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The chatbot market was valued at USD 17.17 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 102.29 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 34.75% over the forecast period, 2021 – 2026. Virtual assistants are increasing because of deep neural networks, machine learning, and other advancements in AI technologies. Virtual assistants, such as chatbots and smart speakers, are used for various applications across several end-user industries, such as retail, BFSI, healthcare, Events Management, Software Development, Education etc. Businesses are adopting such newer technologies, primarily due to reliance on speed, 24×7 availability, reduced cost of operation, trust, and consistent communication.

Although a thumping growth is expected in adoption of bots by businesses and consumers, since the technology is very new a debate continues to rage about whether chatbots are viewed as annoying or helpful by customers. In fact, both views are true. And the determining factor for whether a user likes interacting with a chatbot — or even prefers it to a human interaction — depends entirely on the context.

With the rise of chatbots and their use for various purposes, companies working on chatbots are integrating their respective bots with third party tools. Two of the major such integrations of chatbots are with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. People communicating with a brand or business over WhatsApp can indeed talk to a chatbot to get assistance 24×7

Catering to the increasing demand for chatbots, a handful of Indian companies have emerged over the past couple of years. Based in Gurgaon, India, Yugasa Software Labs is working extensively on chatbots. Their state-of-the-art YugasaBot (Patent Applied) is an easy-to-use SaaS platform to create an intelligent chatbot for any business domain within no time. One can register on their website for a FREE Chatbot which is an excellent add on any business website to attend visitors 24×7 for lead generation and customer support. Yugasa Bot has various integrations with other third-party platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Page, Google Hangout, Hubspot, Microsoft Teams, eCommerce CMS like WordPress, Magento, Mobile OS, Android and iOS and many more.

Implementing chatbots into any business can be as simple as putting a chatbot window on a website for lead generation purposes to as complex as developing a custom AI enabled solution to completely automate customer or employee support management systems of a big company. Yugasa Software Labs being into providing high-quality custom software development services acts as a solution architect for its customers. They understand the actual requirement of the customer, act as consultants, suggest and implement a turnkey AI enabled solution and then maintain it.

1) Development

a.     Developing an intelligent chatbot or virtual assistance using ‘Yugasa Bot’

b.     Integration of third-party system like Whatsapp, FB Page, Hubspot, ERP

c.     Implement the complete solution to achieve the desired automation

2) Maintenance

a.     99% of uptime of Virtual Assistance to work 24×7

b.     Keeping a watch on intelligence of the bots

c.     Introducing newer community features for the customers’ existing instances

Dharmesh Jaggi at Yugasa Software Labs is driving the Platform ‘YugasaBot’ operations and has been an integral part of the company’s growth. He is a seasoned IT professional offering 18+ years of vast experience in Project Management, Service Level Management, and Marketing Management with strong business acumen.

Dharmesh is supported by a very competent tech team headed by Meenakshi Patel who is actively managing the development of ‘Yugasa Bot’. Meenakshi holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and is very passionate about learning new technologies and strives to better herself as a developer. As a leader Meenakshi believes that “Your team is your biggest strength.”

Custom Chatbots for every business and for different purposes

Yugasa Bot is not just a chatbot but is a Chatbot Builder with a very easy to use Admin section to manage chatbot’s UI, intelligence and integrations. It does not require any special technical know-how to implement an intelligent chatbot on a business website through ‘Yugasa Bot’. Chatbots built out of ‘Yugasa Bot Builder’ can support approximately 100 languages which also include a decent list of 10 Indian vernacular languages also. There are multiple integrations possible with Yugasa Bot resulting in different business use cases. Some of those are listed below

·        Chatbot for website and Mobile Apps: Yugasa Bot can be integrated into any website or mobile app without any technology constraints. Right from corporate websites built in WordPress or DotNet or functional websites built in Java, Yugasa Bot can be implemented on any website for lead generation purposes. Not only this, ‘YB’ can be put inside any mobile app both on Android and iOS seamlessly through respective SDKs.

·        Chatbot for WhatsApp and Facebook: Yugasa Bot has excellent integration with Whatsapp. It can automate responses 24×7 to your prospects and customers reaching out to you on your Business WhatsApp Phone No. Similarly, it can be integrated on any Business’ Facebook Page to let visitors talk to the chatbot to know more about your business and offerings. 

·        eCommerce Chatbot: Yugasa Bot can be integrated into any eCommerce website right from those built in WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop, DotNet, Java. Through Conversational AI, Yugasa Bot can help customers do shopping and seek assistance about their previously placed orders. Yugasa Bot is integrated with Human Assisted Mobile Apps also. This allows Human Agents to join the communication between the customer and chatbot whenever the need arises.

·        Chatbot for Customer Support: Yugasa Bot has excellent integration with Support Ticketing systems and even EPABX machines for providing vocal support on phone helplines. No que or waiting time and consistent & intelligent replies to the asked support queries through Yugasa Bot help achieve higher customer satisfaction (CSAT). Your team remains pre-informed about the issue raised by the customer which can be fixed before reaching out back to the customer. A call with a solution keeps customers relaxed and satisfied.

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