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In order to survive today’s competitive world, businesses must efficiently utilize available resources and take advantage of software technologies present at their disposal. Through software technologies, they can easily automate their time-consuming regular tasks as well as increase the overall productivity of the company. Established by Rohit Thakral(Founder & CEO), Target Integration is acting as a technology partner for businesses by providing digital solutions to its clients and customers. The company specializes in automating the client’s business process using innovative technical solutions. It has built every process and service that is straightforward, user-friendly and available with alternative solutions. It is also staying relevant with the latest trends to deliver up-to-date solutions.

Target Integration Offering Support And Service To Boost Business Growth

Since Target Integration’s launch, its sole mission is to empower curious business owners and managers looking to grow their business by providing them with business insights that they can leverage to make better, clearer and more concise business decisions. To develop a solution for clients, the company put itself in their shoes, aligns its incentives with their objectives, and collaborates to unlock the full potential of their business. Being a customer-centric company, Target Integration doesn’t believe in “one size fits all” and hence proffers advice to its clients around their requirements. Rohit comments, “We discuss and then plan the strategies for their core business operations. Jumping directly to the implementation part is not our forte. But our foreground is to connect and understand the business of our clients and help him evolve with the support and guidance.” Because of this approach, the company not only provides its best SAP consultancy and support but also makes its clients fit to stand out in the market among their competitors.
Currently, Target Integration is serving diverse industries and offering wide-ranging services & solutions in the arena of CRM & ERP, with its products ranging from Zoho, Microsoft, Odoo, Vtiger, Cloudyogi, Leadsquared, Repsly, Salesforce , SAP and shop tech software, etc.

Delivering Scalable Customized SAP Solutions

For businesses, scalability means flexibility which allows them to better address specific business needs as they arise. It is also a crucial factor in determining the success of the company. Moreover, scalability depends on the needs of the business and SAP has provided various environments to meet these specific needs. Currently, the four SAP solutions that are scalable consist of Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Private managed cloud, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. These solutions are developed by SAP keeping in mind the various product knowledge and their different requirements. Being an SAP solution provider, Target Integration ensures scalability by proffering solutions that best suit its clients’ requirements as well as abides by its own policy of keeping options open for its customers to decide – what works best for them.

Conquering the Toughest Challenge

Target Integration has faced some tough challenges, sometimes not just with SAP but with other ERP too. Depending upon the industry or product vertical it is implementing SAP/ERP, there are multiple core operations and specific processes that needed to be linked together as one system. So, the toughest challenge is to seamlessly connect – the disparate systems. Otherwise, the reliability of the data and the flow of information will be wrong, which will then affect the whole business. To tackle this, Target Integration has created a solution that bridges these complex pre-established business core jobs. Its experienced SAP consultants provide accurate recommendations to rebuild their business systems and applications which are configured differently.

Recognizing Teamwork Importance, Boosting Employees’ Development

As the CEO of Target Integration, Rohit truly believes communication plays a vital role and therefore, he has created a blog (Life of a CEO) where anyone can share their problems or concerns with him. He, as a leader, keeps communication with others open, friendly as well as always inspires his teammates to come and talk to him. Drawing inspiration from a quote by Vince Lombardi, “Individual commitment to a group effort—that’s what makes – teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work,” Rohit ensures that his team is working towards a common goal with their individual traits.

At Target Integration, every member is skilled, compassionate, enthusiastic, driven, talented and passionate who put their best efforts to increase the overall productivity of the company. They also add their individual successes to organizational goals and objectives. CEO Rohit proudly asserts, “The same energy when flows within the organization, their vibration aligns with mine and we deliver our services with no fear of failure. They all are leaders.”

Furthermore, the compassionate leader has implemented several training & coaching sessions for his growing teammates. Also, he has created a culture of educating and offers various certification courses and training programs to its team members if they need or ask for it. “Any team member can come to me and ask for it, and we purchase it for them. Timely appreciation is another way I focus upon,” shares Rohit.

Focusing On Delivering the Quality

For future development, Target Integration is already working on plans and strategies that describe its business to be truly sustainable as well as focusing on delivering stellar customer experience. The company will try to adapt to the mega-trends that will help its clients compete against their rivals in the industry. Furthermore, the advancements in technology must meet the needs of the big shifts, while the digital transformation journey of its client will happen. The leading company will work towards reducing the stress & anxiety of its customers. CEO Rohit states, “We will be focused on delivering the quality that trademarks us and makes us better CRM/ ERP service/support providers for years to come across the globe. Spreading over the globe is another big target for the next 5 years.”.

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