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Pavan Bakshi

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Globalization has resulted in the expansion of companies that cares for no boundaries. This is demanding a leader with a comprehensive understanding of global practices. However, the companies are failing to fill this gap, because of poor sequence planning and poor leadership development. This has resulted in a major shortfall of a competent, clued up the global leader. The gap did not go unobserved by Pavan Bakshi, the CEO, and Founder of Prime Meridian.

Pavan previously worked in the corporate field when he realized that most of the issues faced by the organizations were people issues. Suddenly there was an intense shortfall of leaders who could inspire people and develop the skills. With an agenda of getting, the excellent leadership content into India and further customize it to Indian Corporate Culture, Pavan started the company Prime Meridian Consulting.

An Excellent Leadership Facilitator and Coach

Pavan Bakshi the Colonel (Veteran), CEO, Chief Facilitator, and Executive Coach, of Prime Meridian and has an astonishing work experience of 35 years in the domain of leadership and organizational transformation. Prior to establishing the company, Pavan had a corporate life and has worked in leadership positions for both Indian and multinational organizations and in his last designation, he was a Senior Vice-President. He has contributed in the areas of business growth, managing transitions and establishing and managing new business streams.

Apart from his contribution to the industry, his achievements are also noteworthy. Recently, Pavan was honored as the only leadership facilitator and coach from India who was selected to share his leadership transformation experiences in Hollywood documentary. This documentary is due for release in mid-2020 and is tentatively titled as ‘The Life and Legacy of Marshall Goldsmith’.

Over the years, Pavan and his team are working with the corporates to help them build leaders everywhere. Whilst working the team noticed that corporates not only want to conduct workshops but also see the impact of these workshops on their employees. Due to this, Prime Meridian conducts workshops that support employees in creating their 90 Days plans, which are relevant to the business goals. Hereafter, there is a need to conduct training, which is holistic, and combined facilitation and coaching with assessments and online support.

Bouquet of Solutions for Success

Prime Meridian Consulting is a company incorporated with the purpose of building leaders everywhere”. It is an end-to-end leadership development and human transformation consulting Services Company providing coaching, training and consulting services to corporate bodies.

The programs it provides are the right blend of theory and practice, which stems from the ideology of building on practical skills with a solid foundation of theory to help harness the latent talent within the organization to meet the organizational goals. The facilitators of the company cater these programs to the workforce of many large and medium corporations. Pavan creates and delivers tailor-made interventions as per the specific needs of the organization,

Based on certification and association with World-class leadership gurus:

  • Marshall Goldsmith (#1 Executive Coach)
  • John Maxwell (#1 Leadership Expert) Coach, Speaker, and Facilitator
  • Robin Sharma’s (Top 5 Leadership Expert)
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (#1 researcher on positive psychology)

Based on association with Thought Leadership and Research-based organizations:

  • LeaderShape, Global (UK based organization with a global imprint)
  • Collective Leadership Institute, Berlin (cutting-edge organization on collaboration)

Tailor-Made Programs to Meet the Requirements

Pavan believes that leaders all across the industries are the same, it’s the goals that may differ from leader to leader. Based on this evaluation he created programs that can help the organizations in focusing on the development of specific areas. Explain his theory he further asserts, “Leadership across all industries is the same, the difference comes from what an organization wants to focus on developing, based on the 29 Leadership competencies. Hence every workshop that we design and conduct is tailor-made to meet the requirement of that particular organization.”

Pavan’s opinion on leadership and his approach is different from that of others. His leadership techniques are both a mixture of his experience and influential books. The market is flooded with books giving advice on leadership approach; however, Pavan has his pick of books that have influenced him through his journey.  Namely ‘Lead without a Title’ by Robin Sharma: In this book, Robin says that old leadership is obsolete, today you need no title to be a leader and anyone can be a leader if he works on the foundational principle of self- leadership.

Apart from this, books that are essential for leaders, as they learn how to help others reach their full potential are Leading beyond the ego’ byJohn Knight, ‘Developing Leaders Around you’ by John Maxwell, ‘Triggers’ by Marshall Goldsmith and ‘The Art of Leading collectively’ byPetra Kuenkel.  These books emphasize the fact that tackling today’s crisis effectively requires a new form of leadership. It focuses on co-creating a sustainable and socially just future.

Identifying the Latest Content in Leadership

Prime Meridian is totally focused on improvising their programs and making it more comprehensive in the coming years. Pavan says that they are currently focusing on identifying the latest content in leadership and bringing at least two of those to India. In addition, also the company is set to launch the Franchise Model in 2020 and expand to 50 Franchisee every year.

Habitual Mistakes Often Made By Professionals

Being in the industry for more than two decades Pavan has observed that few professionals fall for the same blunders as of the others. He shared his advice and pain pointed few like, professionals mostly believe that individual skills are sufficient and not being collaborative would not affect his/her leadership. In addition, leaders tend to blame things that are not in their control by depleting their own energy by talking about it and thereby not taking account of their lives. Also, one only focuses on developing their functional skills and not developing people skills, which they need to become Emotionally Intelligent.


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