Shrenik Shah: Outlining Business Strategies With Deep Dive Perspective Approach


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With the world witnessing the age of globalization and complex supply chains, the outbreak of pandemic is an unprecedented situation for many global businesses. The coronavirus pandemic has led businesses into uncertainty and disturbed the global markets causing ultimate economic impact. Businesses both big and small are likely to feel the impact and several may not even survive the disruption. This has made the role of the consulting industry more important than ever. Where most of the consulting firms’ aid business leaders with words, SN & Co Group believes in “Work speaks better than words”. SN & Co Group was established in 2008, by the co-founding partners Shrenik Shah, Darshak Shah, and Niki Shah. It was established with a vision to help entrepreneurs expand their business and enhance a new perception combined with the expertise of the team in the field of strategic business development and business structuring.

Due to the sudden impact of a pandemic, the role of the strategy consultants has become more vital. Shrenik has been in the field for more than a decade and has relevant industry experience. Leveraging this experience, he is using his expertise to build business strategies for development and business structuring. Shrenik and his partners hold exceptional skill sets that help the firm to stay as the leading provider of consultancy solutions and deliver quality results with utmost customer satisfaction. He further asserts, “Our firm excels in providing quality structuring to your business, having development techniques backed by experience from various areas.

A Mainstay of Business Strategies

Shrenik is a finance graduate and professionally Chartered Accountant further he is a Certified Fraud Examiner from US and Certified Forensic Accountant from ICAI. His enriched experience in NBFC Sector has led him to be appointed as Independent Director of one of the Delhi based NBFC Company. His theory of practicality and multiple handling of the forensic assignments has made him an eminent speaker at various forums such as ubs at ICSI along with various other forums.  At SN & Co Group, he leads business strategy and solution practice and is the backbone of Risk Advisory & Forensic Services. Due to his nick for deep-dive perspective approach, Shrenik outlines innovative strategies for problems with an emphasis on implementation and monitoring along with the impactful output of achieving either turn around or seamless organized structure.

Shrenik is swift in corporate relation-building by delivering set output within a timeframe to have a quality competitive edge. He is highly influenced by social cause and initiated the activity of Senior Citizen Food Services to the respective area. Furthermore, Shrenik ensures that the company’s graph remains in the green and achieves YOY growth. Apart from being the leader at SN & Co Group, Shrenik also shares interests for corporate retreat management and implicit knowledge at hosting and organizing corporate events like or corporate quiz competitions with the ideology of “Know what you Don’t and Prove What You Know”. Moreover, these exercises are entertaining and provide knowledge, learning, and impactful company future in order to enhance company cultures and develop the team bonding. In the wake of the crisis, Shrenik also took care of the staff safety and implemented work from home concept largely.

A Skillful and Resilient Team

SN & Co Group is a multi-disciplinary firm of qualified Chartered Accountants offering a wide spectrum of professional services. It is based on a strong foundation of values viz. Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Ownership, Teamwork, and Professionalism. These core values have been embedded firmly since its foundation. Over the 12 years of foundation, there have been zero salary cuts which have been a motivating factor for the team. Shrenik believes that transparency is the key to build a strong team that stays unruffled despite the tough situation. This quality of transparency is the reason behind the resilient team.

Today we have a resilient team with more than 60 team members and without any downsizing /retrenchment in this situation which is a footstep towards building a strong empire,” said Shrenik. With its skilled team, SN & Co Group offers a range of specialized services to its clients enabling them to have a single window for all their financial needs. It is equipped with all the modern infrastructures which provide each member with easy access to clients and vice versa.

Go Beyond Boundaries 

According to Shrenik, the consulting sector is equally impacted by the pandemic. Currently, the biggest challenge faced by the sector is onboarding new clients and retaining clients with agreed fees. However, being optimistic about the same, Shrenik says, “Every problem has an End and the same is with this pandemic which in my opinion will be revived within 6-9 months’ timeframe.”

This pandemic has proved that anticipating the problems ahead of time can help solve many complications. The team of SN & Co Group has anticipated the crisis problem and evolved with the Crisis Management Tool known as PlaniFY. This tool will help to plan different scenarios admeasuring changes in cash flow position taking into consideration the main pillar of business such as people, vendors, and customers, and so on. Apart from this, the crisis has resulted in turning many platforms digital. Thus, SN & Co Group is looking forward to digitizing the services likewise the cloud-base server, CA dashboard- tracking system.  Furthermore, to add value to the services, the team is working on a couple of more tools that are currently in the developing stage. “We are focused on going an extra mile for delivering quality services to our clients,” says Shrenik.

Envisaging the sustainability 

The year 2020 may not have resulted as the anticipated start for many companies, however many are moving forward steering through the challenges. It is the belief of being opportunistic in this pandemic that will result in opening up multiple prospects for the company. In order to sustain and overcome the impact of a pandemic, Shrenik is implementing continuous brainstorming sessions to help the company in reviving and growing at a reasonable pace. Also, they are striving to apply standardized approach while envisaging the sustainability through the extensive in detail study provided by the tool PlaniFY.

Keeping the same zeal, Shrenik is looking forward to the digital transformation of services leveraging modern-age technologies. In addition to this, SN & Co Group is looking forward to expanding its footprint globally.

Message for the Readers

“Work in local for global, and join hands to make India strong with Intramural Technology, Products, Skills and Services.”

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