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5 Effective Channels to Promote Your Virtual Event

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Technology has revolutionized the business to the extent that virtual events have become a crucial part of the corporate world. Numerous companies leverage the benefits of virtual events to improve their productivity and corporate communication. As many companies still struggle to crack the code of a successful virtual event, an event planner book can be a gamechanger for them.

The success of a virtual event lies in many factors, and how you promote your event is one of them. There are numerous channels to promote your virtual event. Here are five of them.

1. Email Marketing

Did you know that 73% of millennials prefer business communications through emails? Email marketing is one of the most effective channels to promote your virtual event. Whether a webinar or training event, the email list can help you communicate with the attendees and provide the details and guidelines to register and attend the event.

As much as email lists are effective, it’s also essential to ensure that you send the emails to only the relevant audience. Instead of sending the identical email copy to all the attendees, see whether you can classify the email list members. Focusing on a niche will help you get a better ROI from your email marketing efforts.

2. Event Website

The event website can be a perfect place to post all the essential updates and details about the event. You can also post the schedule and brief information about different sessions, a list of speakers, and topics of the event. You can promote the website by running PPC ads or using SEO techniques for organic reach.

Make sure the website has dedicated pages for registrations, FAQs, contacts, and grievance reports. It will help the prospective attendees with all the essential information for registration and attending the event.

3. Social Media

Apart from being an effective way to communicate with the attendees, social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can help you promote the event. The organizers can broadcast the essential information of the event through their official social media handles to get authenticity and trust.

Social media networks allow you to promote your page or posts through a highly targeted advertising platform. It can be a great way to target your prospective audience. You may need to spend a budget on promoting your ads, but it will yield better results as you target the audience through different factors like their age, city, gender, and interest. The latest virtual event hosting platforms have the features to share your event on social media, and the event planner book has the best strategies to help you use them.

4. Event Branding

The virtual event organizers can introduce branding elements like the event’s logo, tagline, or hashtag. You can use these branding elements before the event and even during the event.

5. Press and Media Attendees

The event organizers can invite press individuals and media attendees to attend and cover the event. A PR team can ensure the best coverage from the media and make essential strategies to promote the event.

There is no point in hosting a top-notch event unless it is attended by people relevant to the event. The event organizers can easily promote the event through the above channels with the right strategies and resources.

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