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Over the last few years, the software development industry has witnessed the emergence of new and advanced technologies. This has led to the transformation of existing systems into more digitized and sophisticated platforms. Today, by leveraging these modern technologies, organizations have started developing bespoke products and services for their clients. Pragtechnologies Corp. is one of the leading organizations, which offers the most advanced, custom-made software products and services to its clients.

Pragtechnologies’s Arrival into the Tech Industry

In 2014, the Founder and CEO, Noel Gary E. del Castillo established Pragtechnologies with his wife Vanessa and brother, Rommel. Rommel who knew the capabilities of Noel and Vanessa asked them to build an accounting system for his business. This project was the company’s gateway into the tech industry. The rationale behind the inception of Pragtechnologies lies in its name; “pragmatic” and “technologies”, which means being able to create good quality technology in an up-front fashion. And, this is how the leading software development company came into the picture.

It is well-known that the initial journey of most startup companies is not a walk in the park. Instead, it is a make or break phase where the entrepreneurs either learn to tackle and overcome challenges or take time to resolve them. Noel and Pragtechnologies too went through a fair share of obstacles. Back then, the amateur founder was struggling to secure more clients, and bring substantial revenue for his firm. Noel then decided to take risks and found a solution to elevate the revenues by mitigating their cost through miniscule initiatives. He took upon small projects to construct Pragtechnologies’ impressive portfolio, and this made him realize to direct the company towards the software development industry.

Two years later, Vanessa and Noel, the Founder duo, decided to relocate their business from Quezon City to their home city i.e. Marikina City where Pragtechnologies is currently situated. Today, the Marikina city-based company has clients from the United States, Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong who are involved in various industries like construction, real estate, mining, and maritime.

Delivering Dynamic Range of Products and Services to Various Industries

Pragtechnologies’ products are embedded with the latest technologies to develop robust web and mobile applications for its clients’ businesses. The prominent software development company is leveraging technologies like Elixir, React, AI, .Net, Kubernetes, Docker, and Andruino to develop its applications. Furthermore, Noel with his fellow team is striving to become the top Elixir development firm in the Philippines by incorporating these technologies into its product line. Some of Pragtechnologies’ most successful range of products are mentioned as follows.

  • SeeYouDoc is a web and mobile application where the user can book online appointments from anywhere and anytime. The application provides four different interfaces: Patient App used for booking online appointments, Practitioner App for managing doctors’ schedules, Organization App for medical organization management, and Facilities App for medical facilities information and services.
  • RxVault is an e-prescription services web app where both doctors and patients can access an online pharmaceutical database and store their medical prescriptions.
  • HealthMetric is an e-medical records web and mobile app used for forming dynamic templates and keeping the medical records online.
  • GovIT is a web and mobile app that provides an administrative portal and customizes the website and mobile application for their national and local government.
  • Textstack is a short message service (SMS) promotion tool where users can grasp their wide range audiences as well as aim specific markets.

At Pragtechnologies, Noel ponders on transforming the existing healthcare services and bringing stability to their clients’ needs who are patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers in the Philippines. Here, Noel’s role is to tutor their target market and educate them on how to use their solutions which can modify the existing healthcare services without compromising their security and privacy.

Pragtechnologies’s Roadmap for Expansion in the Global Markets

Pragtechnologies’s objective for this year is to expand and spread its presence in the global markets. To achieve this, the company is trying to secure more clients around the globe and satisfy their needs by developing new web and mobile applications that complement their businesses. In addition to this, Pragtechnologies recently launched its latest product named as SeeYouDoc MD. This is a mobile app developed for doctors to help them manage their practice and CPD units. Similarly, they have launched SeeYouDoc Organization App assembled for medical organizations, which helps them to manage their members and events with CPD units. The application is still in the beta release, which makes it free and available for the whole year of 2019. The prominent software development corporation is also aiming to successfully complete its entire array of SeeYouDoc products and modules this year as well as increase its daily active users (DAU) count up to 10,000.  

Solving Issues by using Business Transformation in APAC countries

According to Noel, there are numerous opportunities present for entrepreneurs since new inventions and improvements are always needed in the business. Noel also thinks that individuals from the Asia Pacific regions are trying to catch-up with the developed countries. The role of an entrepreneur is to find new techniques to solve their country’s issues. Utilizing the best practices of the developed countries, an entrepreneur can at least try to implement or replicate the techniques to develop solutions for their country.

Guidelines to Stay Ahead in the Software Industry

The software development industry is constantly evolving and new trends are emerging. Noel shares some guidelines to young software developers which will ensure them to stay ahead in the software industry. The key tip is to never stop learning, keep up with the latest trends and technologies, and take advantage of free online courses and trials offered by institutes and companies. As for software developers who are looking to be entrepreneurs, they must cautiously think about their decision to become an entrepreneur and also be prepared for all responsibilities that comes with it. Additionally, learning the basics of accounting, sales, marketing, management, and leadership is inevitable as they assist in doing business more efficiently.

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