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Cloud computing has created a paradigm shift in the pharma industry by re-shaping the outlook of how companies want to leverage technology to optimize their business functions. Market research studies have shown that the cloud adoption rate has increased considerably to gain strategic advantage by having ready-to-use digital platforms which drastically reduce IT expenditure, validation & compliance costs. With cloud disruption, the ready resource availability and time reduction factor for leveraging new innovations easily allows companies to optimize their business functions.

“As a seasoned technology services provider, we have seen that the adoption of cloud technology has a multitude of challenges for Pharma. Meeting compliance objectives, addressing concerns around data privacy & protection, choosing and implementing a scalable technology solution that fits the business process and their existing IT ecosystem are always key concerns for decision-makers,” says Satya Sagi, CEO & Founder, Techsol Corporation. To augment this technology transition trend, Techsol Corporation, a leading pharma IT services provider in the Asia Pacific and North American regions specializes in transforming clinical development, drug safety, and medical information management business processes by offering purpose-built, fully-managed regulatory compliant cloud-based solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device organizations.

Techsol’s Approach towards Client Success Strategy

Since its inception in 2010, Techsol Corporation has been adding business value to pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and healthcare organizations as a trusted technology solutions provider by delivering configurable solutions & specialized services with a strong focus on quality and regulatory compliance. Under the leadership of Satya Sagi, Techsol has emerged as one of the leading service providers in the Asia Pacific region through diligence, integrity, transparency and continuous pursuit of excellence. Overcoming market entry barriers and timing is an essential component of innovation success. It’s primarily for that reason, Satya Sagi encourages his team to establish synergetic relationships with clients and partners to derive value from their knowledge and in turn offer their technology expertise.  Another important success factor is to develop a tactical capability to reuse technical and knowledge assets to diligently solve problems.

“We strongly believe that taking the risk-based approach to tackle any business challenge provides the right approach for taking the appropriate steps in choosing any technology solution. Keeping up to speed with rapid advancements in technology requires a considerable amount of dedication to reducing talent development time. Clients trust us because we are very agile in accommodating changing tech requirements” says Satya Sagi.

Cloud technology innovations for Medical Communications and Medical Affairs

Techsol’s flagship cloud solution called ‘MedInquirer’ has enabled clients to move away from legacy systems and custom-built CRM applications. The product was developed four years ago making it one of the first cloud applications for medical information management. Today, pharma companies and contact centers prefer to leverage the scalable configurations and elastic workflows of MedInquirer for streamlining and optimizing their global medical communications business function. The advanced features such as intelligent multi-channel intake, modern user interface, robust case management workflows, cross-platform integrations, built-in reporting, and analytics are most sought after to increase operational efficiency. With MedInquirer gaining more recognition across the globe, Techsol had recently launched “MEDRION” and “PRISM” to expand their technology innovation in medical affairs and medical communications.

“With the advances in technology and proliferation of real-world data, establishing a holistic Medical Affairs collaborative platform for all stakeholders and deriving the maximum value of the aggregated data will stand out as a key differentiator for sponsors. “MEDRION” is an outcomes-driven medical affairs collaboration platform for managing evidence, communications, scientific knowledge and community interactions during pharmaceutical product development, launch and post-launch phases to enable patient-centric care”, said Saad Rahman, Director of Product Management, Techsol Corporation.

Unlocking the potential of Data for Pharma using Cloud-based Analytics Platform

Gaining target population visibility, defining the ideal path for market access and continuously monitoring patient health outcomes with real-world evidence by leveraging the power of advanced data analytics will empower sponsors to gain the competitive advantage for discovering new medicines and delivering patient-centric care. PRISM is a cloud-based analytics platform that can provide valuable insights from disparate data sources to make informed and intelligent decisions across the Medical Communications and Medical Affairs functions.

“Using PRISM companies can proactively prepare for a new product launch using past insights and gain a broad understanding of patterns of customer medical inquiries, consumer sentiment, product performance, market access, content usage, and much other valuable information after a new medical product is launched in different regions. Contact centers will gain the advantage to plan and optimize their operations with forecasting capabilities”, added Satya Sagi.

Fully Managed Drug Safety & Clinical Development Cloud Solutions for Emerging BioPharma

For drug safety and signal management, Techsol provides the AccelSafety cloud solution powered by the Oracle Argus Safety application to enable the unified collection, medical assessment, and regulatory reporting of clinical and post-marketing safety surveillance data. Using the ‘CaseIRT’ cloud, Pharma companies can leverage automated intake, receipt, and triaging of adverse events using artificial intelligence methodologies such as machine learning & NLP.

Additionally, Techsol offers its proprietary “PVSentinel” cloud solution for enabling proactive pharmacovigilance operations oversight and compliance governance. Pharm companies can streamline, track and report the outcomes of cross-functional activities managed by different vendors, partners, and affiliates. Other solutions include ‘AccelClinical’ for Clinical Data Management and ‘AccelCTMS’ for Clinical Trial Management which is powered by Oracle Health Sciences applications.

Techsol’s Current and Future Plans

As per Satya Sagi, the next set of cloud-based emerging technologies that will revolutionize the pharma industry are Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D Printing, Virtual Clinical Trials, and Precision Medicine. These, in turn, are fueled by Big Data to derive the maximum value for molecule discovery, care delivery, and patient engagement.

Understanding current market trends, innovation landscape, staying updated on regional regulations, observing the pace of technology adoption and gaining competitive intelligence is of paramount importance to win against the odds. The challenge for any new tech innovation in this arena will continue to revolve around quality, compliance, and risk. Another key element is to develop and offer solutions that will continue to scale and grow for clients over the years. With a lead in the APAC market, Techsol has established its corporate headquarters in the United States to serve clients in the North American region and has strategic direction planned for the European market.

Techsol’s primary goal is to launch new innovations by leveraging new technology advancements such as AI, machine learning and NLP. In addition to their current products and continue to expand their opportunities in the services business unit.

Currently, Techsol is working with seven of ten top pharma companies in India and is running projects in Thailand, Singapore, Australia including the South Korean drug safety agency.

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