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Over the past few decades, technology has become an integral part of the workplace. Today, cyber-security is no longer a choice but a necessity. From sharing emails to conducting financial transactions, or even professional networking, all rely on technology to stay connected at all times and work efficiently. Thus, if the technology is threatened or even compromised, it can have a disastrous effect on the business workflow like industrial espionage and ransomware. Considered as the soul, organizations cannot compromise on issues like data infiltration and information theft. The urgency of dealing with these issues is therefore high and demands a one-stop solution that can be ten steps ahead of the hackers.

With an extremely skilled and visionary team, Secugenius, an IT risk assessment, and digital security service provider, is focused on fighting cybercrime, protecting the data, and reducing security risks. Secugenius exactly knows how to keep the wrong people at bay from reaching the sensitive places in the computing infrastructure. It was the first, solely dedicated, vendor-neutral, an ethical hacking company in India and since then, has developed a unique operating style.

The One-Stop Security Solutions Platform

Secugenius offers a comprehensive range of services that mainly categorize into Consultation, Engagement, and Remediation. These specific services are crafted according to the particular sector of the industry. The services are distributed precisely among the three main sectors, firstly in the corporate sector; it provides vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, incident response, annual security scan contract, and training. Secondly, in the education sector or academia, it offers safe surfing campaigns to create awareness, workshops, and training. Finally, in the Government Departments, it provides IT risk assessment and cyber cop training. Among the wide range of solutions, the one-stop security solutions of the company are as follows.

SIEM implementation deals with real-time monitoring which offers great insights on the daily logs being collected and provides a unified way to create reports which are not only helpful for compliance but also to gain better control of IT security.

SOC (Security Operations Center) offers a range of consulting and custom-developed measures to reduce the continual threat of viruses or external intruders.

Digital forensics is the process of extracting information and data from computer storage media and guaranteeing its accuracy and reliability.

Expert Duo with Remarkable Entrepreneurial Skills

Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha and Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha are the two skilled co-founders of Secugenius. Dr. Kshitij is a multitalented individual who is not just an entrepreneur but also an investor, international speaker, author, and an expert in cybersecurity.

Dr. Vaibhav is an expert in finance and business strategists with proven entrepreneurial skills. Along with being a successful entrepreneur, he has expertise in business management, equity research, portfolio management, capital markets, and financial planning. The proficient co-founder has a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry.

Initially in 2010, when the internet was starting to invade the systems, nobody was quite aware of the cyber-crimes and the risks it held within. Both Dr. Kshitij and Dr. Vaibhav were quick to notice that the internet was advancing at the speed of light. With the rapid use of the internet, the vulnerability to cyber-crimes and criminals also increased. The Co-founders of Secugenius wanted to prevent such incidents from happening and jeopardizing other people’s work. Their mission to safeguard the enterprises gave rise to Secugenius’s innovative platform, which is today the leading security provider.

Team of Visionaries Armed for the Future Threats

In an ever-changing world, different needs and requirements can arise at any given point in time. At Secugenius, the team of visionaries caters to its platform. It is very true that chance favors the prepared minds so even before the crisis arises, they ready themselves for the future crisis and prepare accordingly. The India based company has a team of security experts, ethical hackers, and researchers who protect their clients’ brands and businesses from different cyber-attacks. The team always has an upper hand at digging deep into the latest trends to their core and finding the market demands, risk exposures, and problems faced in any given sector.

The team at Secugenius relies on its modern approach by leveraging technology and abandoning the traditional methods and approaches. They have effectively molded themselves in order to provide the best services and solutions, leaving the competitors’ way behind.

Creative Thinking Inspires Ideas & Ideas Inspire Change

Vaibhav believes that creative thinking is what sets people apart from the general crowd by giving voice to your thoughts. He further adds, “Creative thinking is what can take one to great heights, I am a living example. My creative thinking enabled me to recognize the need for a cyber-management platform when no one else did.”

Therefore, as the guiding lights of the company, Vaibhav and Kshitij motivate all their team members to think creatively and are always open to new ideas, be it from an expert or a trainee. If someone has a brilliant idea, the team works on it and tries to implement it in the organizational workflow.

Simple yet Significant Roadmap

In the coming years, Secugenius’ main goal is to develop a one-stop solution for all enterprises in need of cyber management. For this, it is continuously working on building modules and services that would help achieve all the cyber needs of people by leveraging the latest tech trends. It also aims to create awareness about cyber management to let the users know how proper cyber management can affect the growth of different enterprises vertically and prove beneficial for them.

Using Industry Expertise to Build Advanced Security Enterprises

Secugenius’ mission is to use its extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in the information security sector to help build advance security enterprises. It aspires to become the world’s most trustworthy and effective security organization by understanding the different needs of its clients and provide them with a single integrated, safe and secure IT platform. Secugenius’ clients are its prime focus, and therefore, aspire to have a proactively efficient approach that offers simple yet far-reaching result-oriented security solutions.

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