The Art of Persuasive Business Writing


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Business writing is a skill that, if well-developed, can make a big difference for any entrepreneur. We collected some compelling pieces of advice that will make your business writing more persuasive. If the deadline is close and you cannot finish a business letter or other paper on time, try an alternative and write a request: ‘Can I pay someone to write my essay,’ as this is the online service that can make your life easier.

Read on to learn more about persuasive business writing.

Why should one develop business writing skills?

Good business writing skills are crucial to becoming a successful entrepreneur because business is mostly about effective communication with other people and sharing your ideas with your partners, clients, customers, and vendors. So it means that often, you cannot communicate your ideas in any other way except by writing an email or dropping a message to a person. If you become a skilled and effective business writer, your business will grow and successfully develop. So, you must know some practical strategies that help you improve at writing emails about your services and products.

Good business writing strategies involve a persuasive approach. It is natural to be clear when you are writing business letters because each text related to business aims to prove to people that your opinion is correct and persuade them to accept your ideas about your products or services, explaining why they should use them and buy them. Persuasiveness will help you force the clients and potential customers to do what you expect from them regarding your business model. It would be best if you understood that persuasion is an art, and anyone can improve their persuasion skill by following our advice. When writing persuasive business letters, follow a specific approach to succeed. Here are five elements to keep in mind when writing compelling messages. 

Positive tone

Even if you use the best arguments, ideas, and persuasive attitude in writing, a poor tone of voice can save time and keep you from achieving your goals. The fact is that all of your writing goes beyond your words. The first piece of advice for those who want to be the best in persuasive business writing is to use an optimistic tone of voice and be positive at each stage of writing. Also, it would help if you gave them a feeling that you understand their problems and want to help them solve them. Here are some examples of words one should use to stay positive and be taken by the audience:

  • We understand your pain.
  • We remember what you told us.
  • Please tell us your thoughts.
  • The problem you refer to.
  • We realize that.

Persuasive business writing will succeed if you think more about your potential customers and the people you are communicating with. If a writer sounds too selfish and does not express interest in readers, they will not accept his or her ideas. The secret is simple: if you want to be taken as a friendly sounding person in your business communication, you need to communicate through your readers’ interests, wishes, preferences and hopes. You need to understand the psychology of your audience and present your messages in the light of their viewpoints.

Warm and friendly communication

Personal warmth can make a significant change in your business writing and make it much more persuasive. People take warm and friendly communicators much better than cold ones. Expressing warmth in writing is more challenging than in face-to-face communication because you cannot involve your facial expressions and tone of voice. You should let your readers understand that you are in the context of the problem, can solve it, and are ready to handle all difficulties and stay by their side, staying helpful to your potential customers.

Expressing good manners

A good business communicator who can create a persuasive business letter or drop a message that will leave a good impression must express good manners. Your behavior must be reflected in your writing as well as in your speaking, and you must be nice to your customers each time you are in direct communication with them. Rudeness and aggressiveness will make even the most substantial arguments sound impolite and poor. A good way to check if you are expressing good manners during business writing is to ask yourself some questions. For example, ‘How would I feel if these words were directed at me?’

Using fitting examples

Suppose you have some specific experience related to the case you’re writing about. In that case, you can find a connection to your audience by sharing your thoughts about some situations related to the case. You can provide a detailed explanation of your experience and let your readers understand your expertise to make them believe that you want the best for them. Moreover, sharing personal experiences creates a bond between you and your readers; it makes them feel that they are communicating with a natural person, and it makes them believe your words more.

Wrap up

We hope that now you realize the core principles of persuasive business writing. Using these five approaches will make you a more successful business writer and a heartbeat. We wish you good luck!

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