Tomohiro Haga: Advancing Healthcare in APAC


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Recently, a remarkable surge in the development of healthcare infrastructure has been observed, including the establishment of state-of-the-art hospitals that provide advanced medical care in APAC. Moreover, a growing focus is on implementing robust insurance systems, ensuring that a broader population can access quality healthcare services. Also, as more individuals recognize the importance of seeking advanced and optimal medical care, which anticipates a substantial growth in demand, this progressive trajectory indicates a promising future for the healthcare market in APAC.

Tomohiro Haga, the CEO of M.T.3 USA Inc., a renowned healthcare company, leads the charge in this transformative landscape. By leveraging his diverse professional experiences and the lessons learned over the years of experience in the field, he continues to revolutionize the healthcare industry, ensuring industry advancements while making a significant difference in the lives of patients and healthcare providers alike.

With a background in developing and marketing medical devices, Haga brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role. Through his extensive engagement with healthcare professionals and patients, he has gained invaluable insights into the multifaceted dynamics of the healthcare market.

Haga has made remarkable achievements and contributions in the healthcare sector in his 15-year professional journey, starting as a medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturer. He has played an important role in spearheading over 50 projects, leading the delivery of innovative technologies and products to the healthcare market. These initiatives have resulted in significant advancements in medical care, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Alongside his professional accomplishments, he has actively engaged in over 40 blood drives and generously dedicated his time to volunteer work at hospitals. Through these personal endeavors, he has substantially impacted the well-being of individuals in need, showcasing his dedication to contributing to the betterment of society.

From Electronics to Healthcare: A CEO’s Journey of Passion and Impact

Haga’s venture into the healthcare industry fueled his enthusiasm for innovation and transformative leadership. He worked for a global electronics company where he was responsible for developing and marketing medical devices. He eagerly took on the challenge of significantly impacting the healthcare sector.

To understand the healthcare industry comprehensively, Haga engaged himself directly with over 1,500 individuals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, insurance companies, and various healthcare providers across different medical specialties.

Additionally, he sought valuable insights from the patients, striving to understand their needs and aspirations within the field. This immersive experience allowed him to grasp the multifaceted dynamics of the healthcare market from both the perspectives of providers and patients.

This diverse professional journey has equipped him with invaluable knowledge and insights that greatly benefit his current role as a healthcare leader.

Leading the Way in Innovative Medical Solutions

Malignant Tumor Treatment Technologies, Inc. (MT3) is a reputable pharmaceutical company headquartered in Japan. Its subsidiary, M.T.3 USA, operates in the United States and provides research support, sales support, and direct sales for MT3’s main products.

Established in April 2020, M.T.3 USA Inc. has a specific mission: to distribute approved pharmaceutical products from Japan to international Medical Markets. Its primary objective is to deliver patients painless and life-saving treatments by focusing on research, development, and sales.

M.T.3 USA is committed to ensuring the delivery of high-quality pharmaceutical products that have received approval in Japan. It aims to make these products accessible to healthcare providers and patients worldwide, including the APAC region. By facilitating the availability of these essential treatments, they aspire to improve healthcare outcomes and enhance patients’ overall quality of life.

At the heart of MT3’s success lies their key product, a cancer-fighting drug that, when combined with radiotherapy, magnifies the effects of radiation. This critical innovation is driving positive changes in cancer treatment, particularly in the rapidly expanding healthcare landscape of the APAC region.

The recently approved product by MT3 is a ‘radiosensitizer’ designed to enhance the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in cancer treatment. This drug is derived from marine organisms, and as such, it has been confirmed to have low toxicity and other side effects. This significant milestone marks an important breakthrough in its mission to improve cancer therapies.

By sensitizing the effects of radiation, MT3 empowers healthcare providers to administer more potent and effective radiotherapy, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes. With the increasing number of radiotherapy facilities in APAC, the significance of MT3’s products becomes even more pronounced as it offer essential tools for optimizing treatment strategies. Furthermore, MT3 is dedicated to ongoing innovation, constantly expanding its portfolio to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers.

Leading with Agility

As the CEO, Haga assumes crucial roles and responsibilities in driving business growth across APAC, the USA, and Europe. He is fully committed to developing strategic initiatives and forging partnerships to expand the company’s presence in these regions.

Haga prioritizes agility, efficiency, and effectiveness in his leadership style and ensures that his actions align with the company’s goals. He understands the importance of adapting swiftly to changing circumstances and seizing opportunities with nimbleness. His primary objective is to ensure maximum resource utilization by prioritizing efficiency.

Haga’s dedication extends to supporting and empowering his team to achieve success. By improving processes and fostering a conducive environment, he enables his team members to reach their targets and contribute to the organization’s overall success. “By fostering agility, efficiency, and effectiveness, I drive continuous progress towards shared objectives,” asserts Haga.

Navigating through Compliances

By actively engaging with pharmaceutical authorities, Haga remains informed about the latest healthcare regulations and compliances. He recognizes the importance of staying up-to-date in the dynamic healthcare industry.

Additionally, Haga proactively participates in conferences and seminars, utilizing these valuable platforms to gather the latest insights, exchange knowledge, and establish connections with fellow industry professionals. Through these engagements, he expands his understanding of the field and cultivates relationships that contribute to his overall expertise.

Team Building Chronicles

When asked about his team and team-building strategy, Haga states, “In my view, building a great team begins with fostering a culture of respect, where each team member’s opinions are valued regardless of their position or status. I encourage open and sincere discussions at any time and in any manner, creating an environment where diverse perspectives can thrive.

Haga actively promotes brainstorming sessions and facilitates regular dialogue to encourage creativity and adaptability within his team. He emphasizes the importance of promptly sharing any minor changes, discomfort, or new ideas, enabling the team to assess and address them collectively. This proactive approach ensures the team’s ability to respond swiftly to rapid changes and unexpected situations, enabling effective adaptation to the evolving healthcare landscape.

The Switch Effect: Optimizing Work and Personal Time

Haga’s motto centers on embracing professional responsibilities and personal life. He strongly emphasizes setting boundaries between work and personal time, recognizing the importance of dedicating even a few hours to unwinding.

To maintain a healthy work-life balance, Haga proactively prepares for and addresses tasks and potential challenges in advance. This proactive approach allows him to minimize unexpected situations and create more time for his personal life. By effectively switching on and off between work and personal obligations, he enhances his ability to manage both spheres of life without sacrificing one for the other.

Haga’s Strategic Plans for Future

In recent years, Haga has witnessed remarkable growth in the healthcare industry within the APAC region. This growth has been accompanied by significant advancements in medical care and the widespread adoption of advanced equipment and drugs. Recognizing the current trend and the increasing demand for the latest technology and elevated levels of care and treatment, Haga has carefully outlined his future plans.

His primary objective is to expedite the delivery of successful medical care practices from Japan, the U.S., and Europe to the APAC region. Haga is dedicated to actively embracing and implementing innovative medical technologies and solutions to achieve this. By doing so, he aims to ensure that patients in the APAC region have timely access to advanced healthcare options, thereby supporting the overall advancement of the global healthcare landscape, explicitly focusing on APAC.


“I sought valuable insights from the patients themselves, striving to understand their needs and aspirations within the field.”

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