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A good leader plays a crucial role in structuring the organization. An ideal leader is one who impacts on long term structure culture and imposes values through self-modeling of behaviors. A role of CEO is very different and complex, Shubham Mishra, CEO and Founder of TOAE Security believes in having a transparent sense of mission and vision in order to achieve the company’s goal.

In a chat with Business APAC, he explains why cyber security is important in the dynamic world.

Engineered on a Solid Foundation

According to you how important is a role of leader in an organization?

For me leadership means the ability and temperament to require possession of the organization (or the element of the organization that one is charged with managing), combined with an intrinsic drive to do what’s best for the organization.

However, for leadership to be effective, it also should be engineered on a solid foundation consisting of a transparent mission, a vision for the longer term, a particular strategy, and a culture tributary to success. To conclude, great organizations need dynamic leaders, and also the best organizations perceive that cultivating leadership skills ought to be intentional and not left to likelihood.

Strategist Blessed With Amazing Knowledge

Please tell us how internet helped you in fueling your interest in network security?

Having grown up in the Internet-era, I have always been an inquisitive person and love to understand the How-To’s related to the technology surrounding me. I believe that is the reason why I am a strategist blessed with amazing knowledge of technologies.

I am calm in demeanor but high in motivating, as a great driving force for the company and it’s members. I have been a huge motivator for critical assignments and supervise all the engagements between the clients and the team. I have also been associated with multiple organizations in solving network security and cyber threats at regular intervals.

Grasp, See, Be and Expel the threat

In relation to cyber-attacks what are your present and future focus areas for expansion?

As the threats, scale and sophistication of cyberattacks are increased, we have an inclination to ought to develop new techniques and capabilities that allow cyber defenders to grasp, See, Be and Expel the threat. Throughout these extraordinarily adversarial surroundings, we are dedicated to reworking the tactic businesses operate with unquiet capabilities to empower cyber defenders. We at TOAE, conduct its run through partnerships between government and private business, the working capital community, and so the analysis community.

We have our eyes on the digital horizon to anticipate the challenges and the solutions of the long haul. Our talent pool captures various trends and shows. We at TOAE tend to predict concerning cyber defense challenges and opportunities that digital enterprises face within the long run. It is a call to action to suppose, prepare and prepare. Our applied analysis team ideates develop, prototypes and pilots’ forefront capabilities that lead the business.

Debating About His Own Vulnerability

How is your approach different from the other leaders towards Cyber security?

As the volume and severity of computer crime have grown, one cluster has stayed somewhat quiet concerning the issue: CEOs. Cybersecurity may be a troublesome topic for several business executives to debate. They are not much comfortable with the technology and they worry that speaking out can betray their naiveness. Executives usually worry about being broken, however, they are reluctant to debate their own vulnerability. My approaches towards Cybersecurity Domain are as follows:

I acknowledge that Cyber Security could be a real and active risk for my business.
I perceive the precise risks the business faces and also the attainable consequences.
I expand my knowledge within the space, bring a specialist company to assist me.
Implement a policy from the top-down that outlines clear processes to minimize risk.
I arrange and apply what I would do in any case of a cyber-attack.

Inspired by the Books on Entrepreneur Outlook

As an avid reader, please recommend some of your favorite books

People usually ask me what books/movies/series have impacted me foremost throughout my life. The list isn’t huge, however, it’s an honest begin. I being more of a book lover, I’ve enclosed some classics and some newer ones as well. One of my incomparable favorite books on the entrepreneur outlook is “Anything You Want” by Derek Sivers. The most potent part is Derek’s framework for a way he makes several of his selections. It’s primarily this: “When deciding whether to do something, if you feel anything less than: ‘Wow! That would be amazing! Absolutely! Hell yeah!’ — then say ‘no.’ When you say no to most things, you leave room in your life to really throw yourself completely into that rare thing that makes you say ‘HELL YEAH!’ ”

Strong Team, the Inspiration of High-Performing Business

According to you what are the qualities of a strong team?

A strong team consists of various qualities which help in uplifting the company. Strong team not only inspires others in the company but also helps in boosting the overall performance of the business. My meticulous team is continuously striving to improve their performance and contribute in success. In order to ensure the continuous development of my team, I adhere these below steps:

Assign team projects based on employees’ skills

Help employees align their strengths with the expectations and responsibilities of their roles.
Offer training opportunities for workers who show strength in particular areas.
Consider cross-training among teammates who have specific strengths.
Have Frequent One-on-One Conversations.

Maintaining Relations With Customers

What are the factors that make your offerings better than your competitors?

Being a service based company; we have a tendency to work with all our efforts and capabilities. We believe in offering the most effective service a client can get. For us, maintaining relations with customers hold an upper hand over the profit margins we glance for. Today, the times have changed and is continuously evolving; having a good relationship with clients is company’s top most priority. Each company and client takes the worth as determined. Therefore, during an utterly competitive market, the most downside for a profit-maximizing firm isn’t to work out the worth of its product/service however to regulate its output to the market value in order that profit is maximized.

Words of Wisdom:

“The war between information defenders and information thieves has been delineated as a cat-and-mouse game. As soon as the white hats counter one form of black-hat malicious behavior, another malevolent form rears its ugly head.”

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