5 New Trends in Women’s Shorts for 2023


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With the end of the year just around the corner, we can’t help but prepare our wardrobes for 2023 (or for the next 12 months or so, to be honest). Thankfully, recent runways and fashion shows have graced us with numerous new trends to embrace to keep it stylish and fun.

We can’t imagine the warm weather season without our favorite shorts. Stylish shorts for women are perhaps the most sought-after piece of clothing during warm spring and hot summer months. So, what’ll trendy women’s shorts for 2023 look like?

From itty-bitty denim cutoffs to faux leather shorts that will make you like the sexiest chic out, there’s a shorts style for everyone. So keep reading to check out five women’s shorts trends for the following year. We’ve also included a few handy styling tips.

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Let’s get right into it, shall we?

  1. Faux Leather Shorts

Leather will hit the fashion scene like never before during the next few months, and it’s easy to see why. Leather shorts, in particular, are the ideal piece of clothing to have in your transitional wardrobe. And you can wear the shorts trend pretty much year-round.

The trick is to pick the suitable shorts color and a season-perfect outfit to go with your pair. Snag a pair or two in the chic, sophisticated yet universal color black for all-year-long wear.

Sanctuary calls for pairing your black leather shorts for women with your favorite tights and gray coat. This casual get-up is easy to put together and spruce up. A pair of black ankle boots will add extra polish to this practical look. For winter, you can rock the same outfit with high boots and a coat.

When the warm spring season comes knocking, consider teaming your leather shorts with a denim jacket and boyfriend or classic tee in a trendy color of your choice. Complete this outfit with your go-to pair of low-top sneakers for an easy-to-pull-off finish.

Leather shorts are heaven-sent for summer. Wear your pair with a white tank top or a lace cropped top – the two pieces are a smart choice for an incredibly stylish yet off-duty outfit—Amp up the chicness of your ensemble with a pair of suede-heeled sandals.

  1. Wide-Leg, High-Waisted Women’s Shorts for the Office

High-waisted shorts have been fashionable for a while now for their design, versatility, and overall comfort, and we think this trend will continue to steal the show next year. They’re a warm-day wardrobe staple that’ll come to your rescue when the summer heat is unbearable, and your lightweight office pants aren’t breathable enough.

The beautiful thing is that high-waisted shorts for women look effortlessly fabulous and come in an array of patterns, colors, and washes to match your wardrobe vibe. These wide-leg beauties are easy to mix and match with sandals, graphic tees, and tank tops.

Besides, there are truly never-ending ways to style a nice pair of high-waisted shorts to make it look elegant. Of course, you can suit up for the workplace with wide-leg shorts sets and suits. They require minimal prep time, and you can make them more casual or dress them up in a variety of ways.

If casual styling is your thing, ditch a shirt for a bikini top or bralette instead. Remember to embrace current trends when it comes to footwear, accessories, and beyond. High-waisted shorts are pretty forgiving, after all.

  1. Pleated Women’s Shorts

Pleated shorts are the go-to trend for those looking to stay relaxed and comfortable while keeping things super fashionable. These sexy shorts offer plenty of choices, so be sure to choose your pair in a trendy, season-friendly color or pattern, such as floral, animal prints, cappuccino, black, or cream.

Regarding styling, pleated shorts offer a lot of leeways— you can style them retro, street chic, Bohemian, classic, or casual, among many other styles. Our favorite way to wear them is to reach for a long sleeve shirt, as these two items work amazingly well together. As for warm-weather shoes, stick with sandals in a bright color to add a little edge to your outfit.

Pleated shorts won’t say no to a variety of accessories, ranging from novelty sunglasses and gold earrings to leather crossbody bags. And, yes, you can dress them up to look uber-fancy with a one-shouldered or ruffled top.

  1. Denim Shorts

If you wish to stick to the classics in 2023, you won’t go wrong with denim shorts for women. They have a way of coming back each and every year, and not that we’re complaining. Jeans shorts are stylish, comfortable, and require little to no prep time. Plus, they come in a dizzying range of washes, heights, and designs.

We suggest purchasing a few pairs of high-waisted denim shorts when upgrading your wardrobe for the coming year. Cutoffs are another denim shorts trend poised to stay stylish forever, so it’s a no-brainer to line up your closet with several pairs.

Other denim shorts styles to look out for include boyfriend jeans shorts, ripped shorts, denim shorts with cutoffs, and small or big cuts. Classic blue-colored jean shorts and pairs with hanging-out pockets will also be all the rage next year.

When styling your jeans shorts, it pays not to overthink it. Go for a classic color combo and pair your pair with a trusty white top or t-shirt. Meanwhile, you can opt for a button-down or puff-sleeved top, and your outfit will look timeless, clean, and crisp.

  1. Capri Shorts

Capri shorts offer the best of both worlds. They’re superb for strolling around the park, casual office days, and even hiking. When styled correctly, these lengthy beauties can turn all the attention at pool parties, BBQs, and beach days in your direction.

Moreover, certain Capri shorts styles sport more classic features, making them easy to combine with more strict pieces. We’re talking about dress shirts, office suits, leather shoes, and other formal details.

Beyond that, Capri shorts are a casual affair, and there are endless ways to go down this route. For instance, Capri shorts and a tie-dye dress shirt prove that safe casual outfits don’t have to be mundane. Finish off this look with a pair of neutral-colored leather sandals.

Consider teaming your Capri shorts with a crew-neck sweater for an even more casual get-up for chilly days. The two items go seamlessly well together. Wear a pair of high-top sneakers or even trainers to add more casualness to this sober ensemble.

There you go – these five shorts trends will hog the limelight in the women’s fashion scene in 2023. They’re stylish, easy to style, and have you covered for the rest of the year.

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