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For centuries, India has been known for its saving culture. Traditionally, the term investing was used less and considered lesser as compared to the savings. Prasanna Kumar Mulpuri, Founder and Business Head of Fincare Capital Management Services, comes from a family of Agriculture, Social Service, and Educational sectors. His Grandma used to say “A Rupee Saved is as good as the Rupee Earned.” This influenced his mindset about saving and investment. Later, due to the encouragement of his paternal Aunt Dr. Prasanna Kumari, he decided to pursue his career in the field of Investment Banking and Wealth management.

As a founder of the leading company, Prasanna observed that factors such as urbanization, globalization, technology, etc., are pushing the economy towards a credit-based, which in turn is adversely influencing the social and economic aspects of every individual, family, and corporate. Therefore, he stresses the importance of having savings and investment.

Following a Client-Centric Approach

Prasanna established Fincare Capital in 2013 with a mission that is to become the most respected company in the field of financial advisory and wealth management. Since its inception, the company is serving its clients with the utmost honesty and integrity. It provides financial investment services and wealth advisory with strategies based-on on proactive consultation and a client-centric approach. The company follows a client-centric approach along with a structured and disciplined advisory. This helps it to provide the client portfolio solutions which meet the client’s desired financial goals successfully. As a professional wealth advisory company, Fincare Capital focuses on saving and investing smarter, and managing debt better to achieve a brighter financial future while having respected and rewarding relationships with the clients and business. Additionally, the company also provides integrated solutions for individuals, families, HUF’s, NRI’s, trusts, educational institutions, and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

Motivating All the Investors

Every industry has its challenges, and due to certain events and geopolitical reasons, investors are worried and concerned about their investments and returns on investments. As a result, investors will lose their confidence in mainstream investment systems over a period of time. All the novice investors or first-time investors fear the risk of loss, which further demoralizes them to discontinue the investments. This is one of the prime factors why there are fewer investors in the market. Prasanna advises the best way to manage risk while investing is that investors need not worry and panic about market fluctuation on a day-to-day basis. Investment is a long-term process and involves lots of patience, and panic would only cause discouragement. Further motivating all the investors, he says, “Keep investing and stay invested at all times for a long term wealth creation to lead a sustainable happy life.”

In the year 2019, the company started offering customized services in Will and Estate Planning. Life is uncertain, and it is better to secure the hard earn money. An estate planning helps the person to plan in advance and naming who he or she wants to transfer their wealth before they are deceased. Before will and estate planning take place, it is essential to evaluate all the wealth. The estate comprised of all the assets and wealth he or she has, which includes car, home, other real estate, investments, life insurance, furniture, and personal possessions. In continuation of all the services, In 2020-2021 Financial year Fincare Capital wants to reach out and serve 1500 to 2000 families across Bangalore, Hyderabad and NRI’s in the USA, Canada, UK, and Gulf.

Investment Mantra:

“Start Saving and Investing as early as Possible and Stay Invested for Long term. Don’t React or Panic to the short-term market movements. Save Safer and Invest Better”

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