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Revolution Precrafted

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In the real estate industry, the concept of prefabrication is gaining popularity and credibility. The entry of prefabricated homes has paved the way for innovative and technologically advanced construction and design methods. Such technology can be used for the building of all kinds like high elevations, low elevations, villas, and mass townships. With a network of cutting-edge technologies and cost-efficient production systems, Revolution Precrafted is striving to achieve a harmony of art, design, and functionality, by providing custom-designed prefab homes in an exclusive collaboration with the world’s leading celebrities, designers, and artists.

Robbie Antonio, the Founder, and CEO of Revolution Precrafted has worked with more than 100 notable brands in various fields including fashion, Hollywood, luxury, design, and art. He is also the Founder of Resident Holdings which is the result of his desire to expand his businesses beyond real estate. He wanted to establish his presence in the fields of e-commerce, fashion, digital media, and retail business, and so decided to create an umbrella company that will have subsidiaries involved in those spheres and more.

Inspirations behind Revolution Precrafted

Being a visionary leader, Robbie is the reason behind the successful establishment of Revolution Precrafted in the global marketplace. For him,  the idea to establish the company came after observing a lot of the current tech giants like Airbnb and Grab.

“We wanted to establish an asset-light company that can expand to various geographic locations without much investments and funding,” Antonio explains.

He believes that there is great potential in the prefab industry. There are existing players in this particular niche but no one is doing units designed by celebrities, designers and artists. So, he decided to explore this segment and formed Revolution Precrafted. Today, the company is working with over 80 world’s preeminent architects, artists, and designers to create an exclusive series of prefabricated and livable spaces.

Crafting Prefab Homes with Superior Designs

Established in 2015, Revolution Precrafted initially wanted to supply prefabricated homes, pavilions and related verticals. But it has expanded to also traditional structures and is now present in Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. The company goal was to simplify the process of owning a dream home, by their dream designer. The company breaks down the monotony by delivering high design structures crafted by the world’s leading designers and architects. It sells highly customizable prefabricated properties such as modular homes, condominiums, pavilions, pop-up retail stores, and fitness centers. Clients must offer all the information necessary for constructing buildings along with any revision/addition to the design to adapt it. It also allows anyone to handpick a design from a selection of carefully crafted homes, and own them with much ease.

The prefabricated homes from Revolution Precrafted are incredibly customizable, durable, sustainable, fast, and they are also well-designed by top architects. Clients have the option to personalize their floors, walls, and counters, as well as have comprehensive design and planning services, which are offered by the company’s in-house design teams. They can also select and handpick their set options to build their new home, thereby making their custom home less of a hassle. The house is made of the finest materials that make it impossible to tell that these are manufactured in a factory.

Establishing Global Brand Name By Conquering Challenges

Today, Revolution Precrafted is a dynamic real estate company.  It is one of the fastest companies to be labeled as a unicorn in Southeast Asia. But in the very beginning, the CEO along with his skilled team faced numerous challenges. They took deliberate efforts to reach famous and influential architects and designers. They also hoped to convince some starchitects about the importance of design in their business which focuses on building powerful and attractive prefab homes powered by various attractive designs. In the end, starchitects supported them in their goal of democratizing design, and the rest of the community took notice.

Additionally, people have a lot of misconceptions and wrong ideas about prefab structures. They think that anything prefabricated is inadequate, unreliable, and can’t be beautiful & spectacular. Robbie wanted to challenge this notion and wanted to prove this wrong. He did this by forming strong partnerships with great artists and designers, thereby crafting a new line of prefab structures that everyone will be proud of. Now, Revolution Precrafted has become a global brand name for prefab homes.

Resident Holdings Moving Forward To Become Celebrity Branding Company

Revolution Precrafted serves as the successful flagship company of Antonio’s recently established umbrella company Resident Holdings, a diversified company with nearly 20 business units under its helm. Its operations span across industries, including proptech, leisure and hospitality, interior design, digital media, fashion, and e-commerce.

Robbie wants to establish Resident Holdings as one of the biggest celebrity branding companies in the world. By partnering with influential celebrities for e-commerce businesses, the skilled team is achieving the company’s vision to have most of its businesses curated by celebrities. The versatile leader shares, “For the remaining companies such as the e-services units, we hope that we can still do that as well. At the very least, we want to have celebrities endorse these companies.

Launching New Brands as an Add-on to Revolution Precrafted

The CEO Robbie has nurtured three new companies, apart from Revolution Precrafted that are related but separate from it. For example, the related company Renegade Branding Concepts is a marketplace for celebrity curated franchising and licensing concepts. The CEO along with his skilled team partnered with several international and local celebrities for this including world boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, German model Liliana Nova, supermodel Helena Christensen and designer Camilla Staerk, among others. They expect to sign at least 10 new celebrities by the end of this year.

Aside from this, Renaissance Touch is an interior design marketplace founded to become a one-stop-shop marketplace for customers for whatever item they may require. They can look for beds and furniture, and they can also search for painting and plumbing services. For further client’s convenience, the expert team has partnered with popular designers and celebrities who create specific design themes so that customers can opt to imitate their own rooms, for a fee of course.

Lastly, they have a social media influencer platform called Relevant Medium which aims to harness the power of influencer marketing to sell products and services from around the world. The main aim of this is to enroll influencers who will make shout outs, tutorials, testimonials, review videos, social media posts, and other content to promote a specific product. These influencers receive a certain percentage from the sales of the items they endorse and/or promote.

Growth and Expansion Plan

In the upcoming years, Revolution Precrafted is aiming to expand its presence in Southeast Asia, the rest of Asia Pacific, Europe and North and South America. The company wants to bring its business concepts to the global stage for Resident Holdings. The CEO shares his plans for further development, “The first step for us is to partner with celebrities study their captive markets, and identify the areas where we can cooperate. Then, we target the markets where we can launch first.

Expanding Footprint into New Ventures

Along with the development of Revolution Precrafted, the seasoned leader has also established new companies in diverse areas. Presently, the inventive interior designing company has officially launched Rebel Specs for eyewear, Regal Jewelry Collection for jewelry business, Roaring Pets Company for pet accessories company, Radiant Beauty Selection for cosmetics, perfumes and other beauty enhancement, Radical Couture for streetwear shop and clothing brand. It has also introduced Replenish Corporation for nutrition and vitamin e-supplements, Resurgent Corporation for direct marketing, and digital units Relevant Medium and ReLove Collections. In the last February, the company has established Renegade Corporation, its franchising unit and has since sold nearly 1000 licenses and kiosks. According to the CEO, the e-service companies will be launched last because he wants to get its e-commerce businesses up and running already and have expertise in e-transactions to give them credibility by the time e-service companies’ launch.

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