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Over the years, increasing digitization and industrialization have led to many technological advances and the internet has played a huge role in bringing the world closer. Industries like software, networking, retail, etc. are heavily benefiting from the technological advances and the education sector is no stranger to that. During the past few years, the concept of e-learning has taken giant strides in the market competing with the traditional learning systems as it is more time saving, cost effective and an easier way to teach and learn. e-learning goes hand in hand with online learning as online interactive lectures are converted into video e-learning complemented by additional online material and video courses. Furthermore, e-learning is more preferred because the content continues to be accessible for the learners if they want to refresh their learning.

Presently, there are numerous online learning and e-learning platforms available. However, students are still in search of more affordable and simple courses. Established in 2017, uQualio® has been fulfilling this need since its inception. It is a video e-learning solution with learning functionality focusing on game-based and social learning principles. uQualio® creates and maintains video-based platform at an affordable price and without limitations in courses, videos, or administrative roles.

Convenient and High-Quality e-Learning Solutions

The solutions provided by uQualio are easy to understand and are of very high quality. In these solutions, the content is centered on micro-learning videos and the learner is in focus with an intuitive interface that enables learning on any device. The company prominently offers the following three solutions,

Standard Public Solution ­­– In this, the users are registered on the platform and can learn from the educator’s channel as well as other channels. They own their data or badges.

White-label Solution – This is a stand-alone solution that works like an independent web-based app.

Embedded Solution – This is also an own stand-alone solution that is embedded and controlled via respective application, HR, or CRM system.

All these solutions are easy and flexible and can be used effectively in industries such as software, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail. Moreover, these solutions can be used in different training areas such as software application training, corporate training, product training, and onboarding. Thus, the solutions offered by uQualio cover major parts of the industry.

A Self-driven and Strategically Talented Professional

Kent Fallesen, the Founder and CEO of uQualio, is the face behind the company’s current prowess. He is using his 25 years of experience in software, teaching, sales & marketing, business development, consultancy, and diplomacy to the company’s benefit. Besides being the founder and CEO, he is also responsible for company’s sales, partnerships, go to market, and product fit.

During his business studies, Kent worked as a primary teacher where he experienced how people learn differently and how motivation works. After working in several companies at different positions, in 2015, he decided to use all his experience into creating a video e-learning platform which ultimately led to the inception of uQualio in 2017. Kent idolizes Steve Jobs for his innovative, relentless, and true to one goal attitude. He aims to achieve with uQualio what Jobs did with Apple. It is not easy, but it is achievable.

Finding the Perfect Balance

Every growing business comes across numerous challenges on a daily basis. The challenges can be economical, environmental, technological, or of any type. Likewise, uQualio® too has to face various challenges on regular basis; however, they never stop the company to grow. The company emphasizes on long-term goals rather than the temporary achievements. To achieve long term goals, uQualio® maintains the right balance between new customer cases and the feedback from the existing customers.

Smooth Blending of Individual Work and Teamwork

The company believes in the power of individuals’ learning to make the world a better place. It emphasizes on the fact that everyone should create something truly useful that moves the world positively. Furthermore, it comprises of a responsible and productive global team that has representatives from several countries such as Germany, The United States, Denmark, Spain, and Venezuela supporting the German, English, Danish and Spanish languages. The aim behind hiring the global team is to gain perspective on what the world needs in terms of e-learning and to connect to people globally. Thus, an agile and global environment is created inside the company and together this smooth blending of individual work and teamwork helps the company combat the challenges and achieve its mission i.e. helping people perform better.

Challenges and Opportunities Post COVID-19 Pandemic

The deadly outbreak of COVID-19 might have had a huge impact on the other industries, but due to the lockdowns and bans on crowd gatherings, it has accelerated the growth of the online and e-learning platforms. With the increasing number of people opting for e-learning in this scenario, it is a massive opportunity for e-learning solution providers to capitalize. Moreover, taking advantages of Amazon Web Services has made it easy for the companies to scale and follow the demand without impacting the learners.

However, certain challenges have also emerged along with the opportunities. One of the most significant challenges is to simulate the impact of face-to-face training in the digital training platforms. Furthermore, adding a social dimension to online and blended learning is also a big challenge in front of the e-learning solution providers. uQualio® is thoroughly prepared to take on the challenges and magnify these opportunities to provide meaningful and high-quality e-learning solutions.

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