Sambhav Group: Building Possibilities In The Real Estate Sector With Sustainable Projects

Sambhav Group

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Which situations are causing the Indian real estate sector to lag behind?

The real estate sector in India is facing some key problems such as lack of trust among customers and real estate developers. Similarly, the uncertainties in the government policies and slower delivery of the final product are some critical additions, leading the sector towards stagnation. To top it off, the fluctuation in the stock market due to aforesaid issues is further increasing the burden on the real estate sector in India. This condition is, therefore, triggering the need for trusted and efficient players in the Indian real estate market who can revitalize the sector.

But Sambhav Group is hopeful for the future and look forward to when the market will have the same zeal from the investors and buyers alike. Till then Sambhav aims at building homes that add value to the society and people’s lives

How is Sambhav Group trying to balance the Indian real estate sector?

Considering the customers’ living, working, and stress relieving needs with comprehensive research, Sambhav Group converts them into wider attributes that can be made into a reality. These attributes are later used by the project engineers to plan their execution for the new development. Similarly, its team of dedicated architects and designers primarily focus on variant and procreative design techniques for the development of each project. They operate within the fields of architecture, design, urbanism, research, and development to carefully curate a project and build it.

Founded in 1988, Sambhav Group was established with an idea of “rebuilding history” while upgrading people’s lifestyles. Rebuilding history has a deep meaning and refers to Sambhav’s mission to enhance the lifestyles of the inhabitants by redeveloping their houses and restructuring them into high-quality homes. Thus, homes with finer quality and superior designs are the symbols of projects delivered by Sambhav Group. The company stresses building sustainable constructions that mimic the exterior fabric of the location and considers nature conservation too. “We like to take responsibility for each of our projects and with that we hope that we are responsible towards the people we serve and the environment that serves us”, states Mr. Vinay Sanghvi, Managing Director of Sambhav Group.   

Hence, taking full responsibility for the projects and customers, Vinay and his team aim to deliver a seamless home buying experience to their customers right from finance, investment, development, and the end construction. While doing so, the company combines the legacy of the old structure with modern luxury living and provides its customers with homes that are superior in quality and design and maintains buyers’ touch with their past houses. With competitive locations, sustainable practices, and deep commitment towards building personalized homes, Sambhav Group transforms the way people experience buying their dream homes. To date, the company has constructed over 3.4 million sq. feet of projects in the space of residential, commercial, retail development, and redevelopment and hopes to cover more area and keep building possibilities for all.

How differently does the company assist its clients?

Vinay and his team at Sambhav Group strive to inspire and encourage people to uplift their aspirations. They take motivation from the old architecture that once stood and upgrade the next endeavor accordingly. The company believes in transparency and therefore, highlights all of its features on various communication channels and facilitates potential and existing buyers to make different choices. From the initial start of design, Sambhav Group assumes the customers as its prime motivators and gives utmost importance to clients’ comfort. These key aspects are the major drivers of the company’s reputation amongst its clients. To further help customers in selecting the correct and beneficial properties according to their preferences, the sales team at Sambhav Group takes the best efforts to offer a smooth experience for buyers. They provide assistance in terms of documentation to finance handling during the buying process and take care of clients’ requirements post-purchase as well.

What is the prime motive behind the growth of Sambhav Group?

Mr.Vinay comes with a real estate gene inherited from his father, Mr. Prakash Sanghvi. And what piqued his interest further was an old movie theatre and his decision to rebuild it. Initially, he faced many roadblocks due to slower execution and tedious acquisition processes. But in spite of all that, Vinay was able to complete his first redevelopment project. Vinay always had a special place for old heritage buildings and knows how essential it is to upgrade them at the same time. That time, the south side of Mumbai was full of old-age buildings with numerous people still living there. Vinay further explains, “I knew what I wanted to do then. I wanted to give people better homes, a better lifestyle yet retain the heritage of the place they have lived in for so long. We aim at retaining anything we can from old structures and reuse them in our new projects. Therefore, he started redeveloping old buildings while leveraging people’s aspirations and giving them luxury and comfort.

Being a nature lover, Vinay believes in conservation of nature and beautifying the surroundings by inculcating the habit of planting more trees and landscaping in himself and the people around him. He sowed the seed of green architecture and environmental sustainability in all of Sambhav Group’s projects. Therefore, with his approach of conserving natural creations, Vinay and the team strive to instill a sense of responsibility in their labors, architects, designers, and employees to save the environment and make it better for future generations. He feels that building homes where people are comfortable and love to live are one of the biggest achievements that encourage him to offer high-quality projects.

Finally, from his prior extensive experience, Vinay shares his thoughts about real estate. He says, “People think that real estate is only about making a building and selling, but it’s not. It requires a lot of minds to make a structure come to reality and a lot of hands that make the structure come to life.” Thus, the real estate sector needs continuous creative work involved from initial inception to the final execution of the building. So get creative. Cut the monotony and create moments for the people out there buying homes,” says Vinay.

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