10 Best Quotes by Milkha Singh to make you hit the ground running


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If you are into athletics, the late Milkha Singh is a name you must have come across frequently. Hailed across the sports fraternity as ‘Flying Sikh’, Milkha Singh is one of the iconic figures who changed how athletics was approached in India. His formidable journey is an inspiration for every Indian kid aspiring to make it big in sports and life. Apart from his achievements as a sports professional, Milkha was also known for speaking his mind. Quotes by Milkha Singh, in particular, exemplify the genius of the legend.

In this blog, we will shed light upon the 10 best quotes by Milkha Singh that will inspire you to keep chasing your dreams.

  1. “Don’t be afraid of moving slowly, be afraid of standing still.”
  1. “The track, to me, was like an open book, in which I could read the meaning and purpose of life.”
  1. “Discipline, hard work, will power….My experience made me so hard that I wasn’t even scared of death.”
  1. “If you get anything in return against the honor of the country, then finish that thing.”
  1. “The stomach makes a person everything.”
  1. “Running had become my God, my religion and my beloved.”
  1. “It was the quest for survival that took me to the world of sports.”
  1. “I didn’t know what off-season meant. I could sprint barefoot, anywhere, anytime and on any surface.”
  1. “My life has been kept afloat by my intense determination to triumph in my chosen vocation.”
  1. “Whenever I ran, India and Pakistan both ran with me.”

Although he was deceased in 2021, these quotes by Milkha Singh are immortal and will keep inspiring many generations in the future. These quotes are the testimony of grit, determination, and hard work. We hope you enjoyed reading these quotes. Visit businessapac.com to stay tuned for the more informative content!

Utkarsh Deshpande

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