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Top Reasons to Use Personalised Golf Balls for Your Business Promotions

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Golf is no longer a game for the wealthy. The cost of playing the game and getting a golf membership is now an affordable option for many.

Titleist golf equipment is a popular choice among golf players in the US. Giving away personalised Titleist golf balls is the best way to attract a targeted audience for your business promotions or corporate events.

Different Types of Golf Balls

According to reports, the global golf ball marketwill reach $1.38 billion by 2025. It is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 2.7 per cent over the forecast period. Amid this growth, choosing a custom golf ball can be daunting due to the availability of various types and materials.

The options available are:

  • One-Piece: These are made up of a single resin. They are heavier and durable and give a very low spin.
  • Two-Piece Balls: These are made of a sturdy rubber centre and a soft urethane covering.
  • Three or Four-Piece Performance Levels: These balls can travel a greater distance and are ideal for professional golfers. Other variants of these products are distance balls, spin balls, and control balls.

Benefits to Gift Personalised Golf Balls for Business Promotions

Promotional gifts like personalised Titleist golf balls increase brand awareness and help attract potential clients. Following are some benefits of buying these custom products for business marketing.

Make a Long-lasting Impression

Custom golf equipment imprinted with your company logo, name, and signature, along with your customer details, can help create an effective and positive brand image in your customers’ minds.

Every time the client plays with the ball, it will remind them of your brand. It helps form a long, trustworthy impression.

Gives a Sense of Pride and Ownership

Whether you are a beginner, a handicap player, an average player, or a professional golfer, owning a personalised golf ball gives you a sense of pride. Your employees and clients can flaunt this gift in golfing events and games.

Give As Golf Day Prizes

Giving away personalised Titleist golf ballsas prizes for corporate golf day events can create a great brand image in the market. These awards will never be put off inside cupboards and forgotten.

People will keep it as a souvenir and treasure it for a lifetime. It helps in creating a loyal employee and client base for your organisation.

Attract Potential Clients

Potential customers might notice your employees and customers using a superior brand of custom golf accessories with your company name and logo at golfing events. It will lure more people towards your brand and its products.

It will motivate people to approach your company and generate sales. Buying custom golf balls of premium quality will give you maximum returns on investment.

Final Words

People often underestimate the power of promotional products as a marketing tool. These products play a significant role in advertising your company to a more extensive set of audiences.

It is advisable to check a reputed custom product manufacturer to buy the personalised Titleist golf ballsfor positive brand recognition among customers.

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