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In the world of digital marketing, content marketing has become a driving force in building trust, generating leads, and cultivating customer loyalty for companies through social media. Marketers use creative, high-quality, and relevant content to engage with their audience and create awareness about the brands. Coming next into play is native advertising, responsible for introducing brands to the right spectators and increasing their audience network.

Established in 2017, the India-based OneNative Advertising Pvt.Ltd., is a marvelous media company that is building deep relationships between brands and consumers by providing the most powerful integrated platform for branded content distribution.

Influence of Digital MediaSector on the Dynamic Duo 

The Co-founders, Harish Patil and Deepak Karnani established OneNative Advertising with a mission to provide exceptional content marketing solutions to their clients by fostering a culture of innovation. At the same time, to also foster a great working environment for their employees.OneNative’s Co-founder, Harish is an expert in strategy and business development with a focus on crafting new business initiatives. He has 20+ years of diverse experience spanning in digital media, television & radio. Besides this, he is also involved in running successful digital ad network.

The Founding partner, Deepak has expertise across the spectrum of digital media, online advertising, content marketing & native advertising. He is passionate about building businesses and believes in having equally passionate individuals in his team. He leads the business development and overall strategy for OneNative Ads along with a team of 20 young professionals across India.

While working with different media companies such as Indian Television Dot Com & NDTV Media, Harish and Deepakwere exposed to the content side of the business. Back then, content marketing was a new concept but soon started getting recognized as a form of marketing. This was the nascent period where there were no content specialists in this space. Taking this as an opportunity to build their own brand, the versatile leaders established OneNative Advertising. Both, Harish and Deepak believe that the early exposure to the media space in their careers, more specifically to content & digital media left a big imprint on them.

Delivering Novel Marketing and Advertising Solutions

OneNative Advertising is an integrated content marketing & native advertising platform that enables brands & digital media agencies to run their native ads campaigns at scale, via a single interface. It offers integrated content marketing and native advertising solutions to clients’ campaigns. The marvellous media company helps brands throughout the entire process of content marketing, right from research, content creation, hosting to content amplification. It aids clients with the translation of content and ad copies in regional languages, hosting of content and other ancillary services, ensuring an end-to-end solution for campaign requirements.

OneNative has introduced India’s 1st integrated content distribution platform and pioneered this space long before native advertising became a buzzword that it is today. Integrated with key platforms like Outbrain, Yahoo-Gemini, Dianomi, & MGID,  amongst others, OneNative’s360° offerings ensure a one-stop solution for its clients. The company enables clients to switch and scale their campaigns on platforms that are delivering well at the given moment. Some of its leading clientele are Mitsubishi Electric, Tourism New Zealand, Henkel, Amazon, Asian Paints, Xiaomi, Apple, PayPal, Samsung, Suzuki, HDFC Life and Purvankara among others.

Professional Team with Extensive Expertise

OneNative’s professional team of experienced campaign managers ensure that their clients can focus on their core competencies, without worrying about campaign performance. The team has an in-depth understanding of this space and makes every effort to deliver the finest campaigns. Its prime strength lies in its team and the proprietary platform, which it has developed from the ground up. The company has noticed that brands are shifting towards content marketing. Therefore, with its integrated services, it has numerous opportunities to work with different brands and deliver finest campaigns. Consequently, this will help the professional team to grow and mature in this sector and also create a mark for themselves in the media and advertising landscape.

The Creative Leaders Overcoming Challenges with Willpower and Commitment

 Harish and Deepak understand that running a business is not a child’s play. There are issues that leaders always have to face, but with the right tact and skillsets, they can route a strong course and come out on top. For the Co-founding duo, they have categorized their challenges into two areas: internal and external. In the initial days, their biggest internal challenge was having the right team because native advertising space itself was very new in India and they did not have access to the trained workforce. Therefore, the Co-founders developed their own team from scratch and trained them. As a result, they now have some of the brightest minds in the industry as part of their team. Externally, when they started out, it was quite difficult for them to educate their clients on this relatively new medium of content marketing & native ads. But, through years, they have conquered these challenges by sheer will-power and unwavering commitment. Currently, they are reshaping this sector by focusing on delivering valuable and high-quality creative content to their audiences.

New Opportunities for the Media Companies

According to OneNative’s Co-founders, there is no shortage of opportunities for the media companies that are keeping pace with the ever-changing tech world. Through regional content strategies, media companies can reach out and connect with regional audiences, which can be crucial for growing their audiences.

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