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Scalability, data security, cost reduction, and mobility are some of the few prime advantages of cloud computing solutions. With its continual and rapid adoption across companies ranging from SMEs to large scale organizations, cloud computing is refining every industry from its roots. The communications industry is one of such key industries that employ cloud technology called Cloud Telephony to enable small businesses in setting up a call center and offer services such as IVR, call recording etc.

In addition to the advanced technologies like cloud computing, the communication industry has also been using bulk SMS service in digital marketing as it is an essential, cheap, effective, and profitable digital marketing tool in countries with fast-growing mobile phone users. From big brands to small startups, most of the firms are using bulk SMS as their major marketing tool to attract users with offers, discounts, new product launches etc.

Variforrm Technology Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a Premium Bulk SMS & Cloud Telephony Solution Provider in Bangalore which offers premium services at a reasonable price tag across India. Acronym for—“Varied types of Formulas”, Variforrm Technology Solutions discovers the essential problems of the present businesses and strives to build an exact solution from a creative and strategic perspective that has the capability to transform traditional businesses to match the current digitally evolving world.

Multipurpose Marketing Solutions in Digital Marketing

Founded in 2010, Variforrm presently fulfills client’s needs with a vast range of marketing solutions in digital marketing including content creation, web redesigning, video marketing, and lead generation and Telecom solutions such as IVR, SMS/WhatsApp Marketing, Long/Short code, and Toll Free Solutions. Currently, the company is expanding its service offerings in digital marketing with the solutions like content creation. Additionally, Variforrm is utilizing advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and voice-based solutions to give a well-balanced digital direction to its client’s businesses.

The Bangalore, India-based company believes in providing the most reliable and affordable Transactional SMS service while ensuring an optimum turnaround time for client’s customers. It is the one-stop service which allows banks, e-commerce platforms, logistics etc. to share intuitive information with their customers. In addition to this service, Variforrm helps clients to reach their targeted audience quickly using Promotional SMS, International SMS, Missed Call, Click to Call, and Conference Call Services. When it comes to flexibility, Variforrm’s programmable SMS API can be integrated with any software including JAVA, PHP, or http scripts. Similarly, this simplified API enables instant sending and tracking of every message.

Excelling with every solution, the team of Variforrm aims to bring the world closer by improving wireless messaging technologies, thereby enhancing the performance of customer’s offerings.

A Leader, Leading the Team to Develop Intuitive Solutions

The ultimate goal of Variforrm team is to enrich the lives of their clients by utilizing dynamic wireless connectivity platforms. The team of Variforrm comprises young, energetic and passionate people who take the ownership of work and deliver their responsibilities professionally. Giridhar Gorantla and Vivek Goel, the Co-founders and Directors at Variforrm Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd. leads their team of expert professionals with unique methodologies namely, Six Sigma and TRIZ. These comprehensive strategies help them and their team to find solutions for their clients, which are backed by strong market research and creative ideas. They create a unique digital strategy for each of their clients and regularly implement new improvements until the successful completion of client’s projects.

Until now, the Variforrm team has handled many big banner projects. Recently, they successfully worked on 360-degree marketing for 3rd Asian Roll Ball Championship. Its versatile and vast range of solutions carved by the proficient team is the key reason that Variforrm serves and works with big names in various domains including Sports, Technology, and Entertainment.

With the solutions developed using content-driven TRIZ methodology, the Variforrm team is going to introduce two content-driven platforms for the Sports and Entertainment industry by the end of this year.

Walking and Experiencing the Change with Core Values

Core values like responsibility, adaptability, hard and smart work, customer reliance, and strong will power to satisfy customer demands have played a major role in the evolution of Variforrm services. These core values helped the company to walk and experience the digital change. The team member of Variforrm properly upgraded their skill sets according to these ups and downs and turned them to explore the new opportunities with great zeal and interest. The backhand support to the customer has always been a primary responsibility for the team. Even after the service fulfillment, the team of Variforrm works collaboratively with clients which has greatly helped the company to gain a loyal customer base.

Variforrm’s Cloud-Powered Solutions for Seamless Client Communication

Decades ago, IVR service (Interactive Voice Response) was one of the most expensive services and only multi-national companies could afford it for their businesses. It was used for large call volume and outbound calling. With the introduction of cloud, IVR on Cloud has broken the expensive barrier of investment, making it more advanced and effective. Today, the IVRS has become a vital component of communication response for organizations worldwide.

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