Orisis Joins Infinite Acres

Orisis Joins Infinite Acres to Show Indoor Agricultural Possibilities

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Partnership on way to fulfill the demand of chemical-free and high-quality food crops

Orisis, China’s leading horticultural firm signed a contract with Infinite Acres to complete its first indoor vertical farm dream. Infinite Acres is comprised of three companies – Priva, 80 Acres Farms, and Ocado, working together to develop wholistic solutions to the challenges occurred while growing produce outdoors. This projected initiative has been taken to make Orisis able to provide freshly harvested, nutritious, tasty, and pesticide-free produce to Shanghai area food-service distributors, grocers, and consumers.

Orisis working with Infinite Acres on the project is part of totally new and innovative horticultural development in Shanghai region. The partnership has a purpose to fulfill the rapidly growing requirement of chemical-free and high-quality organic crops in China. The project is subjected to demonstrate to China and the rest of the world about the indoor roof-growing possibilities in densely-populated urban locations.

Orisis and its horticultural fences

  • Orisis farm will feature an internal-vertical design consisting of five layers and aims to have more than 1,600 square meters of grow zone area.
  • As helping hand, Signify, the global leader in lighting will provide Philips LED lighting for the Orisis grow zones.
  • In addition, Philips is happy to help with crop advice and developing the right growth recipes.

The role of Infinite Acres

Moreover, among associated companies with Infinite Acres, both will participate in the project diversely. The Orisis indoor farm will be in Pinghu Zhejiang, the first agriculture economic development zone in China located about 100 kilometres southwest of Shanghai. Priva will install air quality, climate, water reusage, energy efficiency, irrigation, and other system controls critical for indoor growing of the highest standards available today. 80 Acres Farms will bring its expertise in everything to the project from crop recipes to optimal yield guarantees, as well as facility management, product packaging, branding, marketing, and distribution.

When the project is completed, Orisis farm will hold the position as the first commercial project in the world based on Signify’s Greenpower LED 3.0 production module.

Tisha Livingston, chief executive officer of Infinite Acres, said, “With its growing mega-cities and shortage of arable farmland, Chinalike other nations faces the challenges of providing healthy, fresh, just-picked produce to its people.” “Infinite Acres is excited about working with Orisis to develop what we hope will be the first of many indoor vertical farms in China.”

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