X0PA: Transforming the Hiring Process through AI and Robotic Process Automation

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Advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are moving to complement our work in many industries. Including Human Resources. These industry 4.0 concepts offer benefits like improved efficiency, quality of work, and reduced costs in the hiring and management of an organizations work force. Humans do an amazing job in terms of dealing with an ever shifting list of priorities, and making sense of the many nuances of interpersonal communication. However repetitive tasks and finding relevant information amongst thousands of data points is a job truly best suited for the machines. For HR professionals the advent of AI means hiring top candidates in weeks not months. It also can mean predicting if your best employees might be looking to leave; even before they’ve considered replying to that recruiter.

Singapore-based X0PA understood the benefits this emerging tech can bring to a company’s retainment and hiring of employees. Their platform harnesses the power of AI, data analytics, machine learning, and advanced algorithms to optimize the 6 KPI’s of hiring. These include, quality of hire, cost to hire, time to hire, retention of hire, diversity of hire, and the candidate experience.

A Seamless Hiring Process X0PA’s AI Recruiter

X0PA’s AI Recruiter takes care of a client’s end-to-end hiring process. They enable a company to quickly hire the right candidates at scale, without bias. As an ISV of Microsoft, X0PA stores candidate data on secure Azure servers and is fully GDPR compliant. All of a client’s data is completely private, unless made visible to a X0PA employee or recruiting agency for collaboration. They provide a single place to source top talent through their AI sourcer and lean on millions of professional profiles to provide a predictive scoring index of a candidates CV relevancy, performance, and loyalty. In addition X0PA sports a self-learning mechanism where it learns and understands process from different recruiters to further improve accuracy. The highest ranked candidates can then be shortlisted, asked to record a video interview, schedule a meeting, and when approved even receive an offer. If left on full auto pilot X0PA’s advanced RPA capabilities can move a candidate through a hiring process like this automatically. However the platform is not completely self-aware and always asks the recruiter for input in an action oriented dashboard.

X0PA is an advanced applicant tracking system, which uses various AI algorithms, Machine Learning, and workforce analytics to refine the hiring process. Through an open API they can also plug into a clients’ database and asses thousands of candidates to identify best fits in a fraction of the time a human would be able to do so. Moreover, instead of searching keywords, X0PA utilizes natural language processing (NLP). This technological leap significantly improves CV relevance matching of external candidates. It also facilitates in internal job rotation and succession planning

By combing AI to source and score candidates and RPA to automate repetitive tasks in the interview process X0PA ensures excellent candidate engagement leading to a positive employer brand experience. Candidates can access their profile electronically where their own interview dashboard is available in addition to an AI job agent suggesting relevant positions to apply to.

Impressive Results of X0PA’s HR Platform

X0PA has observed a considerable reduction in time to hire of 87.5%, an improvement in screening process by 400%, and 50% savings in the cost to hire. To further improve these results, X0PA regularly interacts with clients for their suggestions in refining the existing platform. This regular check helps the company to constantly address clients’ pain points, and continually develop relevant solutions.

After successfully establishing in Singapore and ASEAN countries, X0PA is aiming at aggressive sales and revenue targets in the present year. Therefore, it will be launching its latest products in new markets including UK, Europe, and India.

CEO, Enabling Workplace Happiness at X0PA

The expansion plans and comprehensive solutions are the fruits of healthy workplace environment at X0PA. Nina Alag Suri, the Founder and CEO of X0PA, strives towards the mission of “enabling workplace happiness” because she and her team devote much time to their work. According to Nina, the work at X0PA is an expression of who the employees are and what they stand for. Such devotion allows the company to quickly excel, helping recruiters find and engage with the best candidates.

A Look at CEO’s Prior Experience and Achievements

Nina has worked for leading companies including ICIM (An ICL Company) and IIS Infotech. With extensive management experience, Nina established the niche search agency Nastrac in India in 1997. Shortly thereafter she moved APAC operations to Singapore. Since 2000 Nina has expanded overseas to the UK and Europe. Most recently, she established X0PA in 2017. Nina is proud of this significant milestone. Her contribution in various verticals has received multiple accolades including:

Female Business Personality of the year Singapore, 2016
Entrepreneur of the Year 2013, Entrepreneur of the Year 2016
The European Consultancy of the year 2016
SME of the Year 2014
Asia Pacific Brands Award 2014
Singapore Quality Medallion 2014
Singapore – The European World Finance – Notable SME 2013

“AI is quite misunderstood by many and…,” says Nina

When asked about the key upcoming HR technology trends—Nina expanded on AI, which is still not quite understood by many. Computers can be taught to think on their own, and react much faster than possible by humans. However the inputs that you “teach” a machine directly impact what decisions they come to. Nina states, a possible pitfall of AI is its ability to develop candidate bias. That’s why X0PA not only takes one recruiter or a team of recruiter’s opinion into account of what a “top candidate” is. Rather X0PA’s algorithms learn from the decisions made by the entire ecosystem. In addition to responsible machine learning being a growing trend, she feels HR tech stacks will progress to combine robotic process automation in an expanding effort to unlock the time constraints most HR teams operate on. In this high tech arena, trying to forecast anything beyond 18 months borders on science fiction.

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