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Rahul Chauhan

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In today’s competitive world, entrepreneurs have to go through numerous trials and tribulations in order to establish a new business. Some of these difficulties are skilled team acquisition, reaching out to the right target customers, etc. Similarly, Rahul Chauhan (CEO and Founder) and Divya Chauhan (Director) had confronted some of the most intriguing challenges while establishing Kcloud Technologies. These challenges were bringing in cloud computing which was fairly new at the time and the process of explaining clients about the company’s workflow and getting them onboard. However, the duo with their expert team did not give up and continue pushing the envelope.

Importance of Role Models

It is important to have a role model in your life, but what is more important is to have a good role model, as they can influence what we do and how we turn out eventually.  Rahul believes that role models play a significant part in an entrepreneur’s life but only in the aspiring part. He says, “When it comes to the execution of those aspirations, it’s normally the support system of the entrepreneur that makes their entrepreneurial journey worth living.” For him, this support system is his family, which includes both his parents.

Rahul proudly asserts, “One taught me to build dreams to take on the world by surprise and the other taught me to go all in to convert your dreams into reality.

Embracing Three Qualities

Every entrepreneur possesses different qualities, which separates them from others. These qualities play a crucial role in their journey. As a successful business tycoon, Rahul believes that perseverance, integrity, and excellent networking initiatives have been the driving forces in his entrepreneurial journey. Without these three qualities, he won’t able to reach where he is today and make Kcloud Technologies as huge as it is today.

In Pursuit of Cloud and Other Emerging Technology Solutions

With its development center in (Noida) India, Kcloud is a US-based IT organization with the sole motive of becoming one of the most trusted technology based entities in the field of extending exponential growth to companies through its supreme technical and innovative expertise. It mainly focuses on providing consultancy and facilitating the businesses in their pursuit of cloud and other emerging technology solutions.

The leading customer-centric company provides a complete end-to-end implementation that includes planning, designing, innovating, development, roll-out, and ongoing maintenance. Kcloud Technologies ideally provides process and technology consultancy to the corporate businesses powered with strong expertise in integration and customization of cloud-based applications such as Salesforce.com, Force.com, and Amazon Web Services. Due to its forward-thinking technology solutions, it has become a Cloud Alliance Partner of Salesforce.com and Partner of Mcafee Intel Security.

Benefits of the Wide Range of Services

As a cloud services consulting company with high technology-based, Kcloud specializes in offering innovative technology solutions like Salesforce architecture. It also provides cloud services like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Pardot cloud, Custom Portal, Lightning Component, Quote-to-Cash, Salesforce CPQ, and many more. More importantly, the company offers valuable benefits that give clients a competitive edge over others. These benefits include rich technology competencies with domain expertise, strong Salesforce skills, extremely professional implementation, on-time communication, effortless support, and timely project scoping and delivery. In addition to this, low-cost advantage, free demo of the app and software installation, complimentary consultancy, and a smart and spectacular team to rely on are provided by Kcloud Technologies.

The Team behind Kcloud’s Success

The team of Kcloud Technologies consists of the certified expert consultant who could help clients in exploring the full potential of Salesforce for the advancement of their business. These certified expert consultants have hands-on experience and command over various business domains. They are a collective force that works towards achieving the goals that the core team has set for the venture.

Rahul ensures that every employee feels that they are an important part of the company and their opinions and ideas are heard by management. Moreover, every employee from the sales team to the technology team has been a very important factor in accomplishing success. To appreciate their dedication and efforts, Rahul offers a great mix of monetary and non-monetary perquisites works to Kcloud employees.

Redefining Smart work

Rahul clearly understands that there is a difference between hard work and smart work but it is just a thin line of difference. He has observed that people have interpreted smart work as taking shortcuts. However, it is about taking courses of action to execute tasks within a short span of time and allow them to focus on KRAs. Commenting on this, Rahul shares, “The biggest example is the wide array of accounting software that the modern business is blessed with today. Why make our employees scratch their brains tallying the expenses when the software can do it effortlessly. They can then channel their energies into something more productive and that right there is called smart work.”

The Success Mantra

My mantra for a successful business is very simple! Be true in what you are providing and then go on to provide the best to your customers. Any business without loyal customers is not really a successful shot,” says Rahul. In this way, customers will be served right and exactly what they need and business will thrive right with the economy.

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