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SK IE Technology to Revolutionize Foldable Phones with FCW Screen-Tech

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Surface durability and deformation resistance against repeated bending

SK IE Technology is going to start the commercial operations of the Flexible Cover Window (FCW) plant. In a form similar to a smartphone screen-protection film, FCW is a material that enhances durability by hard coating the colorless polyimide (CPI). 

As the brand of SK IE Technology, FCW is attached to display surfaces that can be folded, rolled up, and bent, such as foldable phones, rollable TVs, and curved monitors. FCW protects the panels from being easily damaged when exposed to external shocks, whether it be from excessive touching or unexpected drops. It is an especially essential material for making foldable phones, of which the screens are frequently touched, folded, and unfolded.

Established at the end of 2019 in Jeungpyeong, North Chungcheong Province, SK IE Technology is the only Korean company that can carry out the entire process of manufacturing FCW with its own capabilities. In particular, it accounts for the raw material synthesis to produce FCW and the manufacturing of curved CPI film attached to display screens.

To revolutionize foldable phones

SK IE Technology has recently been selected as an FCW supplier to a global smartphone manufacturer. As a revolution to foldable phones, FCW provides;

  • a special hard coating that improves shock resistance.
  • a functional coating that prevents fine scratches or fingerprints.
  • low light reflection.
  • the surface undamaged even when it comes in contact with certain chemicals.

Based on these technological advancements, SK IE Technology received high marks in the following categories: scratch-resistant surface durability, bending reliability that does not cause deformation even after excessive folding and unfolding, and the capability of with uniform quality.

Notably, the company possesses the unique core technology that prevents foreign substances from being formed in the synthesis of basic raw materials.

CEO of SK IE Technology Rho Jae-sok said, “Being able to supply FCW, a material exclusive used in flexible displays, is a result of the Deep Change that affiliates of SK Innovation have pursued, and a testament to SK IE Technology’s FCW manufacturing technology and mass production capability.”

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