Top 5 Smartwatch Brands in India Under 5000

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Smartwatches play a significant role in our daily lives by facilitating connectivity, fitness monitoring, and organization. In India, the smartwatch market is witnessing remarkable growth, with brands consistently introducing new models. If you are in search of an affordable smartwatch priced under 5,000 rupees, this blog is tailored to meet your specific requirements. In this post, we will explore the top 5 smartwatch brands in India, providing insights into their key features, user feedback, strengths, weaknesses, and technical specifications.

Current Scenario of The Smartwatch Market in India

  • The smartwatch market in India is experiencing rapid growth. In 2023, it was valued at Rupees 7763.17 million and is projected to reach Rupees 10309.04 million by 2027, driven by increasing demand across all age groups.
  • Within India’s wearable market, the smartwatch segment witnessed a remarkable 37.2% year-on-year growth. Surprisingly, the second quarter of 2023 saw the shipment of 32.8 million wearables. Furthermore, in the latter half of the year, India more than doubled its smartwatch shipments to 12.8 million units.
  • The budget-friendly smartwatch sector is also seeing substantial expansion, commanding 28% of the market share in 2023. The average price of a smartwatch in India is approximately Rs. 3,000.
  • The online sales channel dominates the smartwatch market in India, capturing a significant 58% market share in 2023. Meanwhile, the offline channel is expected to experience the fastest CAGR growth of 8.7% from 2023 to 2027.

Top 5 Smartwatch Brands in India

1. Noise

  • Top Products: ColorFit Vision 3 AMOLED, NoiseFit Halo AMOLED, ColorFit Ultra 3.
  • Price Range: Rs 3000-5000
  • Compatible With: Android and iOS
  • Display: 1.96 AMOLED Display, 1.43-inch LCD display, 1.69-inch LCD display
  • Ratings: 4.2-4.8

Noise, currently the top-ranked smartwatch brand in India, has taken the lead in the market. In FY23, Noise’s smartwatches achieved annual sales exceeding Rs. 2,000 crores (US$260 million). The brand also offers other well-received product lines priced under Rs 5000. Notable options include the Fit Novva Smartwatch, ColorFit Ultra Smartwatch, Pro 4 Alpha AMOLED, ColorFit Icon 2, and ColorFit Pulse Grand.

Noise’s product range accommodates various budgets, ensuring accessibility to a broad audience. Their focus on understanding and meeting the distinct demands of the Indian market is evident. The brand has effectively utilized online platforms and social media for product marketing. By consistently updating and enhancing their products based on user feedback, Noise has established a foundation of trust and customer loyalty. In India’s price-conscious market, Noise smartwatches offer an appealing blend of affordability, functionality, and aesthetics.

Key Technical Features: Noise smartwatches priced under Rs 5000 incorporate popular features, including Heart Rate Monitoring, SpO2 monitoring for blood oxygen level checks, Sleep tracking, Fitness tracking, Water resistance, Bluetooth connectivity for direct call answering, Music control, Camera functionality, extended battery life, and Notifications.

Pros: Affordability, a diverse feature set, attractive design, long battery life, and a strong brand reputation.

Cons: Potential inaccuracies in certain features, limited water resistance for some models, non-intuitive user interface in some cases, absence of a camera or phone call feature in certain models, and limited quality of the App ecosystem.

2. boAT

  • Top Products: boAt Xtend, boAt Matrix, and boAt Watch Iris.
  • Price Range: Rs 1000-5000
  • Compatible With: Android and iOS
  • Display: AMOLED, LCD, and TFT
  • Ratings: 4.1-4.3

boAt, one of India’s second most popular smartwatch brands, truly stands out. Its smartwatches achieved annual sales exceeding Rs. 4,000 crore (US$500 million) in FY23.

Among its other notable products priced under rupees 5000 are Noise ColorFit Vision 3, boAt Flash, and boAt Watch Mercury.

boAt smartwatches have gained recognition for their trendy and fashionable designs. They offer a diverse range of smartwatches with various features at affordable prices. Despite their competitive pricing, boAt smartwatches provide a multitude of features. The company effectively utilizes social media and influencer marketing to establish a robust brand presence. While maintaining affordability, boAt smartwatches maintain a distinct level of quality that has contributed to positive sales reviews. The brand offers a range of smartwatches featuring different styles and functionalities, securing support and loyalty from consumers aiming to champion local products and businesses. boAt extensively employs digital marketing to reach a broad audience.

Key Technical Features: The smartwatches include heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, sleep tracking, fitness tracking, water resistance, Bluetooth calling, music control, notification alerts, and battery life. Additional features encompass weather forecasts, alarms, stopwatches, and timers.

Pros: Affordability, strong product design, robust features, and seamless smartphone integration.

