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With the proliferation of Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning, a new wave of digital disruption is impacting every industry and its consumers. Backed with these advanced technologies, organizations are being able to make agile capacity decisions and improve business efficiency. Importantly, these technologies are enabling enterprises to tackle crucial problems that were close to impossible a few years ago. However, it is also important to examine the issues associated with such technologies which include security, governance and compliance, and integration.

Overcoming Challenges in the Cloud

India-based NetDataVault (NDV) successfully helps their customers overcome challenges like security and compliance, cost management and vendor lock-in associated with Cloud. It has also taken care of other major factors including reliability, performance, and support. Moreover, the company has built a robust Cloud (IaaS) Platform offering virtual machine instances on its own technology stacks which ensures high performance and maximum reliability for its customers. The Platform is highly secured and has been adopted by many reputed companies across industries like E-Commerce, BFSI and a host of new-age digital businesses. Additionally, NetDataVault has an ANSI/TIA-942 Tier-3, certified data center that assists large enterprises and small and medium businesses in the areas of hosting, collocation, storage, and connectivity.

Cloud, SOC, and IoT Services across Versatile Verticals

Today, NetDataVault is a global brand of next-generation Cloud and SOC Services aimed at helping SMEs, making their IT simple, productive, and revenue generating. It’s important to mention that NetDataVault’s parent company, NGBPS is a key player that offers turnkey data center lifecycle management solution to the Fortune 500 companies.

Following the same path, NetDataVault is successfully serving its clients from various verticals including, the BFSI, NBFC, IT, ITeS, and IoT. Since a year, it has been providing its Cloud solutions to one of India’s largest IoT-based vehicle tracking service provider. It is helping them track millions of vehicles every minute. Where many multinational and local Cloud providers failed, NDV’s Cloud has effectively assisted its clients to achieve the desired vehicle tracking performance.

The Latest SOC as a Service by NetDataVault

The Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud come with a serious security issue while protecting critical information from theft, data leakage, and cyber-attacks. NetDataVault has given prime importance to security in its Cloud Platform, DR as a Service and Backup as Service offerings. Recently, it has also launched AiCyberWatch, India’s first AI and ML enabled SOC as a service platform in partnership with world leaders in this space. The highly secured platform caters to the needs of BFSIs, NBFCs, Depositories, SMBs, and large enterprises. Moreover, it has been engineered on the Big Data architecture that automates real-time threat detection and remediation on a single platform. This platform offers remarkable features like asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioural monitoring, SIEM, and log management. Presently, NetDataVault is striving to popularise its latest and comprehensive SOC as a Service, AiCyberWatch. It will further help the company to expand its offerings’ capabilities and footprint of its cloud services.

Founder’s Customer-Focused Strategy

The Founder and Chairman of NetDataVault, Pradyumn Jain believes that his team needs to recognize the actual situation of the industry and build suitable competences to know what they can do for their customers. Frequent customer interaction is the simplest way to build a strategy that benefits the Company. Pradyumn’s team at NetDataVault therefore works closely with their customers to understand their actual requirements. Accordingly, they analyze their expectations and add new improvements to NDV’s offerings. This practice also enables them to pre-empt the future needs of customers and align their technology roadmap with customer expectations.

Pradyumnestablished NDV as a subsidiary of NGBPS Ltd. with the mission to expand its footprint in Cloud and Data Center services. Currently his company is helping clients leverage Cloud Solutions (IaaS, Security Operations Centre) which ensure compliance, and save time & money.

“Service First” Philosophy with 24/7 Support

Most companies, even the large ones, tend to overlook customer support, which often hampers a company’s reputation. Even though, it requires extra resources, time, and money, good customer service often leads to better customer satisfaction. Knowing that, NetDataVault provides its customers 24/7, 365 days, access to real support staff over the phone. Unlike emails or chatbots, the support at NetDataVault is quicker. The company calls this uncompromised support as “Service First” Philosophy. Further, it offers the highest security for the customer’s data that conform to the requirements of ISO 27001. Additionally, in terms of pricing, NDV doesn’t surprise users with any hidden costs. Instead, it provides transparent pricing and customers know what they will have to pay.

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