Tokyo Olympics Outlined Japan’s Technological Downfall for Many Years

Tokyo Olympics

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Key Highlights:

  • Tokyo is making ready to host video games in July again, as Japan is active in technology.
  • Japan has perhaps taken a big step forward in helping TSMC to rebuild its formerly dominant semiconductor sector.
  • In an increasingly disposable digital age, Japan suffered from “high-quality diseases”.

Reformed the Gaming Industry

When the Olympic Games abide last held in Tokyo in 1964, a bullet train with an unbelievable speed of 210 kph continue unveiled in Japan at the advent of a high-tech era. In the course of a half-century, advances similar to Sony’s VCR, Toshiba Corp. Flash Reminiscence, and Area Invaders endure made synonymous with international technological excellence. And as well as the Arcade Shoot-Up that transformed the game market.

Presently, Japan appears like another age. As Tokyo prepares to host video games again in the week of July, Japan is technologically active. It is far behind its day when TVs, electronics, and computer systems determined their rhythm.

While Japan can assert Walkman’s credit, Apple Inc. has been here with the iPhone. South Korea and its big tech Samsung Electronics Co. have eclipsed Japan on smartphones and reminiscent chips as a more humbling yet regional foe. That is not just a blow to Japanese national pleasure; it is a corporate challenge and financial liability simply as a renewal of COVID-19 is taking away Olympic fans’ nation and their revenue in any other case that would help boost the pandemic.

TSMC Interaction Pathway

In assisting Taiwan Semiconductors Manufacture Co. (TSMC) to reconstruct its formerly dominant chip sector, Japan may have made a huge move in that direction. CEO Sisi Wei astonished onlookers in the last week of July when he told TSMC that they were undertaking “due diligence” on the Wafer. The issue is long overdue for the intention to develop a facility in Japan by the world’s largest advanced chipmaker and confirms the current hypocrisy.

After the US and China, Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, is making hundreds of trillions of yen available to invest in chips. But it’s a drop in the ocean compared with the amount of monetary tidal that sweeps through the US. Companies like Samsung and SK Hynix have committed $450 billion over the next ten years in South Korea, whereas TSMC alone has allocated $100 billion within the next three years.

The ruling Chief Financial Officer of the Liberal Democratic Party, Akira Amari, has made it tough to compete with the country. So, on a different scale, and offers support in some other countries.

Takashi Yunogami underlined failures of Japan

Independent consultant Takashi Yunogami addressed the inadequacies of Japan. So, in a catastrophic presentation to the Lower House Science and Technology Committee previous June. Japan used to create mainframe machines with a high-quality client requirement with a 25-year warranty.

However, the Japanese industry has failed to respond with increasing personal computers, leaving Samsung with a 3-year warranty to provide a fraction of the costs for PC memory. Japan suffered “high-quality diseases” in an increasingly disposable digital age.

The problems of the business remain further complicated by the government’s approach. This promoted the establishment of home champions above international collaboration. Tokyo sponsored the unification of Hitachi and NEC’s memory companies under the Greek name Elpida for “Hope” in 1999. In 2012, it filed liabilities for bankruptcy at $5.5 billion, a price-declining victim. It has been purchased from America’s Micron Technologies.



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