WhatsApp Chatbot: The New Feature for Searching Vaccination Center Near you

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Key Highlights

  • MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot has 30 million users, helping them to seek out a vaccine center.
  • The chatbot has different options consistent with your preference.
  • Facebook has also started a replacement feature of vaccine finder in their app in 17 languages.

WhatsApp steps towards Vaccination

The second wave of COVID-19 has increased the method of vaccination in India to prevent the spread of the virus. WhatsApp has launched a replacement application which will assist users in locating the closest Covid-19 vaccination center near them. The messenger service will use a chatbot created in partnership with multiple health partners. The MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot, which was introduced last year 2020 has recently crossed 30 million users. The service has been updated to help you in locating a vaccine facility. Will Cathcart, the CEO of WhatsApp, recently tweeted about the event. He expressed concern about the difficult times in India and informed WhatsApp goes to supply Covid-19-related helplines for its users in India.

Process of using WhatsApp Chatbot

  • Add the telephone number +91 9013151515 to your contacts. This is often the official Corona Helpdesk number for the govt of India.
  • Start a WhatsApp conversation with the amount by sending Hi, Hello, or Namaste.
  • You will get an automatic response. Through this chatbot, you’ll get emergency contact information link to the Aarogya Setu app. you’ll get answers to any questions you would possibly have.
  • Simply answer the chat together with your preference, and you’ll be led further. Option 1 is currently the vaccination center and every one vaccine-related material.

WhatsApp expanding its Services

WhatsApp has now allowed over 16 COVID helplines in 13 other Indian states. It provides users with reliable information from authentic sources in English and regional languages. WhatsApp’s most notable partnerships are with the Ministry of Health and MyGov. Users have access to the foremost up-to-date, validated information on Coronavirus, because of the facility of technology.

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Facebook: The New Vaccine Finder Application

Facebook is collaborating with the Indian government to launch a vaccine finder service on its mobile app in India in 17 languages. It’ll assist people in locating nearby vaccination centers to urge immunized. Facebook also provides users with health services from UNICEF India, like when to urge emergency treatment and the way to treat moderate COVID-19 symptoms.

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