ViitorCloud Technologies: Instilling Innovation and Exceeding Excellence

ViitorCloud Technologies: Instilling Innovation and Exceeding Excellence

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The gaming industry has been around for a long time, entertaining millions of people across the world. Driven by technological advancements and changing user preferences, the industry has witnessed a plethora of changes over the past few decades. The introduction of advanced graphics, better sound systems, and more realistic gameplay have made a huge impact on the industry and also taken the competition up by a notch.

Amid numerous gaming companies emerging rapidly in the APAC region, ViitorCloud Technologies is excelling in the competition with its innovative and engaging games. The company was founded in 2009 by a team of tech-enthusiasts with a vision to deliver niche digital solutions with cutting-edge technologies. The company is committed to helping businesses flourish by means of revenue, productivity, efficiency, and measurable value.

A Myriad of Amazing Games

Since its inception, ViitorCloud has developed a plethora of interesting games including,

  • Crystal Keeper: It is a unique, fast-paced arcade shooter game with features like an orthographic eagle’s view with intuitive controls to swerve the spaceship, stunning graphics with vivid colors, etc.
  • Kick Score: It is an ultimate arcade fun game that enables the player to aim and set the target to kick the ball and make a goal with exciting challenges.
  • Dragon Strike: It is an ARCode powered Augmented Reality experience that places the user in an immersive 360˚ playing environment to shoot dragons that appear on the screen with their actual surrounding augmented using their device camera.
  • Crazy Crackers: It is an endless flight game in Diwali theme that lets users fly their crackers across the sky full of stars and crackers stop the tallest skyscrapers.
  • ARchery- Shoot the Fruit: It is an ARCore powered Augmented Reality experience that places the user in an environment to shoot the fruits that appear on screen with actual surroundings using the phone camera.
  • Horse Rider Kills Zombie: It lets the user take the role of a horse rider in a hero character with different weapons, guns, bows & arrows, and many more. The horse riders battle to shoot the zombies on their way.
  • Hawkeye Archery: It is a point-and-shoot experience that brings the fast-paced visceral action of a first-person shooter and combines it with the immersive and tangible experience of virtual reality competitive archery.
  • Space Ranger: It is an action and racing-based scientific adventure game developed for the Oculus quest platform. Space Ranger opens doors to extended levels of realistic celestial gaming experience via an extensive virtual reality approach.

Visionaries at the Helm

Along with leading-edge services, a company’s success prominently depends on its leader. At the helm of ViitorCloud, Rohit Purohit (CEO) and Vishal Rajpurohit (CTO) have been immensely contributing to the company’s unrivaled growth. “I had just one simple goal—to always be innovative, challenging, and deliver solutions with the cutting-edge technologies,” says Rohit. He believes that the fundamental success of every business relies on the measurable value it delivers to its customers, people, and industry.

With this mantra, ViitorCloud partners with its customers to meet their objectives successfully with result-oriented processes and measurable outcomes. Rohit believes that this is because the company is willing to adapt to new technologies and work with other companies. As the CEO, Rohit’s primary responsibility is to be motivated and also be an excellent motivator, keeping employees and the company morale up and making sure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal. Under Rohit and Vishal’s dynamic leadership, ViitorCloud has been bestowed with numerous awards and recognitions.

Distinctive Factors

Awesomeness necessitates creative and unconventional thinking, which happens to be our crowning achievement,” asserts Rohit. Alongside creative thinking, there are several factors that distinguish ViitorCloud’s solutions from its competitors. The company has worked extensively on cutting-edge technologies to ensure that the quality of the solutions it provides is future-proof. As part of its expansion process, ViitorCloud develops a yearly tech vision that is in line with market demands, customer input, and research, allowing it to provide future-proof solutions to its clients.

Furthermore, ViitorCloud’s staff travels to various customer locations for business, which enables it to identify cultural variations between two countries, businesses, teams, and expectations. Moreover, the company has a dedicated research team for gaming, embedded systems, and decentralized application development. Courtesy of its investments in R&D, ViitorCloud has been able to sell services to a wide range of challenging and unique requirements.

Overcoming the Hurdles

Regardless of the success, every self-sustaining business has its own set of challenges to meet the financial targets, boost income, and cut costs. ViitorCloud too confronts several challenges. “Though the expense was always borne based on the initiative’s viability as well as the need, it seemed like it was a ceaseless process,” asserts Rohit.

The team of ViitorCloud is dedicated to overcoming these challenges. The team members are passionate about the work they do, which is what has helped the company survive through the tough spots. ViitorCloud is always looking forward to meeting new challenges to tackle head-on.

Maximizing the Opportunities

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges for businesses around the world. However, unlike other sectors that were severely impacted by the pandemic, the gaming industry has been more resilient. With many people unable to work due to the pandemic, online gaming has witnessed a record number of players in recent times.

For ViitorCloud, the changes were achieved post planning, visualizing, and identifying the areas which would benefit the most and yield better outcomes that help the industry grow. The company formed new collaborations with similar IT companies to generate areas that lead to new business ideas and generate more revenue. It also reduced the cost of services and added new systems and processes to result in more measurable outcomes.

Staying ahead of the Time

ViitorCloud’s primary objective is to be at the forefront of technology and innovation by providing unrivaled high-quality deliverables to its clients which helps them achieve better efficiency, productivity, and faster growth. The company perceives and performs ahead of its time with innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology.

ViitorCloud continues building capabilities in the metaverse space and it is working actively to integrate them in its current and future projects upon the feasibility. The company is focusing on developing a progressive gamified immersive platform. This will enable the users to host virtual rooms, self-paced learning environments, and events that can be either public or private where they can facilitate a realistic and immersive experience using the latest in cutting-edge technologies.

Rohit believes that the upcoming years will be interesting, given the rising demand for new skills based on disruptive technologies. ViitorCloud aims to amplify its capabilities in delivering innovative solutions for operational applications with constant offerings involving AI, ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, and RPA.

Rohit’s Views on Cloud Gaming

“Cloud gaming is something I’m genuinely interested in. I’ve been keeping up to date with technology and it’s truly amazing. I am so glad that many companies are investing in this technology. This will keep the gaming industry thriving. Speaking of its impacts, I believe that cloud gaming will affect the gaming operators and how people play games. Gaming will not be limited to a console, PC, or laptop. Streaming entertainment will be available on all devices. As a result, operators will need to adapt to the changes in technology and make sure they market their games to the right people.”


ViitorCloud Technologies is tech-enthusiasts with a vision to deliver niche digital solutions with cutting-edge technologies.
ViitorCloud Technologies is tech-enthusiasts with a vision to deliver niche digital solutions with cutting-edge technologies.
ViitorCloud Technologies is tech-enthusiasts with a vision to deliver niche digital solutions with cutting-edge technologies.

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