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Zacco acquires Lakhshya cybersecurity Labs

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Establishing a global cybersecurity center in India

Zacco, an intellectual property firm has acquired Lakhshya Cybersecurity Labs, cybersecurity research and consulting services startup. With this acquisition, Zacco will be able to establish a global Cybersecurity Centre in India.

Mats Bostrom, CEO of Zacco Group, stated, “India is today a global hub for advanced digital technology.” Further, he added “In the digitalised world, cybercrime and digital threats are unfortunately an increasing challenge for many organizations and individuals. Data, algorithms and all types of digital technology are today significant intellectual property and strategic assets.”

The combined entity will address the digital asset protection of clients

With this deal, a team of 40 professionals with expertise across many sectors such as banking, financial services, and insurance, aviation, government, automotive, manufacturing and trading verticals will be added with real-time monitoring services through its SOC facility. This combination will not only add significant value to Zacco but also enable this combined entity to address the client’s Digital Asset Protection in a holistic manner.

Premchand Kurup, one of the Founders of Lakhshya Labs and CEO of Paramount Computer Systems, stated, “This combination will be able to add significant expertise and value to Zacco and enable the combined entity to address clients Digital Asset Protection in a holistic manner.”

Developing state-of-the-art solutions and services

Lakhshya Cybersecurity Labs will serve as the cybersecurity R&D Centre of Excellence for Zacco. The Centre of Excellence will focus on developing state-of-the-art solutions and services in the area of malware analysis, threat hunting and intelligence, managed security operations center monitoring and response, security incident investigation, breach response support, smart city security, and smart grid security thus leveraging its capability in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Pradeep Menon, Co-Founder of Lakhshya Labs, stated, “This opportunity enables us to rapidly accelerate our research and development initiatives, expand our  24×7 managed services offerings, build new competencies and solutions and become a Cybersecurity R&D Centre of Excellence for Zacco.”

Transforming the cybersecurity strategies of organizations globally

Lakhshya Labs was initially set up to address future security problems due to the rapid digitization and adoption of technology. Along with Zacco, Lakhshya Labs will now look forward to influence and transform the cybersecurity strategies and operations of organizations globally.

Pradeep Menon, Co-Founder of Lakhshya Labs, stated “Zacco’s 360-degree protection of digital assets is in perfect synergy with our vision of digital asset protection for tomorrow’s organizations.



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