom Office. For its continuous success, the company has won more than 25 awards and has been ranked continuously in the Top 3 Influential Consultants in SME/MSME segments in Asia. Sathish has also won several Global Icon awards, Leadership awards, and a Global Thought Influencer Badge for his invaluable contribution to the industry for more than 2+ decades.

Adapting New Strategies

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the consultancy industry with numerous challenges. The industry moved from being ‘need to have’ to ‘nice to have’ as clients sought cheaper in-house replacements wherever possible. MediaMetrics’ clients also faced several issues with its service continuance. “They could not pay even 1/3rd of what they used to pay”. Another challenge for the company was the increasing number of low cost consulting freelancers / consulting biz startups during the crisis. These new one-man-company startups offered services at a cheaper cost compared to the original cost as they had no expenses.

As a result, several clients shifted to new startups—despite knowing they may or may not survive or will close the company once they get another job. In response to these changes, MediaMetrics implemented new strategies. Allowing the employees to work from home provided the company with the necessary bandwidth of the reduction in infrastructure cost—so it could offer services at a discounted price. The company also mobilized some innovative services with reduced costing. Moreover, it started some JV projects that resemble the “Pay later in EMI” schemes.

Being a business growth consulting company, MediaMetrics does not confine itself to a particular industry. Sathish adds, “The company is open to any ideas/companies/ business houses that are looking to take their idea to the global markets through our strategies and global partnerships with our division ‘Global Business and Trade Catalyst Services’ (GBTC).”

The GBTC Division

Formed in 2018, the GBTC Division is an initiative that MediaMetrics will be focusing on for the next five years. This division is expected to take the smallest to the biggest of its clients’ products and services to the next global level through constant expansion. Presently, GBTC has more than 4120 partners in more than 37 countries as of Feb 2021. Today, cross- / selling the products and services is essential for SME/MSME segments, and having a channel growth platform like GBTC is the most needed catalyst for MNC companies as well.

Anticipating the Changes

We are looking at the consolidation of the 2020 effect for at least 2 years minimum and 3 years maximum, hoping further lockdown is not affected and we will be able to move past this pandemic and come back to business starting April 2021 to look through building the blocks which we left almost 1+ year due to Covid,” says Sathish. MediaMetrics is confident that its mission—”measurable action and measurable result”—that was set in 2009 as a corporate mission. This mission will become the topmost need for every company in the coming years. The company anticipates strong growth in the near future as it has been at the forefront of measured action with measurable results for 12 years.

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