NetDatavault: Enabling Digital Transformation with an advanced Cyber Secure Cloud Platform and SOC Services


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Cloud computing has been one of the most defiant technologies in the 21st century due to its faster adoption into the mainstream than any other technology. This adoption is being further fueled by the increasing number of devices that can access the internet. Presently, due to the advantages such as increased efficiency, flexibility, and strategic edge, numerous enterprises are looking for a robust cloud computing platform that is also Cyber Secure.

NetDatavault is one such platform that provides data-centers and multi-cloud Hybrid IT solutions. It is a brand owned and promoted by NGBPS LIMITED, which was established in 1991 and incorporated in 1995. NetDatavault was launched as North India’s first ANSI/TIA-942, Tier-3/Rated-3 Data Center in 2012. The NetDatavault Cloud Platform–which is amongst the most advanced IaaS Platforms in the country–was also launched around the same time. The cloud platform was the first IaaS platform developed in India with an orchestration layer with auto scalability.

Bouquet of Services and Solutions

Today, NetDatavault is a global brand of next-generation cloud services and is successfully serving clients from different verticals including the BFSI, NBFC, IT, ITeS, and IoT, across geographies. The award-winning NetDatavault Cloud Platform includes lightweight container management and orchestration engine that enables managing and deploying containers on single hosts and across servers. The platform supports provisioning, overlay networks, distributed storage, service discovery, HA, etc., thus allowing spinning, running, and managing multiple VM’s instantly.

Furthermore, NetDatavault also provides unique services including Virtual Desktop as a Service (VDI as a service), software-defined VPN services, and Tally hosted on Cloud that enables and supports the current demand for Work from Home solutions. It also offers managed business continuity services such as—Backup-as-a-Service, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, Cyber Security services, Network Services, and System Administration, all of which have gained center stage post the pandemic. Additionally, it provides specialized solutions like virtual private cloud, dedicated private cloud, and hybrid cloud hosting.

NetDatavault also offers Accomplish One—an interface that gives businesses the ability to design, deploy, configure, monitor, manage, clone, resize, scale, and decommission any server, anytime the business calls for, from any device. Regardless of the challenges, Accomplish One makes it easier for businesses to get the infrastructure in place to help them succeed. It offers complete 360-degree control over infrastructure as well as the NetDatavault account.

With these services, NetDatavault is catering to the cloud hosting needs of Education, Fin-Tech, Healthcare, Internet-based Startups, and IoT enabled businesses. It is also helping small businesses adopt cloud solutions and kickstart their digital transformation journey. While the company has the capability to cater to the requirements of all business sectors/segments, as a firm, it has a depth of expertise in the aforementioned industries and it strives to focus a lot more on these industries in the near future.

Besides NetDatavault, NGBPS LIMITED has two other focus lines of business including AiCyberwatch, and Training Services Group.

AiCyberwatch: It is the flagship SOC-as-a-Service offering by NGBPS and addresses the urgent need for managed cybersecurity services. It is Asia’s first AI and ML-enabled XDR-SOC offering that automates Real-Time Threat Detection and Remediation. The SOC-as-a-Service offering combines out-of-the-box capabilities for Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection, Behavioral Monitoring (EUBA), Nextgen SIEM, SOAR, Threat Intelligence, and Log Management. Additionally, XDR enables rapid detection and response to threats across the enterprise, including network, cloud data center, on-premises as well as endpoints.

AiCyberwatch is also recognized as a leader in assessment services that include Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), Red Teaming, Phishing Simulation, Social Engineering Assessments, etc.

Training Services Group: It aims at providing multi-disciplinary learning management and training delivery solutions to corporations across the globe. It boasts of the world’s first series of courses on SOC operations and an advanced course on Ethical Hacking

Complying to the Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on businesses around the globe, and NGBPS was no exception. During the lockdown, the company confronted several challenges for the first time. Its BC/DR plans were tested to the full extent and beyond the drills that are regularly conducted. Handling operations in the pandemic situation, NetDatavault learned new lessons as the things that it took for granted were no longer assured.

Due to the lockdown, NetDatavault’s employees faced problems in commuting to the workplace. This challenge was tackled since it had break rooms and a dormitory within the data center. Alongside, food and beverages that were easily available in the vicinity were no longer accessible. NetDatavault had to make arrangements for the same within the facility. It also had to undertake several measures to ensure that its clients did not face any disruptions in their services.

Bolstering the Product Portfolio

Alongside challenges, the pandemic presented a plethora of opportunities for the cloud industry as enterprises that invested in a robust cloud computing infrastructure ahead of the pandemic have emerged successful. It has forced the fence-sitters to adopt Cloud and transform digitally, which has resulted in the cloud industry seeing extensive growth during the lockdown and in the months following the lockdown. The impositions such as Work from Home have further propelled cloud adoption as it enables the remote workforce to stay connected.

As a result, numerous companies have started to realize the benefits of cloud computing beyond the immediate need for remote working. During the crisis, NetDatavault saw a steep rise in demand for its cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery services as numerous SMEs and mid-market enterprises opted for having a robust BC/DR implementation in place. Being the leading Data Center and Cloud service provider, NetDatavault introduced new services such as VDI as a service (Virtual Desktop as a service) and strengthened its BC/DR offering.

Impacts on Business and Clients

Like several other firms, the pandemic impacted the business development and other operations at NetDatavault as well. Though the initial few weeks were chaotic, NetDatavault was helped extensively by the business continuity plans that it had in place for Data Center Operations. After the commencement of the unlock phase, it resumed several activities. It smoothly made the transition to the new normal of working from home and ensuring the employee motivation levels remained high by a mixture of empathy, adaptability, and innovation.

Alongside company operations, the pandemic had a mixed impact on NetDatavault’s clients. Several clients saw an increase in cloud computing needs due to the changing nature of doing business, while most of them saw a dip in their revenues. While NetDatavault already offered best-in-class pricing, it received requests for changed payment terms to adjust for the pandemic impact. “We have offered staggered payment terms to some of the clients who were genuinely impacted. We also offered additional infrastructure to our clients at previously agreed prices so as to not add to their financial burden,” said Vinod Natarajan (Chief Business Officer).

Vinod sees a decade of super growth post-COVID-19 impact recovery. EDGE Data Centers coupled with the rollout of 5G will be the likely catalyst for growth. He believes that the action will move from Hyperscalars to mid-size Data Centers that possess capabilities matching hyperscalers.


Our team is young and dynamic with a passion for IT services and guided at every step by a strong board of directors.”
“We smoothly made the transition to the new reality of Work from Home and ensured employee motivation levels remained high by a mixture of empathy, adaptability, and innovation.”

“During the pandemic, we offered additional infrastructure to our clients at previously agreed prices so as to not add to their financial burden.”Read Full Issue: Most Vigilant Cloud Solution Providers



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