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With a global presence in offering highly effective SEO strategies, India-based SAVIT Interactive is catering to the SEO needs of its clients. The company covers various domains including education, healthcare, real estate, and hospitality. It serves clients from institutes, colleges, hospitals, doctors, real estate developers, B2B manufacturers, hotels, resorts, etc. Mainly, the company has a humongous clientele base (nearly 60%) in India. Similarly, in the APAC region, SAVIT has customers in Malaysia and Singapore.

For entrepreneurs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of building a successful startup. Despite this, many founders ignore this low-cost, high-reward business strategy because they see search engine optimization as a mystery that only those with deep knowledge can solve. The fact is that SEO is an essential part of any marketing strategy. An SEO strategy is a powerful tool for any startup as it promotes its digital presence and helps yield conversions and revenue. Today, a growing number of internet users rely on search to find answers to their problems. Even if a business focus on local customers, they need to follow an effective SEO practice to help clients find their services, reviews, location, etc.

SAVIT Interactive Mission SEO, Fulfilling Clients’ Digital Marketing Needs

Established in 2004, SAVIT Interactive was founded with a core motive of assisting SMEs and corporates to fulfill their digital marketing needs and establishing their digital presence globally. The most effective part of utilizing SAVIT services is its white hat SEO techniques. The company ensures the top ranking of its clients’ websites on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc. Therefore, clients enjoy higher ranking without going through black hat SEO techniques or any spamming methods.

In addition to advanced SEO services, SAVIT Interactive also provides comprehensive digital marketing offerings which include:

Website design, development, and maintenance
Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Pay Per Click and Ads for all social media platforms
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Marketing

E-commerce websites with payment portal
All domain and hosting related services from registration to hosting and outsourcing
All graphic design services from building logos to business stationery

SAVIT Interactive offers the aforementioned services to more than 1700 SME clients and works with them day & night to generate constant positive outcomes. Since its establishment, the leading digital marketing company has delivered various projects to clients from different industries which consequently helped SAVIT to uplift the trust among customers.

Bhavin Thakkar, the Expert Warden Expanding SAVIT Reach Globally

With the passion to help businesses leveraging the potential of the digital marketing platform—Bhavin Thakkar, the Founder, and CEO of SAVIT Interactive is expanding the reach of the company globally. His keen digital interest and will to empower businesses to grow exponentially was the main motive to establish SAVIT Interactive. While sharing his experience at SAVIT, Bhavin asserts, “What I love about my job is delivering quality results. It gives us the utmost satisfaction to see our clients’ websites dominating Google’s pages. This tells me that I am doing my job right and there is no better feeling than this for me.” Further, Bhavin explains the drawback in present ways of doing business. According to him, businesses don’t fail due to their services as most of them strive to offer quality services to build trust among customers. However, they are not aware of the right way to market their products and services digitally. This is the point where SAVIT acts as the bridge for such companies to reach their sales goals and make their home-grown products available for the world digitally.

As every good thing takes some time to flourish, SEO also needs the same to start showing positive results. In the view of Bhavin, the impatience of clients to wait until the final results is one of the major barriers. Clients lose patience in the first few months without understanding this situation. It gets even more painful when they discontinue the services because this adversely affects their digital journey. Commenting on this scenario, Bhavin shares, “We take pride in taking a local business to the world, but this can only happen if business owners are a little patient and allow us the time to lay the right infrastructure for them.”

The SAVIT Culture, Promoting the Company towards Success

Moving ahead, Bhavin emphasis the company culture where he believes that it plays an important and critical role in a company’s success and continued growth. SAVIT Interactive has achieved the present success due to its long years of culture, ethics, and manner of functioning. Bhavin asserts, “We are proud to say that even after being around for 15 years, we do not have a single client badmouthing us or our services.” It’s the result of transparency and values which have helped the company to serve clients with exceptionally cost-effective services. Bhavin and the team have built values and expectations which every employee can adopt right from their onboarding. Therefore, this seriousness to follow the valued approach and ethics has led the company out of a small room to a lavish office in a prime Mumbai suburb location.

In the coming years, SAVIT Interactive has set three prime priorities according to its future vision. First and foremost is the establishment of SAVIT’s franchises. The company has started to offer franchise opportunities to potential entrepreneurs across India and eventually the globe, which will include the provision of all of its offerings to their clientele. It will be a boost to SAVIT service to reach every corner of the nation and world. Secondly, SAVIT is all set to hire new talent to expand its team size. The company aims to become a team of 100 employees by the end of this FY. Additionally, it is also working on adding a social media team to its existing teams. SAVIT’s third most important priority includes the addition of 10 new resellers to its reseller team which will help it to generate business and expand on a wider scale.

“Search is the one thing that is changing and is constant”, says Bhavin

Finally, with more than 15 years of digital experience, Bhavin shares his thoughts about digital marketing, he asserts, “I can tell you that the trend of ‘search’ has definitely proven to be the longest ongoing trend in the digital world. Yes, it is true that since the time ‘search’ began, it has been evolving constantly and consistently. In fact, this is one thing that is changing and is constant.”

Bhavin gives a real-life example of this changing scenario. It was the time when SAVIT was just getting started—the time of rapidly changing Google algorithms. It was a big challenge for the SEO and digital teams of SAVIT and they were really agitated due to the rapid SEO algorithm change. That change was so fast that until the team starts becoming expert with the previous algorithms, Google would change them again which forced the team to start over the game again. That was the beginning of the SAVIT team to learn rapidly and adapt to the changing algorithms. Today, after investing years in optimizing content for clients, SAVIT’s SEO team is fully prepared to face the drastic changes made by search engines.

Bhavin asserts, “Despite its ever-changing nature, ‘search’ is still the longest-running trend, one that is not going anywhere, anytime soon.” This is true because earlier the search was text-based and today it is voice-based and soon it will expand its arena of operation to offer more personalized results. While the devices and media used are changing, the search trend of finding online information has been very consistent and it is going to continue for a long time.

“I wish, I could have started with a larger workforce and..,” Bhavin

When asked Bhavin if he had the opportunity to start over the business again, he said, “I’d start with a much bigger team and additional resources. This is, however, something we’re already on the verge of doing.” Therefore, if Bhavin would have started the company with a bigger workforce then the time span to achieve the rapid growth would be much lesser. However, Bhavin and the team of SAVIT have successfully overcome the challenge of inadequate workforce with their continual efforts and extra work. His beliefs and approach to aim for the goal have greatly helped to achieve rapid growth. Today, Bhavin is extremely content about how they began and grew to offer satisfactory and efficient services which enabled SAVIT to receive numerous awards and recognition. Clients from the smallest startups to largest corporates appreciate SAVIT for its customer-focused services.

Finally, Bhavin points to a quote that keeps him and his company going ahead. It’s a quote from Jas Bagniewski (Co-Founder of Eve Sleep)—“Don’t get distracted. Never tell yourself that you need to be the biggest brand in the whole world. Start by working on what you need at the present moment and then what you need to do tomorrow.” Therefore, Bhavin has been following this thought for the last 15 years while finding out his needs and the requirements of his clients.

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