Cons: Limited advanced features, battery life considerations, build quality factors, app ecosystem aspects, and potential accuracy concerns.

3. Gizmore

  • Top Products: Gizmore Gizfit Prime, Gizmore GIZFIT Glow, Gizmore GIZFIT Curve.
  • Price Range: Rs 1000-5000
  • Compatible With: Android and iOS
  • Display: AMOLED
  • Ratings: 4.0-4.2

Gizmore aims to achieve annual sales of 100 crores by the end of 2023. This brand stands as one of India’s popular smartwatch brands, a fact that few people are aware of.

Among its popular products priced under Rupees 5000 are Gizmore Gizfit Plasma, Gizmore Blaze X, Gizmore Gizfit Cloud, and Gizmore Glow Z.

Gizmore offers competitively priced smartwatches that strike a good balance of features. The company has customized its smartwatches to address the specific needs and preferences of the Indian market. This customization includes the integration of local languages, culture, and use cases, resulting in positive feedback from early adopters and satisfied customers.

Key Features: It includes heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, sleep tracking, multiple sports modes, water resistance, Bluetooth calling, music control, impressive battery life, and notification alerts.

Pros: It encompasses affordability, basic functionality, value for money, user-friendliness, and compatibility.

Cons: limited features, design and build issues, concerns about battery life, a restricted app ecosystem, and limited technical support.

4. Fire-Boltt

  • Top Products: Fire-Boltt Invincible Plus, Fire-Boltt Legacy 1.3, Fire-Boltt Infinity1.6.
  • Price Range: Rs 1000-5000
  • Compatible With: Android and iOS
  • Display: AMOLED, LCD, and IPS
  • Ratings: 3.9-4.2

Fire-Boltt smartwatches achieved annual sales exceeding Rs. 4,000 crore (US$500 million) in FY23, ranking 4th among the most popular smartwatch brands in India.

Fire-Boltt offers a range of sought-after products, including the Fire-Boltt Rage, Fire-Boltt Ninja 3, Fire-Boltt Ring 3, Fire-Boltt Beast Pro, and Fire-Boltt Visionary 2.0.

The popularity of these watches can be attributed to several factors. First, they strike a balance between features and affordability, catering to a broad consumer base. Second, Fire-Boltt has successfully established itself as a recognizable brand within the Indian market by targeting features that resonate with local audiences.

Key features: Fire-Boltt smartwatches priced under 5000 include heart rate monitoring, spO2 monitoring, sleep tracking, fitness tracking, water resistance, Bluetooth call functionality, notification alerts, music control, extended battery life, weather forecasts, alarms, stopwatch, and timer.

Pros: affordability, fitness tracking, stylish design, and customizable notifications.

Cons: It encompasses limited advanced features, battery life, build quality, app ecosystem, and accuracy.

5. Crossbeats

  • Top Products: Armour Dive Smartwatch, Aura Smartwatch, Ignite S5 Smartwatch.
  • Price Range: Rs 1000-5000
  • Compatible With: Android and iOS
  • Display: AMOLED, IPS
  • Ratings: 3.8-4.3

In 2023, Crossbeats achieved annual sales exceeding Rs. 100 crore (US$12 million), demonstrating a growth rate of over 50% compared to 2022.

Other products priced under 5000 rupees include the Apex Regal Smartwatch, Ignite Stellr Smartwatch, Ignite Hustle Smartwatch, and the Orbit Styl Call Smartwatch.

Crossbeats has earned a reputation for delivering dependable products with exceptional performance, thanks to its integration of innovative features into its smartwatches. While Crossbeats smartwatches may not be the most budget-friendly option, they strike a balance between features and cost. The brand’s focus on sleek, stylish designs appeals to fashion-conscious consumers. These products prioritize user-friendliness and boast a robust digital presence. Crossbeats’ reputation has grown due to its commitment to continuous innovation and positive word-of-mouth.

Key features: Crossbeats smartwatches include heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, sleep tracking, multiple sports modes, water resistance, Bluetooth calling, music control, notifications, built-in Alexa, and impressive battery life.

Pros: Crossbeats smartwatches include affordable innovation, fitness tracking capabilities, stylish design, IP ratings for water and dust resistance, and wireless connectivity.

Cons: Crossbeats smartwatches encompass feature limitations, battery life, app ecosystem, build quality, and customer support.


In the ever-evolving world of wearable technology, where style intersects with functionality, we explore the top 5 smartwatch brands available in India, all priced at 5,000 rupees or less. Each of these brands offers a distinctive combination of features and design, providing a wide range of choices for tech-savvy consumers. As we wrap up this exploration, armed with valuable insights into these exceptional brands, we hope you can confidently select a smartwatch that perfectly matches your aspirations and lifestyle.

Sushmita Nibandhe

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