Mezzofy: An All-In-One Digital Coupon Platform, Helping Merchants To Create, Distribute, And Redeem Coupons


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In the current surge in online shopping, cost-effective deals in the form of vouchers, coupons, and gift cards have a substantial influence on customer acquisition, brand loyalty, and brand perception among consumers. Comprehending customers’ mindset, retailers are finding appealing ways to stimulate product interest, trial, or purchase within customers. Used as a promotional tool, the special coupons offer buyers price savings or other incentives that can be redeemed within a stipulated period. In order to acquire them, most of the consumers end up purchasing things that they weren’t originally planning, ultimately driving elevated sales. Similarly, newly entered brands in the e-commerce market are luring consumers to make a first-time purchase with massive coupon offers or discounts. This is why it’s a great idea to use coupon offers to attract consumers in online ads. Besides being helpful at alluring a consumer’s attention, coupons and deals play a large role in what consumers decide to buy.

Established in 2014 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Mezzofy has been leading the transformation wave in this highly growing coupon-oriented e-commerce industry. Over the last four years, the company has been utilizing its dynamic platform to enable merchants to create digital coupons or build custom coupons manually with ease.

The Founder and CEO of Mezzofy—Dicky Ying shares, “We don’t just build digital coupons. We don’t just design merchant and consumer apps. We are not simply in the business of software development. We are in the business of benefit and convenience.”

Dicky’s Long Walk in Developing a Leading Coupon Platform

Prior to establishing Mezzofy, Dicky has worked in various MNCs and listed companies in the logistics and IT industry for over 20 years. His in-depth industry knowledge enabled him to keenly find the key marketing strategies adopted by the successful companies. According to Dicky, most of the growing and successful companies had one thing in common—“They sell the most wanted things for the market”. Pursuing the same notion, Dicky began searching for some highly-effective promotional sales strategies and found the concept of coupon system. It was the time when most of the e-commerce companies were aggressively competing and attracting customers with highly discounted offers in the form of coupons. Therefore, being in the field of logistics and IT, Dicky understood the extreme potential of coupons in the coming future and established Mezzofy—a powerful coupon platform, specifically designed for top and growing merchants.

Emerging Victorious while Tackling Large Ambitious Projects

In their initial days, Dicky and his team were offering IT solutions like POS and Inventory system along with the coupon platform. But, they soon realised the increasing popularity of Mezzofy coupon platform as it was becoming one of the most wanted services in the age of e-commerce platforms. Thus, the team of Mezzofy highly concentrated their expertise and skills to further enhance the platform and made it available for merchants across the region.

At present, Mezzofy is one of the leading coupon service providers in the APAC region and the story started when a large catering enterprise requested its assistance to provide a digital coupon system. Mezzofy has developed a digital coupon ecosystem for this client which has the capability to issue billions of coupons for hundreds of brands with extremely high level of security. It may be the most advanced and complicated system of its kind in the territory, and can be of the largest scale in the city. Dicky comments, “By accomplishing the mission, we believe we can handle all similar kinds of request and decide to develop a standard version for all companies. And therefore, we have built Mezzofy Merchant App.”

A Self-help App with Smart Features Made to Empower the Merchants 

Mezzofy Merchant App is a comprehensive Digital Coupon platform, aimed at helping merchants to create, distribute, and redeem coupons. With this app, merchants can develop unlimited marketing campaigns with coupons and most importantly, it is simple to use without the need of any technical assistance. Its self-help capabilities are extensively focused on helping the users to develop the best they can.

Last year, for such smart innovations and features, Mezzofy app was awarded the title of “Smart App of the Year” in the ‘2018 Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong’. Likewise, with success—comes number of challenges; every successful company needs to fight its own set of trials that make it more mature and powerful. Dicky and his team at Mezzofy are also facing some challenges like growing awareness among people and letting their potential clients know the benefits of the platform. Most of the potential clients just contact Mezzofy from Google Search and request its assistance to develop intuitive coupons. Dicky shares, “We know that if you have a really good product, you needn’t worry too much about how to sell it. So we are always following our mission to perfect our product and make it the most wanted one in the market.” 

Dicky and Team’s Efforts Driving the Wheels of Mezzofy

Dicky and his team of expert IT professionals consistently work on developing the best-in-class upgrades in the Mezzofy’s platform. The comprehensive changes and improvements in the platform further ease the burden on sales teams, enabling them to seamlessly sell the products. Therefore, focusing on providing ‘Quality’ products, Mezzofy has built a reputation among clients.  

In the coming days, Dicky and team are targeting to continue building its brand value and focusing on accomplishing big projects, including the expansion of Mezzofy’s coupon platform across the world in cooperation with GS1 HK, collaboration with e-Bay to connect its members in China, and other merchants in the global market. Likewise, Mezzofy is also dealing with prestigious brands to customize their coupon platforms with their internal systems. Dicky and his team are also working with various media and famous enterprises in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore to facilitate them in creating their own digital coupons with Mezzofy platform, and develop SEA market with their local distributors.

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