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In the current healthcare scenario, value-based care has become increasingly dependent on technology since modern digitization has significantly augmented it. Emerging advancements like AI and APIs assist in meaningfully integrating data to deliver a high quality of care. Likewise, it helps in reduction of hospitalizations, ER visits, and nursing home visits, which ultimately decrease healthcare expenses. However, according to Git Patel, the CEO of SPAC International, the present technologies still lack some intelligent features which only a human can do. One can say, technology is not fully developed yet to act as a human being. To further elaborate, he gives an example of a patient using wearable to track daily activities. In this case, if the patient forgets to wear the device, then his complete efforts go waste. This applies to every patient utilizing technology. Therefore, to avoid such complications and disengagement of patient and technology, Git’s company brings human assistance as an essential partner of patient as well as technology.

Value-based Care with Intuitive Healthcare Solutions

Sargas Pharmaceutical Adherence and Compliance International (SPAC International) provides the technology and human touch, which go hand in hand, delivering the opportunity for clients to provide the best available care for their patients. Its FDA approved Mobile Medication Treatment Monitoring applications, along with the compassionate staff, help patients stay on their medications and reduce the progression of their disease. Its team has developed intuitive solutions, which enable the aggregation of data collected from various stake-holders in the healthcare ecosystem to deliver better quality of care and reduce healthcare costs. Further to provide more personalized experience, it works with Medicare and Medicare patients and contracts with their physicians to help bring chronic care management and remote physiological monitoring of patients’ vitals like blood pressure, blood glucose, and pulse oximetry. This work enables the company to offer a value-based care for senior citizens, helping them to stay engaged with their health.

Regular Staff Assessments with Skill Improvement Trainings

Delivering quality care comes with a strong sense of responsibility to comply with the healthcare norms and current improvements. To train the staff on regular improvements in its healthcare platform, SPAC International offers individual hands-on training sessions to each and every team member. It also conducts a rigorous training process after they join the company and regularly updates them with the latest industry changes. It also has a structure of annual and quarterly performance reviews. Similarly, the leading healthcare solutions provider performs the assessments of staff members and checks if any extra coaching is required. Then, according to the requirements, SPAC managers immediately start offering trainings to improve the skills of the members and help them understand the product for effective utilization.

With its dedicated team of members, SPAC International has developed innovative software and mHealth applications to keep physicians and patients engaged from the time a script is initiated through the entire treatment process. This team approach to treatment management enables cancer patients to reap maximum benefits and get the best outcomes, while reducing costs. Additionally, the CEO and his team have developed a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Portal which allows real time patient’s critical health information exchange among various providers.

CEO, Empowering Learning in the Healthcare Industry

Presently, as the CEO of SPAC International, Git and his team are following a path to utilize available technology thereby assisting the healthcare stakeholders deliver high-quality patient care at significant reduced costs. He also ensures that the prime goals of the company are aligned with its mission of offering economic healthcare. Moreover, Git possesses expertise in developing various revenue streams like in office dispensing, ancillary services in hospitals, specialty health clinics, and cancer centers. In his vast career span, he has consulted with various cancer clinics and hospitals around the country for the cancer service line development. To enhance the skillsets and empower learning in the healthcare industry, Git and his team also participate in various technology conferences throughout the country. He attends and marks his presence in annual business summits, which enables SPAC to stay at the forefront of the healthcare technology arena. In these healthcare conferences, Git also provides his experienced insights to fellow board members of various organizations. Similarly, he learns from their experiences within the healthcare space.

Taking a Path of Dignity and Tackling Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

Git believes that there are certain obstacles like the competitive and rigid nature of healthcare sector. Such environment prevents SPAC International to enter partnerships with different healthcare organizations. According to Git, several parts of the healthcare industry have not been entirely open to the existing opportunities. SPAC’s platform has the capabilities to bring new opportunities but the current rigidity in the healthcare industry is acting as a barrier for them. However, Git prefers to keep moving forward and tackling each and every challenge coming in the way. Being a passionate leader, he empowers development by keeping everyone in the loop from patients to physicians to the case managers and board members, making sure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity.To continuously focus on SPAC’s mission, he considers being straightforward, honest, ethical, and respectful towards everyone’s needs. He also encourages his team to imbibe these morals while dealing with patients. Likewise, Git also ensures that managers must follow the same principles to interact with their teams.

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