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The theory of causality is also popularly known as the theory of cause and effect. The ongoing pandemic is a perfect example to understand this theory. Ever since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus the world has been facing numerous challenges related to medical requirements, remote working, digitalization, adjusting to the new norms of coronavirus, and several other serious issues. Thus, these challenges have forced the world to reinvent itself to sustain further. The effect of a pandemic can now be seen in the year 2021 and will be evident in years to come.

Moving forward, the companies who have thrived through these difficult times are looking for further new changes and development. However, the traditional approach of the companies was more focused on the end output of the product or a solution. This approach has changed keeping the current demands in the mind. Hence, this developed a need for consulting companies such as Yield Interactive that can aid companies to focus on developing the overall business objectives. Positively, this consultative approach is now preferred by the majority of companies; where they are trying to learn the client’s weak areas and the competition before helping them with the solutions.

Transparency is the Key

Since the inception, Yield Interactive has foresighted the consultative approach. This has helped the company to position itself as a consulting partner. The company has immense experience which helps them to offer technical expertise and a comprehensive solution to its clients. Established in 2012, Yield Interactive began its journey with a single vision and mission to help its client succeed. This has made its client admire the approach and involve them in every stage of the product development.

Alongside, the company also focuses on keeping the entire process transparent with the client. As the proverb states, “Transparency is the key in business success,” the company adheres to this diligently. This approach of transparency has helped Yield Interactive to constantly succeed. Moreover, it also believes in educating its clients, helping them to make appropriate calls, raise alarms wherever the company notices the issue and focuses on a solution where it matters.

Deep Understanding of Issues

With the rise of technology the advancements may come in handy but one cannot curate solutions just with the help of technology. Understanding the client’s business and studying the challenges to curate a feasible solution is vital.

The initial journey of any startup is filled with challenges. This makes it more crucial to develop solutions that would help the client sustain in the industry. Considering the start-up culture, Yield Interactive has witnessed a wave of ideas, and that everyone wants to make a big from their idea. However, only a few understand what it requires to be ranked on the top 10 startups or get necessary traction or funding from the beginning. As a result, the company shares ample time in consulting the client. This consultancy acts as an investment for the long term, creating a transparent and mutually beneficial association.

Yield Interactive differentiates itself by offering business insights and consulting clients. Unless one has an understanding of the client’s business, building a solution which can create the necessary impact. Technology is just a means to achieve the objective. Apart from its technological services which are related to web, mobile, and enterprise solutions, it also provides cloud consulting, Cybersecurity services, localization, and vernacular services.

Industry Agnostic

Yield Interactive caters to a wide clientele base including healthcare, finance, and education domain. It considers itself as industry agnostic and likes to learn about different business verticals and has thus worked on different domains.

We believe that a well-thought product strategy is a thing of admiration — but unlike few agencies, we equally focus on the aesthetics and technical aspects (strength and stamina). That’s how we make you fit and bring out optimum Yield from your business model,” explains Amit Thakrar, Founder at Yield Interactive. Amit is a digital entrepreneur with more than 17 years of experience in Technology, Product Development, Digital Marketing, UI/UX, and cybersecurity.

Alike every leader at an organization, Amit also oversees multiple roles and responsibilities. At Yield Interactive, his roles are diverse as he supervises the tech team as the project head and mentor, and looks after the operations team as an account manager and for the client’s consultant and partner.

Unprecedented Challenges

Yield Interactive is a small but experienced consulting team that has worked with most of the notable brands in India and abroad. The team has first-hand witnessed the challenges of entrepreneurship and learned a lot in this journey. The most important thing they learned was the work-life balance. “It’s important for us that each team members take the responsibilities and deliver the best outcome. And that can only happen when they’re in a good state of mind,” said Amit.

This lesson of work-life balance came in handy amid the challenging times of pandemic. The outbreak of COVID-19 managed to alter the traditional landscape of working and shifted the services to the digital platform. This shift was rather smooth for the team of Yield Interactive. Also, Amit highlighted the fact that pandemic has made technology a primary for the consumers. He adds, “Digital businesses flourished during the pandemic. Traditional businesses felt an urgent need to adapt technology and build their own digital presence.” Considering this urgency, it has provided numerous opportunities for consulting companies like Yield Interactive.

Yield Interactive has always focused on new technologies and trends. It is looking forward to investing in a new set of services like blockchain, Vernacular content, Conversational Search promotions, and other services. This will help the customers tremendously to reach a large non-English speaking user base. Amit concluded, “We think 2021 will bring more mature ideas into play. Thus we will see more adaption of technologies.”

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