The Business APAC Dynamic CEOs of 2019

In today’s modern and digital environment, rapid digitization is impacting every aspect of human lives as well as opening up new landscapes of businesses. Therefore, organizations will need to look beyond fractured changes, even ones that are improvements.The Director and Group CEO, AMRI Hospitals Ltd, Rupak Barua believes that the overall effect of any story of transformation will depend on the eagerness of the CEO to personally push the transition, involve others more freely, ….
Palash Nandy
Palash Nandy: An Ideal leader with Diverse Expertise
The business world is undergoing a rapid change largely driven ...
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Ian Watson: A Respected, forward-thinking Leader In The Telecom Industry
Leaders today need to have a keen understanding and the ...
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Shubham Mishra: A Global Leader in Technology Services and Digital Security
A good leader plays a crucial role in structuring the ...
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Lindsey Myers
Lindsey Myers: Helping Clients To Unearth Their Core Business Goals
In November 2016, Lindsey Myers founded Concrete Blonde Consulting to ...
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Marc Rippen
Marc Rippen: Transforming the Lives of Diabetics
Understanding problems is a rare skill seen in today’s time. ...
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Capt. MuthuKrishnan Iyyappan
Capt. MuthuKrishnan Iyyappan: Elevating the Mid Management Potential
The business of corporate training has always been focussed either ...
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Rajiv Sharma
Paving the Pathway Towards High-End Qualitative Research: Rajiv Sharma, Founder and CEO of Radma Research and Consulting
The overall business is evolving with the changing needs and ...
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Tanay Kumar
Tanay Kumar: Transforming Young Generation Leaders and Redefining Leadership Qualities
In today’s scenario, a leader is not somebody who resides ...
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Gender Diversity on board

Tech Wave in Entertainment

Entertainment Industry
Time And Again How Technology Has Helped Entertainment Industry To Evolve
Stories have been the best source of entertainment. Regardless of ...
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