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The retail analytics industry is continually evolving. Meaning there is a consistent pile of data collected every single day—from developing trends and sales to changes in the global market and everything in between. Gathering, measuring, and reporting on this data is a big task for retailers, but it is essential.

Bizom, Mobisy Technologies’ flagship product is a retail intelligence platform for brands and retailers. They provide insights and intelligence to CPG brands in India and emerging markets and are making inroads into markets in Europe and other developed markets. The organization helps brands achieve smart distribution by improving their manpower efficiency, channel performance, and product performance.

Bizom achieves this by helping businesses first digitize their entire sales and supply chain. Also, unlike their competitors, Bizom enables deep-data driven insights and growth for consumer goods brands.

Presently, over 350 enterprises and approximately 150,000 individual users in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Africa use Bizom. This unique platform reaches one in every three retailers in India alone.

Objectives that sets Mobisy Technologies Apart from Others

Bizom is India’s only complete ecosystem player for the consumer goods industry, transforming the entire FMCG supply network from brands to wholesalers/distributors to retailers.

Bizom provides a single source of truth for:

The brand warehouse → The distributor → The salesman who takes orders at the store → Order fulfillment → Retailer digitization for self-ordering.

Such an approach, coupled with its proprietary analytics engine ELL that makes real-time insights possible, Bizom helps companies drive efficiencies across the entire supply chain. The outcomes include greater availability of stocks, improved manpower productivity, reduced stock in trade, just in time ordering and hence higher rotation of products.

Highlights of Bizom’s Enterprise Mobility & Digital Solutions

Bizom is not software. It’s a platform on which solutions can be quickly configured to meet a customer’s specific strategic needs. This allows the company the shortest go-lives in the business: 2 days to 2 weeks – and to integrate easily with other systems. The platform’s suite of retail automation solutions includes SalesForce automation (SFA), distributor management system (DMS), execution and merchandising. 

Bizom’s technology is bolstered by innovative solutions like image recognition-based merchandising, gamification for sales reps, AI/ML-based suggested orders, and demand forecasting features. With such solutions, the company is helping its consumer goods companies to improve their sales productivity and build stronger relationships with their distributor networks.

The Journey of the CEO

In 2008, Lalit Bhise established Mobisy Technologies. Mobisy’s first product—an app development platform was a few years ahead of the smartphone revolution. Lalit also was an early inventor of hybrid mobile programming that was ahead of the times. Today, he has built more than 150 products over 17 years and is an expert on the Indian FMCG industry. Along with being a technology expert, Lalit also works closely with market leaders and regularly advises them on technological interventions.

Lalit has sustained Mobisy through ten stormy years while the company was struggling with bankruptcy and naysayers. He built three brands from the ground up. Ten years later, Mosiby’s products serve over 350 brands, 150,000 users, and 5 million retailers. Mobisy raised its second round of funding of $3million, led by SIDBI Venture Capital Limited (SVCL) and has grown 617% in three years (2015-2017), i.e. an average of eight customers every month. Acknowledging its expertise and rapid development, Deloitte ranked Mobisy Technologies as the third fastest-growing tech company in India.

Team Members Appreciating the Work Environment

The clients of Mobisy describe the company as a growth accelerator that is dynamic and transformational. Bizom has a growth mantra of “People, Product, and Profit” which creates an employee-friendly culture that combines skills and execution to accountability in a workable and fun manner. It fosters an entrepreneurial spirit within its entire staff and encourages them to take pioneering approaches to achieve its growth goals. This approach instills a passion for learning and inspires its people to own their personal as well as the company’s growth. Therefore, it is no surprise that people love to work at Bizom and always recommend a friend or family member to join the group.

Overcoming Challenges and Setting New Milestones

Emerging markets will continue to play a significant role in the growth of consumer brands, given the positive outlook for most of these markets long term. However, retail execution in such ecosystems is expensive with a million touchpoints from the factory to the outlet. For instance, India’s extensive distribution system relies heavily on a vast network of distributors and field sales reps. At each touchpoint, the margin of error increases exponentially and cumulatively such errors spell doom for the bottom lines of brands.

Retail automation and analytics are already transforming the ecosystems in emerging markets with Bizom spearheading digital transformation for CPG companies. In the coming years, the key milestone set by the company is its global expansion in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.   



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