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Xiaomi’s New Earthquake Alert and Xiao AI 3.0 are Launched in China

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The initial test of the devices will be limited

Xiaomi launched the latest version of Xiao Ai, the virtual assistant which has a new feature. The publicly listed company in China wants to enhance the internet services spectrum. The company also announced they will be launching 5G enabled devices from next year. The yearly conference of Mi Developer in Beijing, the company unveiled the idea of combining an earthquake warning into MIUI for some of its users in China. The plan is in place to broaden the base throughout the country after the success of preliminary tests.

Xiaomi explained this kind of combination is one of a kind internationally. It will send alerts to smartphones operating on MIUI and Mi TV within microseconds before the waves arrive. The unique function was initially tested in September this year. This technology was developed with the collaboration of Care-life. The institute based in Chengdu is working on the systems that give early warnings on natural disasters.

Xiaomi has already activated this feature in Sichuan, which is pretty prone to earthquakes. The plan is to gradually expand it to the other parts of China. “This function, unlike those available through apps in some countries, works efficiently and does not rely on a working internet connection,” said Wang Tun, The Head of Care-life.

Xiao AI 3.0 with male voice assistance

The event also saw the launch of Xiao AI 3.0 the new version of the digital assistant. The service has a strong base of 49.9 million users every month. The new feature involves the introduction of a male voice option and enables uninterrupted conversation on smartphones. In addition to this, the company is launching the latest version of MACE.

Cui Baoqiu, Vice President and Chairman of Xiaomi’s Technical Committee said, “Xiaomi’s AutoML model now leads the industry by dataset performance and MiNLP, the company’s natural language processing platform, is activated over 6 billion times on a daily basis, making Xiao AI one of the world’s busiest AI platform.

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