Sangeeta Ganesh: A Humble Entrepreneur, Progressing Gestalt Technologies with Extensive Field Experience

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Motivation pushes us to achieve our goals, feel more fulfilled, and improve the overall quality of life. Importantly, self-motivation is the best form of motivation that every entrepreneur should follow to make every single step count for their business. Sangeeta Ganesh, the Chief Operating Officer of Gestalt Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is such a self-motivated entrepreneur who is proudly leading the company with her vast years of experience.

Sangeeta began her professional journey after her graduation in Economics with Honors from the University of Calcutta. In 1996, she joined Visual Web Solutions (currently ACI worldwide) as a Technical Writer. Further, Sangeeta switched to Product Management in the same company and worked there for 9 years. After leaving the company, she moved back to Technical Writing. With continuous learning while gaining experience, Sangeeta further worked in various domains mentoring and building teams and contributing her expertise throughout her journey. Prior to Gestalt Technologies, Sangeeta worked in Dell for almost 7 years.

Today, Sangeeta has over 22 years of experience in the areas of Product and Process Documentation, Product Testing, and Implementation. She has been a Practitioner of Agile Software Development Methodology for over seven years. With a vast knowledge of ISO13485 and HIPAA Process Documentation, Sangeeta has also worked on HL7 and DICOM compliant Healthcare products in the area of Medical data archival and retrieval. Likewise, the COO has extensive expertise in training and developing talent in the areas of product testing, documentation, and skill development.

“Women leaders are empowering the economic growth of the APAC regions,” Sangeeta

According to well-versed Sangeeta, in the APAC region, the market-focused economic reforms created a robust economic growth that favors entrepreneurship. In the case of women leaders, they have been playing a crucial role in the political and socio-economic scenario. Their leadership style and excellent intellectual decision-making abilities are driving sustainable development and thereby leading a considerable economic growth in the region. Sangeeta’s keen observations tell us that the number of talented people in the workforce is increasing year by year which creates an immense need for job opportunities to utilize the best out of them. Mainly, the small and medium scale businesses are fulfilling this essential need for generating employment in the APAC region.

Utilizing the Best Talent at Gestalt Technologies

At Gestalt Technologies, Sangeeta and the team utilize the best of the talents to offer complete end-to-end healthcare technology solutions to small, medium, and large hospitals. Specialized in Hospital Information Systems, the company is one of the top 20 Healthcare Technology Providers in the nation. The company is on the mission to provide end-to-end cost-effective solutions to its customers which enables them to enhance their services in providing quality healthcare to their communities. The company also recommends the best practices and procedures to the clients that reduce their overheads and increase their revenue. In addition, Gestalt develops customized solutions and mobile apps for healthcare and non-healthcare segments. Its domain expertizes in the Healthcare Informatics facilitated the company to implement its solutions in some of the most reputed hospitals across Indian states like Karnataka, West Bengal, and Bihar and abroad countries like Kenya and Egypt.

Implementing Innovative Healthcare Projects with a Dedicated Team

While working at Gestalt Technologies, Sangeeta and her team designed, developed, and implemented a product for a group of clinics in Egypt. They have worked right from pitching for the project, winning the deal for Gestalt, developing the product, to successfully implementing it on the set deadline. Sangeeta shares, “It was a great learning experience for me and my team. It is special because we developed a product from scratch and made it go live in a record 4 months.”

At present, Sangeeta and the team are migrating their flagship products to scale up to the latest technology and meet the growing demands of an ever-growing healthcare market. Enhancing and continuously improving their product line with the latest technology has been the mantra of Gestalt Technologies. As the world focusses more on the Cloud platform and providing more scalable and robust product lines to the end-users, Gestalt is also scaling up its products to make the Healthcare Providers more Patient-centric. The team is aiming to release the first version of the enhanced and upgraded product by the end of this year with a lot more Patient-centric and Management friendly features.

When asked about how she motivates herself to move ahead of challenges, Sangeeta shares, “I am a self-motivated person and my inspiration comes from the infinite possibilities that open up in front of me every single day.” Similarly, with her self-empowered attitude, Sangeeta also strives to learn from her seniors and peers. In addition, her powerful interaction with clients gives her creativity an extra edge in offering the best quality solutions. Continuous involvement with the clients and bringing about improvements in their processes not only gives them maximum returns on their investments but also makes her Company stand apart as a leader in Healthcare IT. She gets immense satisfaction when her team designs and delivers something that exactly meets their customers’ needs.

“Leadership is within you and…,” shares Sangeeta

Finally, Sangeeta explains her opinion about being a responsible leader, she says, “Leadership can never be taught to you. It is a quality within you, wherein certain circumstances demand you to make decisions that will affect not only your life but the lives of people depending on you or looking up to you.” Further, she connects leadership with the ability of decision making. According to her, taking the right decisions at the right time is one of the hardest things which can be learned only from the experience. She is a live example of this statement. With her prior extensive experience, Sangeeta not only conquered the difficult challenges but also encouraged her team members to learn from their experience and mistakes which is helping them to contribute their expertise with dedication.

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