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According to Shachindra Rajavaram, Director and CEO of CampusWhiz, the current educational scenario is perfect as there are lots of progressive stakeholders in the industry, who are embracing all the required tools to improve the quality of overall education. Moreover, the efforts taken by central and state governments at their respective levels are commendable.

To help education further evolve, Shachindra and his team have introduced CampusWhiz, a new age Campus Management Software product for automating the entire spectrum of functions of an educational institute. It is a SaaS-based intelligent system that works as a web technology product that is supported by a mobile version running on IoS and Android. With the integration of the critical functions of the institute, it harnesses the power of latest innovations in technology and ensures better control over the health of an institute. Secondly, it provides access to all common platforms to collaborate seamlessly in a real-time environment to all its important stakeholders in the ecosystem. Thirdly, with the help of software, management will have a bird’s eye view of the performance of the institute across academics, staff, and financial health.

CampusWhiz Harnessing Power of Technology

CampusWhiz is an AI-based system that harnesses the power of technology to empower the stakeholders in the ecosystem with enough data and information to make the right decisions. It allows educational institutes to organize, manage and achieve all the core internal functions such as accounting at one place, dashboard driven analytics, biometric attendance for staff attendance, real-time tracking of Transport fleet for the quick action and seamless integration with Tally. For external communication, CampusWhiz consolidates, refine and broadcast by providing wide broadcasting of events, GPS tracking for real-time transportation alerts, periodic and timely fee alerts attendance for staff attendance, parent-teacher interaction tracker, and timely intimation of examinations to help parents prepare their ward. Further, it provides highly secure transactions as security is one of the prime concerns and at a competitive price. CampusWhiz ensures highly secure transactions with data privacy where data is used only for intended purposes. Further, it also makes sure that data is secure with high confidentiality. The company provides secure web access from the devices which are used by the clients.

Seasoned Business Executive

Shachindra Rajavaram, Director and CEO of CampusWhiz is a seasoned business executive with around 15 years of experience in building and nurturing high-performance teams and guiding them to create maximum top-line and bottom-line impact for organizations. He holds Bachelor’s in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from NIT, Jalandhar and a PGDM from IIM, Lucknow. He has experience of working in the IT industry covering different geographies and domains whilst he was with TCS, Infosys, and Syntel, exposing him to a vast array of domains and technologies.

After gaining huge experience in the IT industry, he moved to Hyderabad again after a long time and joined a gaming startup Gameshastra, which is a pioneer in the Indian Gaming Industry. There he had his first brush with the education domain when he conceptualized a mode of learning using immersive games. However, he couldn’t pursue it for long and started his entrepreneurial journey with an animation startup that he successfully ran. Because of the huge opportunities present in the Indian education sector, he started his second venture, CampusWhiz. Further, he has shaped and defined the careers of several professionals who worked with him and ensured their career growth and success. Shachindra is also responsible for the overall strategy and direction of CampusWhiz and in guiding it towards its ultimate success.

Providing Most User-Friendly Product

Today, the evolution of technology is happening at a much faster rate due to the easy accessibility of resources. Every now and then there is some new technology or concept introduced in the market (in terms of making life easier for the end-user). Addressing these changes, CampusWhiz has a set of very simple objectives. It believes in taking a step further by trying and incorporating the latest technology in its product at whatever cost it comes with. As at the end of the day, the company’s product should be the most user-friendly with all the available features in the market.

The involvement of technology is having a positive impact on the education sector. Education is one of those fields that directly affect everyone, and it is also one of those fields where one can give back to society. Emphasizing on involvement of technology in education sector, Shachindra states, “My ultimate objective is to ensure that quality education is imparted at an optimal cost to everyone in the society, even though what I am doing currently is not in that direction as I said ultimately that’s what I would be wanting to do.”

Creating an AI Module Within the Product

As a product development company, CampusWhiz is looking at new ways of adding value to its customers based on latest technological concepts. Its products are also integrated with Amazon Alexa and are also working on a new attendance based system which is quite different from the conventional biometric or smart card system.

Working towards future expansion, CampusWhiz is also working on using the power of AI/machine learning in some of the routine business processes of the clients and create an AI module within the product. Further, Shachindra adds, “One change that I would really look forward to is the way the power of IT /Software is harnessed to its full potential and thereby increase efficiencies in the operations and also enable the next level of tech-based learning.”




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