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Over the years, Malaysia Healthcare has presented a seamless end-to-end healthcare journey experience, affording quality care for the peace of mind of healthcare travelers. Besides being one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia for medical tourism, the increasing aging population in Malaysia is sighted to bring revenue-earning opportunities for healthcare companies. Excelling in the Malaysian private healthcare is Origin Integrated Studios, developing innovative and creative software solutions for Malaysia and its regions. Origin is one of the very few software development companies which focuses on enterprise systems for the healthcare industry.

Origin was established in 2015 with an aim to become a household brand in the healthcare industry and focusing on the long term and trusting relationship with its customers. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, it is the fastest-growing Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status software development and solutions company. Within a year of establishment, it managed to expand in the Asian countries primarily in Indonesia and now working together with customers in their business expansion into the Philippines, Vietnam, and South Korea. Origin is currently serving more than 20 hospitals and 15 clinics in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Leader Behind the Curtain

Origin was requested to deliver a state-of-art comprehensive EMR solution by a local healthcare provider. Thus, due to Kenneth Kee’s (CEO) decade of experience in enterprise business software applications and solutions, the company set out to create groundbreaking products along with a team of expert software developers. Kenneth is always updated with the daily news and tech trends in the healthcare industry. As a leader, it becomes his responsibility to stay updated with the trends so that the solutions Origin provides stays relevant to the time. Apart from this, he also attends conferences and seminars to stay connected with industry veterans, healthcare specialists, and healthcare solution vendors.

Kenneth initially started his career as a Sales Executive serving an ICT consulting company in Asia. For 18 years, he contributed sales in banking, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. While he was a Vice President of Sales for the enterprises’ software solutions, he decided to leave and remained as a Director until early 2020. It was then he noticed that there was a gap in the healthcare system particularly outdated client-server based hospital information system lacking in the EMR and integration to systems. This led him to venture into developing modern web-based healthcare application software solutions with his team of passionate and talented software developers in mid-2015. “All started from one hospital looking for hospital information system with EMR,” said Kenneth.

Products That Embark Accuracy and Efficiency

Origin has pioneered in its EMR services and gaining popularity across the sector despite the competitors in the market. Origin Electronic Medical Record (Origin EMR) is the flagship product of Origin, followed by the Origin Hospital Information System (Origin HIS). These two products have been developed with over 10 years of industry experience which touts high adoption rates amongst the doctors and nurses. Both of these products have gained popularity due to its accuracy and efficiency. Origin’s products are reliable and secure as they have been put on a stringent test by the hospital quality management team to be certified by an external auditor for hospital process flow. All security access rights and changes in the system are traceable through audit log and versioning capability.

The characteristics that distinguish Origin products are that it is developed on Java Platform i.e. JAVA EE, the standard community-driven enterprise software. The user interface is also developed using the latest web technologies, thus making it as intuitive, user friendly and up to date at the same time. Further, Kenneth adds, “Origin EMR comes with iNTERFACEWARE IGUANA HL7 interface engine which is used by more than 800+ healthcare providers and vendors. It is fully web-based support for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.”

Looking For The Silver Lining

With the pandemic adversely affecting all the businesses, Kenneth has an optimistic outlook and is hoping for the best to come from this situation. The outbreak has given notable exposure to the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector, however, is trying to manage its hold and may even emerge stronger than before after the COVID-19 outbreak has resolved. The same however cannot stand true for the other sectors which have been devastated. Across all sectors, the largest disruptor to productivity and the financial implications had caused the offices and business to hold and staff has been quarantined at home. Being positive, Kenneth predicts that it may take up to 6 to 9 months for a full recovery.

Kenneth concluded by saying, “I foresee that more investors will divert their investment into healthcare and related industries within this period while waiting for others such as tourism, hospitality, and entertainment. This is indeed good news for the healthcare solutions vendor.”

Upgrading and Developing To Be Better

With a spike in digitization and novel tech, most of the health systems in APAC have begun adopting the modernized platforms such as EMR for storing medical records digitally. Being one of the leading EMR providers Origin is experiencing a high demand from the existing hospitals for solutions that can provide digitalization or replacing the traditional healthcare systems. Also, few new hospitals are seeking the latest solutions to meet the market expectation.

In order to be upgraded and fit for all the customer requirements, the company is looking to improve the services. Thus, Origin is determined to focus on its plan for the immediate and future needs of its customers in the area of a mobile patient portal, remote patient monitoring system, integration to various vital sign monitoring devices, business analytics management dashboard, and predictive analysis for the patient bill.

Why choose Origin Integrated Studios’ Software solution?

The OIS software provides interoperability, efficient clinical services, and better patient safety,

Physician orders are automatically routed to ancillary services departments for more efficient services
Improve patient safety by reducing potential human errors due to manual transcription of doctor orders

With EMR
Real-time entry and fast access to electronic medical records·
Improve patient safety through better documentation of care give
Provide system generated reports required by insurance or discharges
Accessing patient information with mobile devices

With Nursing Module
Online nursing documentation for a care plan, order fulfillment, eMAR, etc.
Online clinical handover during the shift for better and safer care
Accessing patient information with mobile devices

With Document Scanning Management module
Digitizing and online filing of paper-based clinical documentation
Seamless integration with EMR to achieve complete online patient records

With Reporting module
Provide accurate reporting mechanisms to assist management decision and promote accountability
Leveraging on the integrated platform for ease of data collection
Using Business Intelligence system or tools Automate accurate reporting

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