Tudip Technologies: Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technologies To Transform Businesses Into Next-Generation Enterprises

Tudip Technologies

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With the emergence of modern technologies and the proliferation of mobile devices, businesses are trying their best to keep up with the ever-evolving business landscape. But for some organizations, it is difficult to maximize the potential of mobility deliverables for workplace solutions, partner engagement, and consumer engagement. These circumstances lead to generating greater opportunities for mobility solutions providers to fulfill client requirements and mark their presence in the marketplace.

Leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and state-of-the-art technologies, Tudip Technologies is helping clients with their product development needs across versatile platforms and domains. The company focuses on building tomorrow’s enterprises and enables clients to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Developing Customer-Centric Products

Tudip Technologies is a value-driven software services company with a motto of ‘Integrity- Innovation-Serenity’. With an all-inclusive vision to be a Global Partner and the first choice for its customers, the company is providing leadership in specific domains to help them accelerate the value creation process. The core competency of Tudip is to create top-notch customer-centric products. At the same time, it strives to fulfill every customer’s needs and provides value to customers at every stage of development.

Tudip Technologies believes that every client has its own individual requirements, and cookie-cutter solutions do not suit their business. The company’s technology evangelists perform a detailed analysis of client requirements and deliver best-in-class services for clients’ business needs using cutting-edge technologies. Tudip Technologies provides a wide range of services, including Internet of Things (IoT), Product Engineering, Cloud Computing, Web Development, Mobility Solutions, and Quality Assurance.

Since its inception, the company has developed more than 100 products for its clients who are primarily based out of the US and Europe. Some of its renowned clients include Google, PaloAltoNetworks, BrightSide, etc. and a few well-known startups such as Livongo, TV2, Innit, etc. The company has also worked in diverse domains including media, over-the-top, smart appliances, digital agriculture, smart healthcare, cloud learning, e-commerce, gaming, and many more.

A Unique Combo of Agility and Processes to Solve Client Issues 

What sets Tudip apart from its rivals is its approach to solve clients’ business issues. With a unique combination of the agility of a startup and the process rigor and breadth of services like a well-established enterprise, the company stands out from its competitors. Dipti Agrawal, the Co-founder, and CEO of Tudip Technologies believe that innovation can be a tricky thing, so together with her team, Dipti has made it their focus to incorporate innovation in everything they do for the client.

Adapting Five Key Attributes to Stay Ahead

As a customer-driven company, Tudip knows that customer satisfaction is essential for business growth. In the present market, there are several software services available for customers to choose from. Therefore, in order to stay ahead of its competitors – to gain a competitive edge and stay relevant – the company has adopted 5 key customer strategies. These include ‘know your competitors’, ‘know your customers’, ‘knowledge is power’, ‘see what others don’t’, and ‘don’t underestimate any area of marketing’. Tudip gains deeper insights into customer requirements and client industry concerns and focuses on client value and client success. In doing so, the company differentiates itself and focuses on why customers should opt for its services as opposed to the rivals. The company ensures it has its eyes and ears open to client communication and concerns symptomatic of the client’s industry and tunes its service offerings and solutions to the clients’ needs. Tudip Technologies also has a culture of documenting everything – every project delivered, its successes and failures are captured to help in all future situations.

A Versatile Leader Dealing with All Aspects of Business

Dipti is a tech entrepreneur and highly accomplished leader with extensive experience in business, consulting and project management. As the Co-founder of Tudip Technologies, Dipti knows that running the business is not a walk in the park. The role of the CEO is all about facing challenges and rising up to the occasion time and again. She makes sure to balance all her responsibilities and directs effective cash flow management, conducts leadership meetings regularly to refine the company’s product vision, and develops strategies to enhance the company’s growth. Along with this, she also keeps the investors satisfied, informed, and they’re happy with the increasing success the company is witnessing. Externally as well, the versatile CEO builds and maintains a strong brand (both personally and for the company), which is a product of thought leadership and strong relationship management.

Scope of the Mobility Industry

According to Dipti, the mobility industry is growing at a rapid pace as there are already millions of users out there and the number is growing every day. As a part of the APAC region, Tudip is leveraging the offered benefits, technologies, and tools to face the opportunities of mobility.  Enterprise mobility is becoming more modern as a result of IoT through a mix of mobile devices, wearables, and other connected devices enabling users to be more collaborative. Though IoT is newer, it is symbiotic with enterprise mobility. Both being used with each other opens up possibilities for process efficiencies, enhanced engagement, and customer delight. “The impact of IoT and enterprise mobility together is an influx of innovation and growth”, says the CEO of Tudip Technologies.

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